Ljubljana Airport looks to 2013

Ljubljana Airport hopes for a busier 2013

With 2012 slowly coming to a close, it has been a year to forget for Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. A victim of Adria Airways’ network cutbacks, Ljubljana has seen passenger numbers slide throughout the year. Now at an eight year low, there is reason for hope at Slovenia’s busiest airport. Wizz Air recently launched flights to the city from Charleroi and London Luton. Furthermore, Adria will resume its services to Paris next year and there is hope the Slovenian carrier might start planning for new routes as its finances stabilise. Furthermore, the construction of a new 72 million euro terminal is set to begin in 2013 and should be completed in time for the 2015 summer season. The airport has said it could see benefits from Adria’s partnership with Air India if the two manage to come to an agreement over potential flights to the United States.

Zmago Skobir, Ljubljana Airport CEO, says airlines are weary of launching flights to the Slovenian capital. “Airlines are very careful when considering launching new flights to Slovenia because of the high risks associated with poor load factors. Airlines launch new routes not only based on the prices and quality of our services, they also require investments in promotion and these represent big limitations for Slovenian tourist organisations and Ljubljana Airport”, Skobir says. He adds, “The general economic and political situation in Slovenia and across Europe is reflected in declining numbers of business and leisure travel”.

The latest figures show that Ljubljana Airport welcomed 126.808 passengers in September, a decrease of 13.9% compared to the same month last year and its worst September result since 2004. In the first nine months of the year, Jože Pučnik Airport welcomed 933.365 passengers, down 14.5% compared to the same time last year when the airport saw 1.091.162 travellers pass through its doors. November’s passenger figures will be of great significance for the airport as it will show whether it will be able to maintain or even improve on last year, since Adria’s 2012/2013 winter network largely mirrors the one in2011.


  1. Anonymous12:29

    Slovenia have many transport opportunities, and the country have borders to two important countryes. I was in Slovenia last week and i drived thru Austria.

  2. We all always hope next year will be better, thats part of our mentality. But still i dont see anny extreem differences in 2013 at Balkans, only Croatia numbers can lift or fall with the EU deal but the rest..

  3. Anonymous12:56

    I am very curious what a plan they have got by increasing the airport with adding another terminal in spite of declining number of pax.

    Maybe Indians, maybe Chinese. No joke.

    To me even Kraljevo looks more promising than LJU

    1. Anonymous13:24

      maybe kraljevo airport looks more promising to you..the fact is, that the old part of LJU terminal, so check-in, security check/arrival area are in bad condition and way too small.i agree it sounds confusing when you consider pax data, but once you have to improve facilities.the way current terminal is built i doubt it can be made bigger, hence the new terminal.
      all in all i hope the numbers improve at LJU, be it JP, W6, Chinese, Indian, Arab, Turkish, or company(s) from somewhere else!just being proud in sense of "i am/we are the best" and not doing aything to improve will not bring you anywhere.ouch, doesn't it seem a balkan way?!

    2. Anonymous15:14

      Not sure why you would compare Kraljevo with LJU? What's your point? Please explain.

    3. Anonymous10:36

      Ljubljana they just want to build concrete big concrete.
      Usefull or not necesarry or not they don't care.
      Just get a loan(that will never be paid but someone alse or tax payers at the end will pay it), subsidy that's the only think they care off.
      Than some additional money to put in someones personal account.
      End of the story.

      Airport ah yes who cares all is good as long as money is coming from somewhere.
      That's the mentality.

  4. Pax figures for november wont make so much sense at least for JP and LJU (scheduled pax) as some flights were cancelled due to charter flights for Jagur (2x 319 + 2x cr2). Total pax numbers for JP for nov might approach the last years though shceduled pax # will go down, but the LF should be much better. A lot more charter pax will be and even better, they were flown for a good money and november should be the most positive month this year.
    Btw adria returned one CR2 S5AAI back to leasing company and now has 5 owned CR2 2 owned and 2 leased CR9 and 3 leased A32s.
    for the timetable it needs 8 planes CR2+CR9.
    In mid December till mid Jan it will operate out of PRN with A319.
    So at least for 2011 good news for Adria but not so much for LJU atm. But the future does not look so bad as it did in fall 2011.
    I was surprised about the new terminal too but the way adria operated with 3 departure waves - terminal is packed at 6-7 12-13 17-18 that it really needs a new one. For example just one sreening device for economy pax tells alot.

  5. Anonymous20:08

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    1. Anonymous20:36

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  6. Anonymous20:20

    Good news! NIKI stopping flights to Vienna but flights to be transferred to Berlin!
    Sadly, I don't see Belgrade, Ljubljana or Zagrab in the list :(


  7. Anonymous21:15

    But not as Air Berlin...
    Niki gets dissolved and all Embraers sold...

  8. Anonymous02:19

    So BEG is 38% down on profits because JAT won't pay their bills:


    Amazing, both gov't owned companies, and one is screwing the other. How does something like that happen?


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