Jat scolds government

“Jat Airways is not a candidate for bankruptcy”

Jat Airways has angrily reacted at recent announcements made by Serbia’s Minister for Finance and Economy, Mladjan Dinkić, regarding the carrier’s future. On Tuesday the minister said, amongst other things, that it would be best to let “the old Jat” go bankrupt and form a “new Jat” at the start of 2013. The statement has had a domino effect with panicked passengers inquiring the airline whether their purchased tickets will go to waste and has fuelled unease amongst Jat’s business partners. “The minister’s statements are clumsy and out of place and are causing extensive harm to the business of Serbia’s national carrier”, the union of Jat Airways employees said in a statement. The press release continues, “Passengers are contacting our employees, they are nervous and starting to cancel their bookings while our business partners are exercising extreme caution in their contacts with us, all of which could have a negative impact on our business”.

During Mr. Dinkić's recent visit to the United Arab Emirates, it was proposed for Etihad Airways to take a stake in the newly formed Serbian national carrier. Furthermore, the government plans to offer financial guarantees to finalise the controversial 1998 order for eight Airbus aircraft. This week, the government refused to issue Jat a 35 million euro cash injection. Mr. Dinkić, whose party has been continually running Serbia’s finances since December 2000, has always been hostile towards the national carrier but has never had effective control over the airline.

“On what basis do the ministers think that a company which brings in thousands of euros worth of revenue daily can go bankrupt? Jat Airways is not a candidate for bankruptcy”, the scathing press release reads. “Jat Airways is the symbol of statehood, success, tradition and pride for the past 85 years. The government’s approach at solving Jat’s problems is a ruthless game aimed at 1.200 of our employees. Counting all the businesses which have been separated from the company, but whose existence depends on Jat , the total number of employees rises to 3.000. Our workers are under psychological stress and are worried for their livelihoods”, the union concludes.

The ministry responded to the union early on Thursday, stating that Jat will not go bankrupt, highlighting that the carrier has no debt towards its international partners. However, the ministry notes that Jat will go through a phase of restructuring and that some employees will be asked to leave the company voluntarily in return for cash settlements. The ministry concludes that the creation of the new company will not affect passengers in any way and that Jat will maintain continuity in its operations.


  1. Anonymous10:27

    Glad they had the balls to react to imbeciles like Dinkic and Mrkonjic.

    1. Salle12:32

      Well, this is nothing ...
      They have the balls to waste millions of taxpayers money year after year ...
      ... and they are always on lookout for someone else to blame for their problems, but never for a solution

  2. Anonymous10:47

    lolll we cant beat the 24 hour mark for a response to these stupid statements.... If the last part is true someone has there head screwed on in regards to making redundancies thats one thing they need rectified .....

    Still waiting to hear the next Mrkonjic or Dinkic dream.... Maybe Ansett Australia or Pan Am are interested too

    1. TWA would be a good candidate as well :)

    2. Anonymous15:19

      ...and Malev with Spanair

  3. CREW13:47

    “Jat Airways is the symbol of statehood, success, tradition and pride for the past 85 years" What the hell???? I guess it's some parallel world they are talking about it as it can't be our reality...

    Please Jat, rest in peace and let something good happen in Serbian aviation. Money hungry Jat employees and politicians brought it to THE END and it should definitely go away from the sky.

  4. My opinion about you18:48

    Please Ex Yu aviation stop publishing
    this non-news daily!
    This is so ridiculous!
    I mean you look like a fool by publishing this
    shit ,which is not worth to even to think about!
    Everybody i know hate your blog.You totally destroyed your reputation.
    Not everything is bad but you have to reduce "news" from daily to weekly or monthly!

    1. Those who hate this blog don't need to read it. No one is forcing them to do so. It's as simple as that. Goodbye...

    2. My opinion about you01:27

      Its not hate...
      Its criticism!
      But the quality of this blog would improve significantly if there would only mentioned news,which are worth to get published!
      You can only achieve this by reducing
      to weekly or monthly news.

    3. Doot10:43

      I, personally, visit most days and enjoy this site.

      If you prefer, you could visit monthly and read only the articles you deem important.

  5. Anonymous18:57

    EuroLot od 27.4.2013 uspostavlja liniju iz Poznana za Dubrovnik.

  6. Anonymous04:08

    I like the blog even if it is ridiculous statements from serbian ministers makes me laugh .... Leave it as is


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