Belgrade anticipates strong 2013

Belgrade awaits more flights, airlines and passengers next year

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport will surpass its 1987 passenger record in the coming days, rounding off a successful year for the busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia. However, the airport is also anticipating a strong 2013 with new airlines expected to launch flights. “This year we will handle more passengers than Zagreb and Ljubljana combined. Next year we will make it our goal to handle more passengers than Zagreb, Ljubljana and Sarajevo combined”, the CEO of Belgrade Airport, Velimir Radosavljević, said recently. He added that the airport is in talks with several airlines to launch flights to the Serbian capital but could not reveal any details, so as not to hinder the negotiation process.

Next year Pegasus Airlines will launch services from Istanbul to Belgrade. Furthermore, Wizz Air will base its second aircraft in the city and inaugurate flights to Oslo Torp, Beauvais, Rhodes and Corfu. Other airlines, which already operate flights to the airport, have announced their plans with Aeroflot introducing a second daily flight from Moscow while Alitalia will also launch an additional daily service from Rome. Aeroflot’s new flight will operate as a red eye service to the Russian capital. In contrast, Alitalia’s new flights will leave the Italian capital at 22.00 and will depart from Belgrade at 05.35 the following morning. The additional frequencies will come into effect from March 31, 2013. Croatia Airlines and LOT Polish Airlines will resume their seasonal flights from Split and Warsaw respectively. Azerbaijan’s national carrier, AZAL, is also on the cards as a potential new arrival with talks over a possible Baku - Belgrade - New York service held throughout the year.

On the other hand, Belgrade will bid farewell to both Air France and Niki next year with both suspending their respective routes as part of wide ranging cost cutting measures. Jat Airways will replace Air France on the Paris service, with the Serbian carrier progressively increasing frequencies from daily to double daily starting March 31. During next year work will begin on the construction of an additional new floor stretching over 4.900 square metres, to be built above the current terminal two building. Early in 2013 the airport will replace its terminal one air bridges and work will continue on the refurbishment of the terminal two departures area.


  1. office cleaner from aussie09:14

    Hm that cant be true
    Is this the belgrade airport from the balkans?
    Hm i dont think they are having a good year.

    Isnt belgrade airport around one million pax as in 1990s?

    1. Anonymous09:28

      Wooow, record 25 years old is surpassing in 2012? That is something to congratulate? You Balkan dudes are really something.

    2. Anonymous09:29

      Go and read about Serbian history during the 1990s and then you might realize why this is an important achievement.

    3. Doot13:09

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. Anonymous22:08

      А зашто си простак?

  2. Anonymous09:15

    Which means that early morning departures from Belgrade will now include:

    04:55 Jat to Brussels
    05:15 Austrian to Vienna
    05:35 Alitalia to Rome
    06:00 Wizz Air to Luton/Dortmund
    06:00 Lufthansa to Frankfurt
    06:30 Lufthansa to Munich

    1. Anonymous09:28

      06:15 Wizz Air departure to Gothenburg (246)

  3. Anonymous09:20

    I am sure some more will announce BEG soon.

    Go Belgrade. Flex your wings!

  4. Anonymous09:28

    Already passed Sofia in terms of movements.

  5. Anonymous09:47

    What are the strongest rumors so far?

    Air BG?
    BH Airlines?

    1. Anonymous09:59

      I doubt KLM would launch flights to Belgrade. If I remember correctly, when Jat signed an agreement with them there was a clause which stated that KLM would not launch its own flights to Belgrade.

    2. Aэrologic10:27

      TAP Portugal and Emirates are the most likely candidates for the next year, besides those already confirmed. Belavia is also on the course of launching operations to BEG although i can't give any prediction as for the date of the service launch.

    3. Aэrologic10:35

      PS - Iberia: highly unlikely, although the service is badly needed year-round. IB is in the midst of a huge restructuring process within the IAG group (read: big mess), already suspending its signature destinations such as MVD, HAV, SDQ, SJO. Their unions are preparing large scale industrial actions on Christmas days to protest the restructuring plans. So basically, don't expect anything from them in the near-future, their presence in Eastern Europe is already very scarce.

    4. Anonymous11:41

      Perhaps Vueling to fill the Spanair gap? TAP sounds interesting, just don't see the need or the traffic. Emirates - not so sure, FZ is not exactly breaking records so why would EK do better with a much bigger 330?

    5. Flying Jack12:49

      Why should EK replace FZ to BEG? Very simple. EK and QF have recently signed important long term agreement turning DXB into a hub on the route between Australia and Europe replacing HKG and SIN and cancelling previous agreement with BA on the famous Kangaroo route. The agreement should reduce costs to both parties, improve service and cut the flying times, enabling many new routes and destinations for both airlines.

      Therefore EK is about to increase frequencies to its existing European network and is about to add a few new among them BEG.

      For your information FZ until today has been generating mostly OD pax while very few were transiting to other destinations. EK has many connecting passengers from BEG flying on JU's network mostly to some point in Europe first continuing by EK after. Adding BEG to its network EK would probably keep agreement with JU turning it into a feeder for regional pax

    6. Aэrologic14:30

      Because of that, so far FZ+EK weren't able to efficiently compete on any inter-continental route with TK, that used to dominate the Eastern market so far.
      Following FlyingJack's comment, Warsaw was the first of those new European capital cities in-line to be added to EK's network. We might as well anticipate BEG and perhaps KBP, where the competition is really severe.

    7. Anonymous14:45

      I believe that Prague was the first of the eastern routes to be launhed.

    8. Anonymous15:16

      Prague was launched long ago, we are talking about the new wave of route openings in E. Europe.

    9. Anonymous21:07

      Prague was launched like less than 2 years ago.

  6. Anonymous09:57

    This is how Wizz Air will operate out of Belgrade from June, at the start of the busy season:

    1. Belgrade-Malmö
    1-3-5-7 18:25-20:30 // 21:05-23:10
    -2-4--- 18:30-20:40 // 21:10-23:15

    2. Belgrade-Luton
    1-3-5-7 06:00-07:50 // 08:20-12:05

    3. Belgrade-Gothenburg
    -2-4-6- 06:15-08:45 // 09:15-11:40
    ------7 12:25-14:55 // 15:25-17:50

    4. Belgrade-Eindhoven
    -2-4-6- 11:25-13:45 // 08:45-10:55

    Route to Eindhoven seems to be operated by a plane that is not based in Belgrade.

    5. Belgrade-Dortmund
    -2-4-6- 05:30-07:40 // 08:20-10:20

    6. Belgrade-Charleroi
    -2-4-6- 12:50-15:15 // 15:45-18:00

    7. Belgrade-Basel
    -2-4-6- 19:10-21:05 // 16:45-18:40

    Operated by a plane that is not based in Belgrade.

    8. Belgrade-Memmingen
    -2-4-6- 10:50-12:25 // 12:55-14:25

    9. Belgrade-Beauvais
    -2-4-6- 12:35-14:55 // 15:25-17:55

    10. Belgrade-Skavsta
    --3-5-7 06:10-08:45 // 09:15-11:40

    11. Belgrade-Sandefjord
    1---5-- 17:15-20:05 // 20:35-23:25

    12. Belgrade-Rome
    -2---6- 19:45-21:20 // 22:15-23:55

    13. Belgrade-Rhodes
    -----6- 18:30-21:35 // 22:15-23:20

    14. Belgrade-Corfu
    ---4--- 19:45-22:00 // 22:40-23:00

    Just for fun I looked up the summer schedule from Oslo to Belgrade on Norwegian and they will operate the flight twice per week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

    09:00-11:45 // 12:25-15:20

    I think Wizz Air will get butchered on their route to Sandefjord as its catchment area will be reduced to those living in southern Norway.

    1. Anonymous16:38

      The second aircraft is not fully utilized. Im sure theres room for at least one more route, BCN maybe.

    2. Anonymous17:11

      There seems to be one problem.
      Pay attention to schedule on 6, 8, and 9 schedule - three different flights operating on days 2, 4, 6 all at the same time, which requires 3 different aircrafts. Anybody have a clue? Scheduling mistake?

    3. Anonymous17:16

      Or maybe the aircraft is operated by a plane from another base as is the case with EIN for example.

    4. Anonymous17:27

      Well, it is not, at least according to this schedule and online schedule

    5. Anonymous21:22

      Aircraft from Katowice base is used for EIN-BEG route. Also stuff is Polish

  7. Anonymous10:38

    I hate to be the one that brings the bad news but BEG unfortunately will not break it's best 3,4 1987 record this year.

  8. Anonymous10:44

    Hahahahah that means it will have around 150 232 pax in december. Get real

    1. Anonymous11:49

      Belgrade airport handled 217.684 passengers last December, that is well above 150.232 you mentioned.

    2. Anonymous11:53

      Add qatar, airone and wizz on top ,december should be good this year too.

  9. Anonymous10:50

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    1. Anonymous12:30

      Its good to see Beg CEO with high hopes. But Beg wont handle more passengers then Zag and Ljubljana combined this year or next year!

    2. Anonymous13:53

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    3. Anonymous03:39

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  10. Anonymous11:12

    Where is purger right now hahahhaahahha

    1. Purger17:18

      Here, to congratulate BEG! You really things that I (or most of people from Croatia) have something against BEG and that I am not happy to see good results in it? If so, you are really miserable.

      So, congratulation BEG, hope you will have even better results next year.

    2. I join Purger here with another congratulations to BEG from Croatia. I hope BEG numbers will continue to improve strongly month by month, year by year.

      And I wish it for ZAG, SKP, and all other ex-yu airports,too, because we all lag behind normal volumes and numbers and it's been high time this starts to change.

      Just for those who still think of Purger, or of me, or of whole Croatia, as af nationalists, shauvinists and fascists : new CEO of ZAG airport is Miroslav Drljaca. The name says it all.

      And maybie this name will help ZagrAB to finally become Zagreb.

      Best wishes from Rijeka!

    3. Anonymous23:13

      Purger, unlike yourself, has always been straightforward and real in his comments; plus, he had some great insight from ZAG and pretty sound analysis. You my friend, on the other hand, are just scaring off people who actually know a thing or two about aviation.

  11. Anonymous11:40

    C-130 Hercules from KuwaitAF at BEG today 1130Z.

  12. Anonymous12:31

    Now if the government or who ever, would have flights leaving form Nis and Kraljevo, we would most likely see Belgrades figures drop. People have to drive to Belgrade to fly anywhere and let the other two airports just sit and rot.

  13. Anonymous12:37

    Yeah hubgarians too but you like them lol

    Enjoy your worthless airports while you pay up to lufthansa.

  14. Perhan13:34

    Answer to doot,

    Less and less croats in Bosnia as each day goes. Cant wait for croatia to join eu.

    1. Bin Al-Saud16:21

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. Anonymous14:36


  16. Anonymous18:17

    I am personally more interested in the AZAL deal. If Belgrade can get direct flights to the USA, it will be a big boost for the airport. That would pit Belgrade against Budapest for the region's regional airport, and I think Belgrade can muscle its way within the next 10 years.

    I do not know what to make of Air France, British Airways, and other airlines that are leaving because they cannot compete with JAT. This is good for JAT and Serbia since they both make more money. However, this means a decrease in air traffic as many refuse to fly with an airplane that is as old as JAT's fleet, and JAT is not a member of any alliance so people get little to no miles flying there.

    Belgrade is becoming very popular and trendy, and the city itself needs to help put its image as a metro back on the map.

    1. Anonymous19:12

      Hahahahahaha... that is the funniest comm ever... you are joking, right?

    2. Anonymous03:44

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    3. Anonymous08:55

      Seriously, what did you get so far with miles you collected? Miles make sense if you travel a lot, especially intercontinental. For the average Joe, miles matter much less than low price. Also, people constantly bash Jat for flying old fleet, but forget that LH is also flying 733 and BA is flying 734. All of these planes which should be phased out by 2016 have seen many more flight hours than Jat's planes.

    4. Anonymous17:03

      I personally do travel frequently so Miles for me are important. I assure you I am not the only one that thinks this, and many that travel to ex-Yu also use Miles for the same purpose.

      And Jat is VERY OLD. Their fleet consists of the first Boeing 737 to be delivered in the European market. Other airlines may be old, but they're still successful and operate with a much bigger fleet.

      To the person asking if I am joking, no I am not. Belgrade is among the top 15 destinations in Europe for business conferences, it has a slow rising tourist industry, and it is becoming much more known in the USA and the far West. More pax are using Belgrade and the statistics among returning tourists is incredible. People are going back and new people are visiting and with that combination, you shall see Belgrade return to competition with Budapest and Bucharest in a matter of years. This is not going to happen in 2-3 years but I would say possibly 6-10.

    5. Anonymous21:48

      Regarding Miles, my point is that you're not an Average Joe, but a frequent flyer. I believe vast majority of flyers out of BEG make 1-2 trips per year and they don't care about alliances. For frequent fliers from ex-yu, I absolutely agree that star alliance seems like the best option.
      As for Jat's age: my point was that their 733s are not so bad - others also operate similar planes, for example Lufthansa's 733 were made a year after Jat's. I don't see your connection about the age of the company and it's health. Of course Jat needs new fleet, but my point is that these planes were used less than planes of similar age with LH and BA and are maintained as well, so they are safe to fly. They are not pretty and fuel efficient, but personally I'd fly 733 over DH4 or any Fokker or CRJ any day (I do like E-Jets for what it's worth)...
      Finally, I'm super happy about the trends you mention and sincerely hope they persist for many years to come.

  17. Anonymous22:23

    I am not impressed by this so called growth
    of Belgrade airport.
    2oo-thousand more pax then the year before?!
    But i guess its not the airports fault.
    Wasnt it as always Jat which sabotated Pegasus arrival for october?!
    Jat would prefer the idea of being the only airline at the whole airport if they could...
    those worthless bastards.

  18. Anonymous22:30

    Also the hopes that BA and AF will return at some time...
    As realistic as the idea the woman that left you will ever come back.
    When they leave someone than forever!
    Although i have to say it is not Belgrades fault.
    BA and AF are rotten airlines
    Without taxpayers money they already would be dead long ago.

    1. Anonymous07:11

      You do realize how stupid your comment is? According to your logic all airlines that discontinued Belgrade in the past should not come back?
      How do you explain that LOT came back, or Olympic or pretty much any airline that served BEG before the war and then resumed flights?

    2. Anonymous18:38

      Well,they did stop flights because of war.
      Not because flights were unprofitable.
      How can you compare both cases.
      Okay,then I am stupid...
      but what are you?!

  19. Anonymous22:39

    List of airlines who are overestimated too much by some people here on the forum :
    Croatia Airlines
    Montenegro Airlines
    Bulgaria Air...

    They are all either already run down
    or will be so in future because they get their money from the taxpayer and thus never had to be good.

    1. Anonymous16:56

      AZAL is a government-owned company if I recall. They get most of their funds through oil conglomerates and should be fine for many years to come. AZAL is expanding very quickly and I believe that flights to Belgrade are realistic. Not sure if they will be intercontinental though. I hope so.

  20. Anonymous22:46

    And now Airlines that are really
    good and are a win for every airport they fly to :
    Easyjet Switzerland
    WIZZ Air
    Norvegian Air Schuttle
    Pegasus Airlines
    Air Arabia
    Qatar Airways

    1. Anonymous07:10

      Your lists are not credible because:

      1. you do not know how to spell Jat, which goes to prove how little you know about airlines.

      2. on your 'yes list' you have included airlines like Germanwings, Pegasus, Wizz Air... but not Lufthansa, Aeroflot, Swiss or Austrian Airlines... or even British Airways.

  21. Anonymous02:59

    OMG! ORD has cc 970 domestic and 110 international departures a day. Plus arrivals as much as departures. Thats like ~2200 daily flights in and out ORD. Can you imagine how busy sky over Chicago is?
    Thats like total traffic combined in the whole EX-YU region in one week!

  22. Anonymous06:20

    British, KLM and AF have to be back by the time BEG hits 4million pax. Mark my words down. Gulf crew will spread out the traffic share and it will lure in more competition.


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