Maribor Airport opens new terminal

New terminal for better times

Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport has opened its new fifteen million euro terminal in hope of turning its fortunes around. The much delayed new terminal, originally planned for completion in 2011, opened its doors on November 21 with an Adria Airways flight to Athens, carrying the Maribor football team for a European League match. Recent attempts to auction off the airport have failed as it remains in the ownership of the bankrupt car seat maker Prevent. Last week the airport was put back on the market with non binding bids now being acquired. Whether the new terminal will have an impact on the sale process remains to be seen. The old terminal has now been closed and will go under reconstruction.

The CEO of Maribor Airport, Marko Gros, says the opening of the new terminal marks an important milestone for the airport, located in the country’s North East. Further investments are planned with the construction of a cargo and logistics centre, to be completed by July 2013. Plans are also being made for the expansion of the existing runway in four years time. All of the infrastructure projects are being funded by the European Union. The new terminal has the capacity to handle 600.000 passengers per year.

Unofficial sources claim the airport is in talks with Adria Airways to launch flights from the city in 2013. “We are trying hard to revive the airport”, the Slovenian State Secretary for Transport, Sašo Murtič, said. Edvard Rusjan Airport hasn’t seen scheduled flights for the past four years. In late 2011, Golden Air, a private start up airline owned by Indian businessmen Harjinder Singh Sidhu, launched services from the city only for it to cease operations a week later. In 2010, Adria Airways used Maribor Airport as its hub while its home base Ljubljana was closed for a runway overhaul. Ryanair operated flights to the city in 2007 and 2008. Ultimately, the service was terminated due to light loads. Maribor Airport currently employs 27 people with another ten set to join the team next year.


  1. The racing stripes on the floor are not mine fav. part sorry..

  2. Doot11:27

    twice-daily to Bajna Luka should save both airports

  3. Anonymous11:50

    I am not sure if I am the only one, but I think some slovene still think they are in Yugoslavia. This airport had some chance back in that era being linked to BEG to offer some connections. Now it is just the money pit to play lowcost to fly from there. I wish them the best.

    1. Anonymous14:30

      Probably it's the only place with decent connections that Slovenes can go to and still manage to get by without knowing English.

    2. Anonymous14:38

      OMG what a patronizing comment!

  4. Perhan12:08

    Looks as zagrab is shut down for today.


      This is why.

      Feel like going skiing but its too warm in Sydney for that right now.

    2. Anonymous14:39

      Of course, such a crappy airport should be totally shut down.

    3. Anonymous14:41

      Belgrade airport operates with no delays.

    4. Anonymous15:56

      ...And Sarajevo too.

    5. Anonymous16:32

      when Zagrab gets some snow.....

    6. Anonymous18:33

      Belgrade is much more crappy then Zagreb and has outdated rusty metal serving it!

    7. Anonymous04:14


  5. Anonymous16:18

    Обавештење аеродрома Београд везано за додатне летове Аерофлота из Москве:

  6. Anonymous16:33

    lolllll at Odhodi!!!!

    1. Anonymous16:49

      can you enlighten us please, what do you mean with your comment?

    2. Anonymous20:38

      He means that all Slovenes (and others ex-yu) should speak srpski in order da ih ceo svet razume, and if they don't, they got bombed (during better times), or they are laughed at (today)

    3. Anonymous01:07

      I was from Croatia btw :-P
      Fav you tube video: Gdje je nestala Slovenija? :-)

    4. Anonymous04:12

      Silly comment all ex-yu besides SLovenes & makos already speak srpski

  7. Anonymous22:33

    Hmmm ... I thought Maribor Airport had no scheduled filghts, few if any charter flights, and no interest from low-costers. So why do they need a new terminal? longer runway, expanded services? Who are they trying to kid? I guess if the EU is funding it, but it sounds as if a great big elephant is growing in Maribor. Don't get me wrong I wish them success, it just seems like the same story as BL, OS, Kraljevo etc ... if you build it they will come ...

    -- Charlie

    1. Anonymous04:56

      Dont be stupid im sure people here have a great arguement indicating that maribor is busier then beograd and that beograd doesnt need a expansion

    2. Anonymous14:58

      Just free Eu money to burn.
      Never giving back the loan part.
      It's Slovenia 2012 it's so sad.

  8. Anonymous14:42

    That's a cute little airport. No queues, no burocracy no hassle etc.

    It could easily compete with Graz airport.

    Now I can't wait to see how the new terminal in Prishtina looks like.

  9. Anonymous15:48

    players that might have success in Maribor: volotea (spain, portugal & france), wizzair (eastern markets), someone from russia (moscow and st. peterburg) and of course low cost to london it is a must!

    keep the fingers cross!

    build up direct connection regional train airport maribor terminal - maribor - graz airport - graz we all could have something from such kind of the logistics offer....

  10. was last time in april 2012 there for some circuit-training on the A32X before line introduction.

    very friendly staff, good coffee in the restaurant and finally bought some honey from the airport manager ;)

  11. Anonymous14:46

    No wonder EU is going bankrupt. Financing those kind of projects is ultimately ridiculous.

    1. Anonymous15:00

      It's not ridiculous is a tragedy.
      It's small money compared to other ghost projects: building new hotels, hostels etc. in Slovenia with Eu founding. Just throwing money thru the window.
      Slovenians loove it concrete :(

    2. Anonymous15:03

      600.000 capacity x year???
      And 40% of Maribor peole are poor poor deadly poor among them 20% nearly starving or starving don't look the concrete. People over there have no money to end the month!
      They are wearing clothes like squatters have no money nothing. Buying chepaest food. just for montly bills not enough. How can this area can make 600.000 a year?


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