Winter 2012/2013
Adria and B&H Airlines

Winter changes

The 2012/2013 winter season begins on October 28, 2012 and will last until March 31, 2013. EX-YU airlines have been largely uncreative with their winter scheduling since most will mirror the ones used last year.

Adria Airways will make minor changes to its network. The Slovenian carrier will cut frequencies on flights from Ljubljana to Belgrade and Moscow, compared to last winter. The airline will operate five weekly flights to Belgrade and a daily service to the Russian capital. Flights to Copenhagen will see a boost from two to three weekly flights. Adria’s most frequent line will be to Frankfurt with up to 25 weekly departures. Furthermore, Adria will maintain two weekly flights from Priština to Verona, introduced during the 2012 summer season. In the first six months of the year, Adria has positioned itself as the fourth busiest carrier at Priština Airport, behind Germanwings, Edelweiss and Belle Air.

B&H Airlines is yet to finalise its winter schedule. Rumours are circulating that the carrier is considering launching flights to either Skopje or Belgrade this winter. The current scheduling for the winter is the same as last years’ with flights to Istanbul, Copenhagen and Zurich via Banja Luka.

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  1. Anonymous09:15

    Well BEG for JA could work out possibly..

    IF it is an afternoon trip, and IF there is a JU codeshare.
    So they can send pax ex. SJJ to destinations with JU, and collect the afternoon wave connections to SJJ, so that they don't have to wait for the JU evening service.

    Anyone got an idea what the load was on JU's 737 flights to Sarajevo this Summer? That could possibly show some of the potential..

    SKP has already failed once, and since BH doesn't offer any(good) connections, I don't see it work this time

    1. Anonymous17:34

      Would like to see them back in Belgrade.
      B&H has a beautiful livery especially when they had the A319.

  2. Anonymous10:48

    Swiss company is Edelweiss, not Endlweiss.

  3. Anonymous12:34

    It interesting to see that JP is showing lots of A319 and A320 operations in winter. I thought they are getting rid of the Airbusfleet as part of the restructuring???

  4. QR92113:35

    Can't believe QR is joining an alliance, just unbelievable...

    1. Anonymous17:32

      Do you think its a good or a bad thing..

  5. Anonymous17:07

    I can say only a word - disappointing from both especially JP! They don't even manage to fly LON or CDG. What is the point of its existence?! SKP has better destinations than LJU now has. FRA, MUC, VIE and ZRH can be easily covered by LH group. Either shut this airline completely or move 2-3 aircraft to PRN and start being a No.1 player there if the potential is high cause you will lose everything there if you don't capture the moment!!

    1. Anonymous18:21

      i agree its bad JP doesnt fly to London and Paris (maybe they will be back with summer timetable as seasonal flights);however if JP does not fly to these two destinations it does not mean that there are no direct flights; AF has two daily flights to LJU from CDG, and U2 has daily flights to LJU from STN (and with winter season wizz from LTN).

  6. Anonymous18:37

    Yes you are right, LON from Ljubljana is covered by Easyjet to Stansted, but from November 5th until the end of March is 4 times a week, and they go back to daily. Wizzair will be flying to Luton 3 times a week (Tue, Thu and Sat). Prices with both are extrenly low during the winter months.

  7. Anonymous21:46

    CDG will be back by JP in summer 2013, because AF will cancel one daily flight to LJU. Adria has halved a loss in 2012 which is good and when times will be better they return or open new routes.

  8. Anonymous23:28

    Adria is still alive? Our tax money of course.
    Destinations, prices (if no promo), service no light at the end of the tunnel ... for the paying customer.

    1. Anonymous08:34

      There is a light at the end of the tunnel... but it is a train :D

  9. Anonymous18:13

    You are the best informed


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