Jat bounces back in November

Jat heading for best post breakup result

Following a passenger slump in October, Jat Airways bounced back last month and saw solid growth. The Serbian carrier welcomed 85.047 passengers on board its aircraft, an increase of 9% compared to the same month last year. The average cabin load factor slumped by two points to 66%. Passenger numbers increased across Jat’s network. Figures on Euro Mediterranean flights increased 10%, charters were up by 35% while passenger numbers decreased only on flights to and from Montenegro, by 3%.

In the elapsed eleven months of the year so far, Jat Airways handled 1.277.759, an increase of 12% compared to the same period last year. It has already managed to surpass 2011’s end of year result. From January to November the airline operated the same amount of flights as last year. The average cabin load factor stood at 74%, up four points. Despite strong competition, Jat has managed to lure back passengers and has had its busiest year since the breakup of Yugoslavia.

Meanwhile, weather was again causing problems for EX-YU carriers yesterday. Many airlines operating to Belgrade had to divert due to thick fog during the day. The airport in Podgorica closed in the afternoon until further notice due to the same problem, while B&H Airlines diverted its flight from Zurich, unable to land in a foggy Sarajevo.

MonthPAXChange (%)Average load factor (%)
JAN74.908 866
FEB62.289 963
MAR83.369 468
OCT107.191 0.572
NOV85.047 974


  1. What happened to JU talking with Airbus on December 10 and 11 -.- I guess Mrka gave us another false hope...

  2. Anonymous09:03

    Go Jat!!!

    I am really happy their November numbers are on the rise because that month in addition to February are usually the weakest.

    1. Anonymous17:01

      You do realise that November 2012 is compared to November 2011, right?

    2. Anonymous17:43

      yes, so?

    3. Anonymous19:20

      Whether November is the weakest month or not is a moot point. You're comparing apples to apples. There's nothing more significant than October 2012 beating October 2011.

    4. Anonymous19:40

      Yes but I was pointing out that when you look at passenger numbers of all months these two are the weakest, so seeing their numbers rise is very good. I was not comparing them in the sense you thought I was.

  3. Anonymous09:28

    Let's see if July and August can hit the 200k mark in 2013

  4. Anonymous09:50

    Absolutely right, what about the meetings with Airbus and so many premature announcements? JAT's fleet is falling apart. Updates please!

  5. Anonymous12:46

    What is the official throughput capacity of the both terminals at the Belgrade airport? Thank you.

    1. Anonymous13:03

      I believe it is 5 million, or 7.5 not sure.

    2. Anonymous14:43

      7 million. T2 has 5 million and T1 2 mill

  6. Anonymous16:31

    Yesterday Skywork D328 landed in LDZA because of the fog in LYBE

  7. Anonymous21:22

    Delta buys 49% of Virgin Atlantic Airways,
    which as a result will join the Skyteam Alliance.
    How will this effect the cooperation between
    Virgin and Jat?
    Especially when you consider that next year no single member of Skyteam will
    compete with Jat on LHR,Paris and Amsterdam routes?

    1. Anonymous22:46

      This is very interesting angle! Definitely a great idea since Skyteam (and for that matter one world, too) are weak in BEG. It would suck to leave all transatlantic traffic to Star Alliance...

    2. Purger02:08

      "Virgin Atlantic is evaluating potential entry to the SkyTeam alliance, of which Delta is a member. However, SkyTeam entry is not essential in order to realise the immediate and substantial benefits of the joint venture."

      For now just code-share and very close collaboration between Delta and Virgin Atlantic in best scenario from end of 2013 (after approval of DOT)

  8. No problem08:14

    Apples & Oranges

    Dumping the charter and regular passenger figures together is nothing but a naive, cheap PR trick.
    What should an airline care about charter flight load factor?!
    Tour operators pay PER FLIGHT, regardless of PAX numbers.

    1. Anonymous18:17

      Such a anti jat thing to say but it bound to happen.... How is it a PR trick and whats your point??? the cabin load was 60% not 66% who is this effecting if they merge together the figures the potential buyers??? no on is buying it they similar merge it because as a whole thats what it did


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