Jat’s passenger streak ends

Montenegro flights underperforming for Jat

Jat Airways has ended its seven month passenger growth streak, after seeing figures decline in October. The Serbian national carrier welcomed 107.130 passengers during the month, down 0.5% on last year. The decline has been attributed by a fall in flight operations of 8%. The average cabin load factor for the month stood at 72%, also down 2%.

Flights to Montenegro were the carrier’s worst performer with figures sliding 27% although this was caused by an earlier planned cancellation of up to 37% of its flights to the country. These cancellations have continued throughout November. On Euro Mediterranean services passenger numbers increased 2 % while charter flights saw a strong 70% increase.

So far this year, Jat has welcomed 1.192.651 passengers onboard its aircraft, up 12% compared to the same period last year while the cabin load factor has averaged at 75%, up four points. Over the year passenger numbers to Montenegro decreased by 7%. On scheduled flights the airline’s figures improved 8% while growth of 10% was seen on Euro Mediterranean flights. The airline recorded a 96% passenger boost on charter flights.

MonthPAXChange (%)Average load factor (%)
JAN74.908 866
FEB62.289 963
MAR83.369 468
OCT107.130 0.572


  1. Anonymous10:06

    It seems that one of Jat's ATR-72s is in serious trouble as it has a huge delay from Skopje with flights to Tivat and Podgorica being cancelled.
    Anyone with more info on this?

    Also, what is happening with Norwegian's flight to Belgrade today? Why is the flight operated via Dubrovnik? Has one of aircraft gone tech the last minute? It is a B737-800 in question, not a B733.

  2. Anonymous10:28

    Because of the fog at BEG (RVR less than 200m), JAT decided to put off JU115 and Norwegian diverted DY3300 to DBV. In the end, both planes took off and directed to BEG.

  3. Isnt LYNI closer to Belgrade than Dubrovnik?

    1. Anonymous14:02

      RVR at INI at the same time was also less than 200m.

  4. Doot14:59

    I'm surprised Jat is so poorly competitive on the Montenegro routes.

    Every time this year I or anyone I know has purchased tickets to Montenegro, it's been both cheaper and more convenient to fly Montenegro, even though Jat has more flights usually.

    I always give both a chance, and Montenegro always wins, including today.

    1. Anonymous15:10

      They have an uncompetitive product because the CEO chooses to have an uncompetitive product #montenegrofamilylink #corruption

    2. Anonymous18:55

      I was supposed to fly this summer from Tivat to Belgrade one way, and even though I am Serbian, I was going to choose Montenegro Airlines simply because 1. it was a LOT cheaper and 2. they have newer airplanes!

  5. Anonymous21:28

    Yes,yes and yes!!
    Montenegro has wonderful Embraers.
    They are newer,safer,more comfortable and so on.
    I also give them better points than to Jat!
    And im Serbian too!Majority of people who fly CG are Serbs.It has nothing to with nationality.Btw Montenegrins and Serbs are the same..
    positive and negative.
    I simply LOVE Montenegro Airlines!!!

  6. Anonymous00:28

    Here we go again newer and safer lolll *slaps is face in disbelief*

    I'm flying to dubai soon wonder if I should the newer qantas and emirate a380 who have been turn around due to engine issues in the last few month or the older 777 etihad to abu dabu because it hasn't.... Get the drift old new makes no diff

  7. BEG2IAH06:33

    Aircraft being newer doesn't automatically mean safer. I thought at least aviation enthusiasts should know that by now. It's all about maintenance as the brand new plane can be less safe then a 40-year frame.

    1. Anonymous06:50

      Hey Dude.
      Is anyone preventing you to fly with old planes?
      Everyone has a right on his own opinion concerning new & old planes.
      Your opinion will not change the fact that JAT has antic fleet and flying with JAT is always unique experience.

    2. daniel syd07:28

      No one is saying we can't fly with old planes its more so about educating your opinion so you know that old nor new makes a plane any safer or less safer all comes down to one maintainancene, the actual issue and the crew on board... And the reason as to why I'm telling you this is because morons that continue to spread there "opinions" do so in a way as if it is fact which to someone that has no clue will take as fact and in the end a few dumb asses spreadin bullshit can effect numbers or trust in an airline as above. But I'm sure half the blogs commenters will endevour to harm the jat business

    3. Anonymous08:18

      Why not spread bullshit? Jat have been bullshitting that they are getting new aircraft for many years now, yet we only keep seeing their antique airframes!

    4. Anonymous08:52

      So, you are admitting you are spreading bull?

      Good to know. Be gone troll!

  8. Daniel syd09:27

    As predicted ... I'm a serb I've never flown croatian, b&h, adria only jat, mat and mont in saying that I have never had the need to assume, judge or make an opinion based on no facts whatso ever about those airlines I've never flown.I've also always followed this blog because I wanted to know the latest in all the airlines and see all of them growing in stregnth which unfortunetly isn't the case. I guess others arnt the same and your nationalistic pride and and/or jelousy/worriedness give you reasons to hate on and make delusional bullshit up to harm the business.

  9. JAT's slogan is not 'antic fleet experience'. They do it whith the oldies because they dont have much of options, easy as that. It's cute to see that some rename it to a oldskool flying experience etc.

    thats why you see from the 1113 that are build just a handfull flying around in europe ( and yes, mostly by cheap and poor companys's, tarom etc )


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