Winter 2012/2013
Jat and Montenegro Airlines

Winter changes

The 2012/2013 winter season begins on October 28, 2012 and will last until March 31, 2013. EX-YU airlines have been largely uncreative with their winter scheduling since most will mirror the ones used last year.

Jat Airways will be neither introducing nor suspending any destinations. While it will reduce flights to Brussels, it will operate services to the Belgian capital nonstop, unlike last winter when the flights operated via Amsterdam. The Serbian carrier will cut a flight or two to Copenhagen and Skopje but will boost services to Berlin, Thessaloniki and Dusseldorf. Jat plans to operate services to 25 destinations from Belgrade with an average of 155 weekly flights. Some services will be boosted during the New Year and Christmas holiday period. The airline is expected to enter the winter season with a new CEO. The Serbian government is set to appoint the new head of Jat later next week.

While Montenegro Airlines’ operations will stay mostly the same as last winter, the carrier will be reducing its service from Podgorica to Belgrade to only two flights per day. Its services from Tivat to Belgrade, which were reduced to two flights per day last winter, will stay the same this season as well. The airline will also reduce its flights to Niš by two, as was agreed upon with city authorities.

By clicking on the links below, you can view the 2012/2013 winter season changes in more detail.


  1. Anonymous12:59

    I got to agree with ex-Yu. The timetables this winter are really unimaginative and boring for all the airlines.

  2. Anonymous22:07

    Quiet Sunday day/evening :)

    1. Anonymous01:55

      Yeah, everybody is occupied with AZ .jp chaos :)

  3. Anonymous22:40

    It's not an actual national carrier of an ex-yu country. That's like putting wizz air or Lufthansa up on here. Both huge companies within ex-yu but nothing to do with the national carrier.

  4. @Anonymous
    I did not say Belle Air Europe was a national carrier, however it's the largest operator at the third busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia while it gets less coverage than tiny airlines (in terms of the number of passengers to formal Yugoslavia), such as SkyWork (see: 1 or 2), while the only post (or report) with Belle Air as the main topic dates back to February 2009 (see: 3).

    Just an observation, that's all.

  5. Anonymous01:12

    Since when is Albania part of the ex-YU?

    1. Since when is Switzerland vis-a-vis SkyWork Airlines part of former Yugoslavia?

    2. Anonymous22:16

      Ex-Yu is actually more and more part of Albania...

    3. Anonymous00:42


  6. Anonymous08:57

    The author of the blog posts stories that sell, that is stories which interest the reader. It seems that PRN or Belle Air do not. Sorry.

  7. Last Anonymous, fair enough.

  8. Anonymous00:58

    Imagine asking Tito forty years ago what he thinks about the fact that his life-achievement Yugoslavia will once become part of a Greater Albanian project.
    Yugoslavia disappeared without traces.
    Our kids will think we imagined its existence...


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