Winter 2012/2013
Croatia Airlines

Winter changes

The 2012/2013 winter season begins on October 28, 2012 and will last until March 31, 2013. Croatia Airlines will be increasing frequencies to several destinations but cutting down on others, mostly within the EX-YU region.

The Croatian national carrier will be adding a flight or two from Zagreb to Brussels, Copenhagen and Frankfurt when compared to last winter season. A notable increase in operations will be seen on flights to Istanbul, which have been upped by three and become a daily service. The airline will be launching two weekly flights from Dubrovnik to Zurich from February 4, 2013. From Split the carrier will boost its Germany bound flights.

Croatia Airlines has finalised its decision not to operate flights from Osijek this winter and lease a small regional jet for that purpose. Notably, the carrier will be cutting down on frequencies towards former Yugoslav cities such as Priština, Sarajevo and Skopje. Furthermore, the airline will cut down on its flights to Rome and operate only a one weekly service to London Gatwick Airport (although it maintains nine weekly flights to Heathrow).

By clicking on the links below, you can view the 2012/2013 winter season changes for Croatia Airlines and all the other national carriers of the former Yugoslavia in more detail.

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  1. Anonymous09:24

    It is cute to see Croatia Airlines add flights to more Star Alliance strongholds while reducing its network to other non-alliance destinations. Also the sheer fact that they are reducing flights to ex-Yu goes to prove that they are giving up on transforming ZAG into a regional connecting airport.

    Ex-Yu, you have forgotten to add the cyrilic version for the Bosniaks living in Serbia, whose mothertongue is Serbian.

    1. Sandzak10:54

      Our mothertongue is Bosnian, so latin script will be just fine, dont you worry for us. ;)

    2. Anonymous11:21

      'Ex-Yu, you have forgotten to add the cyrilic version for the Bosniaks living in Serbia, whose mothertongue is Serbian.'

      FAIL WHALE! Bosniaks with a Serbian mothertongue? Isn't Serbian the mothertongue of the Serbs...and Bosnian the mother tongue of the Bosniaks? LOL!

    3. Anonymous14:23

      There is no such a thing as Bosniak, it is an artificially created identity back in the 1970s.

    4. Anonymous14:30

      Exactly before 1970s there were no Bosniaks, they were only Croats or Serbs of Islamic faith.
      Best proof of that can be seen in the reasons why both Ivo Andric and Mesa Selimovic cursed the changes at that time.

    5. Anonymous14:54

      ^ Exactly right...which is why I'm a proud and patriotic Croat of Islamic faith!

      ...i Allah Razi Olsun Ex-Yu Aviation News, hvala na cestitkama! Bajram Serif Mubarek Olsun ostalima Islamske vijeroispovjesti bili u domovini ili u iseljenistvu!

    6. Pazarac21:38

      Bosniaks in Serbia have all Bosnian passport and do use their second Serbian passport only to make use of their legal rights.
      In fact a lot of people from Novi Pazar
      are regularly visiting Kosovo and Prishtina airport with their Bosnian documents!
      We Bosniaks in Serbia do not give anything about Serbia and support our Albanian brothers in Kosovo!
      We dont want to have relations with Serbian hieroglyphs,language,people or state.

    7. Anonymous00:28

      Than go live in Albania if its so bad? Either don't complain and out up with it or move. Simple.

    8. Anonymous02:29

      Exactly ^ , Pazarac, you guys get some cash and build your own airport in Novi Pazar or something.... WAIT, Novi Pazar is in SERBIA>.. !!! you fucking idiots.. its like taking a bunch of , for example, Croatians, and move them in a section of New York.. later one "WE DONT WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH NEW YORK!""

      you bitches know you need to stay with Serbia because it is the only way you will at ALL economically have ANY opportunities.... either love it or LEAVE it, fucking pack up in your bosniak cars and MOVE to support your "kosova" brothers.. pissin me off...

  2. Anonymous09:54

    yeah they are starting to lose ground on Ex Yu. I knew that since I saw Jat flying daily to SJJ/SKP/tiv/tgd with a 733.

  3. Anonymous10:08

    Croatia has more seats to SJJ per day (2x Q400) than Jat with 733.

    1. Anonymous10:30

      Yes that is true but Croatia Airlines will not longer operate double daily flights to Sarajevo as they have been reduced to 11 weekly.

      So we have Jat offering a total of 875 weekly flights while Croatia offers 814.

    2. Anonymous12:06

      One would rather fly in a jet than in a turboprop anyway. Besides, BEG offers far more connections than ZAG, especially where would passengers from SJJ be headed, SVO, IST...

    3. frequentflyer13:04

      ^ For a short flight though, it doesn't matter for a prop.

      What will matter to passengers is price, time of flight (is a 6am dep ex SJJ the only flight offered thus providing little flexibility for scheduling?), and onward connections through airline's network.

      As for IST, why not fly direct and save time/effort/cost?

    4. Anonymous23:45

      One would rather fly with jet if it is not 30 years old one. To choose Jat ancient jets or CTN new Q400, I don't have any doubt.

  4. Anonymous11:01

    Croatia used to operate three daily way back. Still i would rather fly via beg after i saw 2012 upgrades. Beg looks world class now.

    1. frequentflyer12:59

      ^ Three daily was during Summer schedule a few years back, and it was to ensure capacity was kept up. Two AT4s = 1 Q400 in terms of seats.

      The only way the route would go back to 3 daily is if OU ends up buying JA, and feeding the majority of their flights through ZAG (which would surprisingly be profitable for both airlines!)

    2. Anonymous14:25

      Yes but there is little interest for Croatia Airlines in Air B&H. Also, I doubt OU has the cash for that at this point.

    3. Clever Clogs02:09

      Can someone clarify plural of Airbus for me!

      Airbii? REALLY?

      Old latin noun from second declension?

    4. Anonymous08:07

      No, Airbuses.

  5. frequentflyer12:56

    Overall a disappointing winter offer, but given Europe's terrible economic situation it could be worse. It looks like there have been 3 planes withdrawn for the season: two Airbii and a Q400.

    Some interesting decisions made:

    - cancelling the Monday morning LGW flight a bad move from business traveller perspective, handing business over to BA when new route opens

    - 3 withdrawn afternoon SJJ flights mean a Q400 flies to IST on those days: 2.5hrs is a long time in a prop!

    - CPH 5-weekly in Q400: while this is equal seats to the 3-weekly last year with 319, again a very long time in a prop at 2.5hrs

    - not providing more flights from the coast: DBV-FRA reductions most disappointing.

    - Admin: TGD not listed! Remains 3-weekly

    Ultimately, this winter schedule shows why the airline does need those 319s to replace the 320s providing fewer seats in the 'quiet months', could do with two more Q400s, and being able to open more destinations: MXP, MOW, BEG and SOF.

    1. Anonymous13:50

      and PRG, OMO, OTP, DUS, CAI

    2. Anonymous17:30

      I know this is off-topic, but I can't help myself.

      I honestly laughed out loud at "Airbii". I understand the quasi-scholar need to use Latin plural, but seriously?! Firstly, Airbus isn't a Latin word (duh!), and secondly, even if it were, the plural form would be Airbi, not Airbii.

    3. Anonymous19:00

      Leave the guy alone, not everyone was fortunate enough to have had a decent education level. I never understood the need to point out other people's mistakes. I guess some people have issues and such actions only make them feel better about themselves.

    4. Anonymous23:56

      Sorry OU. Had a flight CPH-ZAG with Q400. Never again. Q400 is simply not suitable for the flights that long.

  6. flyairberlin17:50

    last winter CTN had three weekly flights from SPU to MUC. This winter is just one more.

  7. Anonymous23:53

    Croatia and Jat has 25 lines, but

    Croatia has 210 daily flights
    Jat has 142 daily flights

  8. Anonymous23:54

    Croatia and Jat has 25 lines, but

    Croatia has 210 weekly flights
    Jat has 142 weekly flights

  9. Anonymous16:05

    U guys are all screwed! I can't believe what I'm reading here.....ur mentality is do behind athe ur all are blind to reality! I'm g rateful my folks had the brains. And tkeft that region long time ago and gave me a better life...far away from screw up like u! I ser nothing changed...nothing will change..miserable!


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