Ryanair to open Zadar base

Zadar becomes Ryanair’s 54th base

Ryanair has announced the opening of its first base in the former Yugoslavia and its 54th base overall. The low cost airline will launch flights from Zadar to Beauvais, Dublin, East Midlands, Gothenburg, Haugesund (Norway), Liverpool and Wroclaw. They will accompany the airline’s existing nine routes already served from Zadar on a seasonal summer basis, totalling to up to 68 weekly flights. Ryanair will station an aircraft in the city and will launch the new services in April 2013.

In a statement, Ryanair could not resist taking a swipe at its rival Croatia Airlines, “Croatian consumers/visitors can now beat the recession and escape Croatia Airlines’ high fares and fuel surcharging by switching to Ryanair’s lowest fares and our no fuel surcharge guarantee from Zadar to sixteen exciting European destinations, including Dublin, London and Paris, amongst others. Ryanair’s 300.000 passengers per year will sustain up to 300 “on site” jobs in Zadar”. During the summer months, Croatia Airlines serves Zadar from Zagreb, Pula, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich.

Furthermore, Ryanair is beefing up its operations across the country. It will launch flights to Rijeka from Weeze, Frankfurt-Hahn, Charleroi and Oslo-Rygge next year. Within the former Yugoslavia, Ryanair only operates flights to Croatia. For a short time it maintained services to Maribor in Slovenia as well. Last year the airline planned to launch flights to Montenegro but backed out after it failed to come to an agreement with local authorities. Ryanair becomes the third low cost airline to have a base in the former Yugoslavia, joining Belle Air Europe and Wizz Air. Belle Air Europe calls Priština its home while Wizz Air has bases in both Belgrade and Skopje.


  1. frequentflyer09:11

    Croatian consumers/visitors can now beat the recession and escape Croatia Airlines’ high fares and fuel surcharging by switching to Ryanair’s lowest fares and our no fuel surcharge guarantee

    Hilarious. Taking a swipe at a competitor which could hardly be described as 'expensive' to fly - especially be European standards. At least the airline WITH the fuel surcharge doesn't regularly call mayday due to low fuel reserves!!

    Fuel surcharging aside, FR's "hidden fees" will actually make prices quite comparable to OU, except you have no legroom, pay extra to take your luggage, and end up (mostly) in airports too far away from where you need to be, meaning longer travel times and higher costs.

    Does anyone know how much money ZAD has parted with to 'entice' FR?

    1. Anonymous09:34

      Nicely said:) Ryanair are a big rip off! They quite often cost more then a proper airline by the time you arrive at your destination. The staff are very rude and aircraft are filthy! If you book an OU flight in advance, their fares are quite often much cheaper then Easyjet or Ryanair! And of course the Croatian taxpayer is subsidising Ryanair one way or another to fly there, which makes me angry how the E.U doesn't like state carriers being funded by the government's' yet Ryanair are receiving state funding. Of course it's good to have competition on routes, but Ryanair No thankyou. Croatia airlines is a brilliant airline, and I will be continuing to use them next year. At least once I've purchased my ticket I know I have nothing else to pay and if my flight gets cancelled or delayed I will get looked after, and of course not forgetting the very beautiful and attractive OU female cabin attendant's!

    2. Anonymous10:06

      Ryanair do not have filthy aircraft and people DO use them in spite of being constantly critisized - their B737-800 are definitely newer than OU a/c. You are a regular airline customer but there are others who prefer to spend less money.

    3. Anonymous10:22

      I do prefer to spend less money also, by avoiding Ryanair's hidden charges! Its a myth that Ryanair is cheaper!

    4. Anonymous10:24

      The average age of OU's fleet is actually less then Ryanair's

    5. Anonymous10:43

      Good news! Welcome Ryanair!
      However, I always avoid Ryan - no special reason, I guess their lotteries make me nervous. And low costers have removed fabulousness from flying experience.

    6. I completely agree. Croatia Airlines offers very reasonable fares and their aircraft are fresh, clean, you get a decent meal and their crew is very professional and friendly. Plus Croatia is a Star Alliance member and I get my miles. I would never consider Ryanair over Croatia.

    7. Anonymous17:28

      With all hidden charges and stuff i have paid a flight to Tampere 90euros rtn from BUD, and the same flight with Finnair to HEL was 324, even if i add railway ticket from Tampere to Helsinki (20-25e) its 2,5 times cheaper so.... I rest my case.

    8. Anonymous 09:34 am

      1. Beautiful and attractive, is what (expensive) prostitutes are supposed to be. Unfortunatelly, balkanian "macho" state of mind, includes "female flesh" in ticket price.

      2. Most of the hard-working people who take care of both passenger's safety&welfare, and comfort&satisfaction, if nothing else, deserve at least to be called as EU legislative suggest, and that is "cabin crew members", and not humiliating "cabin attendants", which means nothing.

      3. OU is far from being good airline. Calling them "brilliant" is absurde. They couldn't have survived without HUGE help from the state, which has been till today MUCH MUCH BIGGER then anything (maybie) paid to FR. OU work productivity is not only low but beyond logic. Their product is average.

      4. I have about 20 flights with FR, and about 30 with OU. I agree that OU cabin crews are polite, but FR cabin crews are at least polite as much, and far far far away from being rude; actually on lot of flights they were more friendly and more enthusiastic compared to OU. Of course, i never asked them for free drinks -:)!

      6. Absolute lie that FR planes are dirty. In addition to that, some of OU "new" airbuses, "Fox" for example, are OLDER than 20 years.

      5. Maybie you are very rich person and 200 or 300 euro is nothing for you. But maybie you simply don't understand philosophy of low-cost flying - for example, I'm flying ZAG-LGW-ZAG for weekend 18-20 Jan, with Easyjet, for 80 euro return. I don't need meal for 2 hours, I don't need luggage for 2 days, and I don't think it's important to have "beautiful women" onboard, prices of ground transportation to London are equal from LGW and LHR. Therefore, why should I pay to OU 200 euro more, except if I don't want image of (chapter one balkanian macho) "hotshot"

      7. Last but by no means least : "Brilliant" airline OU transports 2 million passengers a year, and filthy, rude and dangerous FR about 80 million. Interesting!

    9. Anonymous01:47

      What a brilliant comment and so very correct! Just follow the rules with FR and they will take you from point A to Z with no problem. Don't want luggage? Don't pay! Don't want a meal? Don't buy! It's a NO FRILLS airline, not a free pretzels, business class one. I flew with Ryanair and will continue flying.

  2. Anonymous09:45

    Good and nice for PAX in Croatia! I wish Ryanair good luck and a lot of pax! I hope to see further growth from other airports in Croatia. National airlines need to restructure and change or they will face grounding!

  3. Anonymous10:19

    As much as I despise Ryanair this is good news for zadar and for local economy. To be honest I would have preferred Wizzair though.

  4. Anonymous13:10

    Congratulation to ZAD, Ryan is perfect option for tourist destination, but it is not for ZAG. Representatives of Ryan were in ZAG 2 years ago, and I am happy they did not realize flights from ZAG. EasyJet, Germanwings, Vueling... are totally different story, but Ryanair no thanks!

    1. Anonymous17:01

      Thanks admin!

    2. I don't agree with you at all concerning ZAG. I think we'll see FR soon in ZAG to/ from :

      London Stanstead
      Edinburgh or Glasgow
      Oslo Rygge (proximity of GOT)
      Stockholm (any airport)
      Dortmund and/or Hannover
      Paris Beauvais
      Rome Ciampino
      Madrid and/or Barcelona and/or Valencia
      Warsaw and/or Krakow

      And I would like if you could explain me what make so big difference between Ryanair and Easyjet,Vueling&Germanwings because, frankly speaking, I don't see the difference at all -:)

    3. Purger09:14

      Just my opinion (of course someone will have different perception):

      Posto sam sada više nego višekratno letio sa NTT koje lete iz Zagreba i okolice eto da napišem i svoj ostvrt na kvalitetu usluge

      1. easyJet 39/50
      2. Germanwings 28/50
      3. Ryanair 24/50
      4. Wizzair 18/50

      kupovina karte / dokumenti / obavijesti / mogucnost kontaktiranja radi problema

      RYANAIR 4/10
      - puno prekomplicirana stranica, sa previše pitanja
      - vrlo mnogo skrivenih troskova
      - stranica puno previse puta navodi na placanje koje ne zelite ostvariti (odgovori su negacija-negacije, cesto je "DA" crvene boje, a "NE" zelene, milijun puta vas pitaju za neke stvari na koje vas zele nagovoriti, neke opcije su vec prethodno upisane kao "DA" pa ih morate poništiti, uz nekoliko pitanja "jeste li sigurni") - zbunjujuce i svakako utrampavanje usluga manje koncentriranima i sposobnima (moja mama bi sigurno popušila 90% tih dodatnih brija)
      - na kraju cijena karte je viša od one koja se reklamira
      - prtljaga kod svih prijevoznika je 50x45x25 cm, a kod njih je 50x40x20 cm, sto vam obziljno komplicira zivot posto svi imamo kupljene kofere od 50x45x25 cm
      - kofer mi je najcesce poluprazan no uvijek vadim stvari da ne bude tezi od dozvoljenih 10 kg (samo laptop koji mora unutra ima 3,5 kg) - 10 kg za takav kofer je nerealno i premalo

      + lako za pretrazivanje letova, vrlo jednostavno pronaci destinaciju, komparirati cijene, odabrati najbolju opciju za musteriju
      + pouzdana stranica, ne blokira se, vrlo sigurna
      + relativno lako za razumijeti, pregledno, jasno (osim "zakulisnih" troskova)
      + 3 puta prije leta salju vam podsjetnika i obavijesti (naravno, pokusavaju vam utrampiti prtljagu, osiguranje, hotele, rent'a'car...)

      EASYJET - 8/10
      - na kraju postoje neki dodatni troskovi, ali nacelno to je najblizi cijeni koja se reklamira od svih prijevoznika

      + jednostavna stranica, pregledna
      + lako se pretrazuju letovi, te kompariraju cijene
      + nema skrivenih troskova, sve je jasno i znas sto kupujes, tj. da ti nece na prevaru uvaliti nesto sto ne zelis
      + brze i efikasne informacije na e-mailu nakon kupnje karte
      + najkvalitetnije usluge izvan leta (transferi easyBusom, hoteli, turisticke usluge isl.)
      + neogranicena tezina prtljage u zrakoplovu ako moze stati u dimenzije

      WIZZAIR -2/10
      - loše stranice koje se cesto blokiraju na samom kraju kupnje (uzalud potroseno vrijeme i sve morate ispocetka)
      - nejasne stranice, sa nejasnim pitanjima, vrlo loše objasnjeno ili dvojbena pitanja
      - nema mogucnosti kontaktiranja u slucaju problema osim iz nekih zemalja gdje su to lokalni pozivi
      - poznati primjeri gdje se putnike ostavljalo i po dva dana bez informacija na aerodromu

      + destinacije i komparacije cijena relativno dobre

      GERMANWINGS - 5/10
      - nije baš najbolje rješenje trazenje destinacije, obzirom da se mijesaju i presjedanja i redovne linije, relativno tezak odabir alternativne destinacije

      + komparacija cijena OK
      + brza kupnja karte, bez nepotrebnih pitanja i mrcvarenja nejasnim opcijama
      + cijena je vrlo bliska pocetnoj koja se reklamira
      + odlicni i pregledni dokumenti te informacije za odredista i letove

    4. Purger09:15

      cijena karte / mreza / frekvencije

      RYANAIR - 7/10
      - cijena je tesko kontrolirana sve do kraja
      - lete na sekundarne i tercijalne aerodrome, cesto kada je vrlo skupo iz tih aerodroma doci do grada koji je pravo odrediste (tako sela udaljena i više od 100 km postaju zracne luke metropola)

      + vrlo povoljne tarife, vrlo cesto najpovoljnije
      + velik broj letova i frekvencija

      EASYJET - 7/10
      - cijene posljednjih sjedala su puno previsoke, tj. cesto su nekoliko puta vise od mreznih prijevoznika

      + vecina cijena je povoljnih
      + velik broj letova i frekvencija
      + lete na glavne aerodrome

      WIZZAIR - 4/10
      - cijena je promjenjiva iz minute u minutu, cesto vas zablokira kompjuter nakon 15 minutnog procesa kupnje karata, pa morate ponovno kupovati uz cijenu visu za 20-30%, no ako se logirate kao drugi putnik ponovno imate cijenu iz prvog pokusaja - ovo je klasicna prijevara
      - uglavnom lete za sekundarne aerodrome

      + uglavnom povoljne tarife
      + relativno slaba mreza, ipak svjetlosnim godinama daleko od easyJeta i Ryanaira

      GERMANWINGS 4/10
      - vrlo visoke cijene, u 90% slucajeva cijene su im kao i kod mreznih prijevoznika
      - cak i 6 mjeseci prije lete cijene su 100% vise nego kod drugih NTT (Zagreb-Cologne za 6 mjeseci je preko 130 EUR)
      - konekcije moguce i prednost su, no ekstremno su visoke cijene kontektiranih letova

      + ako ubodete akcijske cijene mozete postici enormno dobru cijenu
      + bolja usluga za istu cijenu nego kod ostalih NTT

      usluga na aerodromu / zemaljsko osoblje / ulazak u zrakoplov

      RYANAIR - 3/10
      - nedostatak informacija
      - vrlo neljubazno osoblje koje pokušava uvesti vojni rezim
      - printanje bording passova komplicirano (ili skupo) ako niste u mogucnosti to napraviti od kuce (kao da je normalno da svi imaju printere sa sobom na putu)
      - pljackanje za propusteno kupovanje unarijed, npr prtljaga ili, nedaj boze, vracanje prevelike prtljage na cekiranje (tada to kosta daleko više nego sama karta)
      - vrlo loša usluga u slucaju kasnjenja ili otkazivanja leta - tretiraju vas kao zadnje govno (ako nekoliko stati sjedite u avonu koji ne krece necete dobiti niti vodu, a WC je zatvoren)

      + organizacija ulaska je brza i postena (prioritetni ulazak za one koji to plate/obitelji sa djecom/ostali, ne mrcvare vas preko potrebe)

      EASYJET - 9/10
      + odlicno oznaceno sve vezano uz easyJet
      + na pojedinim aerodromima mrcvare vas preko svake mjere zbog sitnica, no ne vecini vam toleriraju neke stvari
      + na vecini aerodroma postoji sluzba asistencije i informacija
      + odlicna usluga u slucaju kasnjenja ili otkazivanja letova - pobrinu se za putnike (dobili smo i hranu i pice, i informacije, i dobar dio putnika je preusmjeren na druge letove)
      + organizacija ulaska je brza i postena (Ryanair je ovaj sustav kopirao od easyJeta)

      WIZZAIR - 2/10
      - cista stihija sve vezano uz aerodrome, od neoznacenosti, do osoblja i rjesavanja problema
      - molite Boga da se nesto ne desi jer pomoc necete dobiti

      GERMANWINGS - 6/10
      - sve je malo prespartansko, pa cak i za NTT

      + njemacka preciznost i organizacija
      + pregledno i dobro oznaceno

    5. Purger09:16

      udobnost i ugodnost aviona

      RYANAIR - 4/10
      - ultra šareno, prepuno reklama, sve podredjeno profitu
      - puno previše puta vas smjeste na sjedalice zbog "upaljenog znaka vezanja sigurnosnih pojaseva" pa ne mozete koristiti cak ni WC, na kraju se pokaze da prica nema veze sa sigurnosti nego vam zele nesto prodati pa vas trebaju na svom mjestu i trebaju prazne prolaze
      - inflight magazin je samo dodatan izvor reklamiranja i ništa drugo
      - dostav razvaljena sjedala

      + nema nikakvih papira, niti dzepa za novine jer je security card otisnut na stolicima, a inflight magazin i katalog za prodaju hrane i ostalog se dobija tijekom puta, sto bitno povecava prostor za noge, a i smanjuje tezinu aviona

      EASYJET - 8/10
      + vrlo ugodno, cisto i namirisano
      + ambijent je u konacnici ugodan, posebno sto nema Raynove sizofrenije koja samo pojacava sareni dojam
      + reklamiranje postoji, no isto je diskretno, ugodno i informativno
      + inflight magazin je izvrstan i vrlo informativan
      + obracanje i na lokalnom jeziku, ne samo na engleskom

      WIZZAIR - 8/10
      - cistoca bi mogla biti bolja

      + izuzetno ugodno, posebno dizajn unutrasnjosti, ali i vanjstine
      + koža
      + inflight magazin je izvrstan i informativan

      GERMANWINGS - 6/10
      - previse se puta procita Lufthansa u avionu
      - malo predepresivno i pretamno

      + udobno i cisto
      + obracanje i na lokalnom jeziku ne samo na engleskom

    6. Purger09:17

      hrana i ostale usluge u avionu / osoblje

      RYANAIR 6/10
      - naporni su do boli sa time da vam nešto pokušaju prodati. Pa vam prodaju po redu: elektronicek cigarete koje ne dime (uz ponavljanje "iako ne smijete puštii ove cigarete po samo 6,90 GBP, mozete pousiti gdje god zelite u avionu), hranu i napitke, lutriju, satove (doslovce me silovao da kupim dva sata!), suvenire, telefonske kartice, kozmetiku i ostalo, pa jos jednom hranu i pice uz naglasavanje "ovo vam je posljednja šansa sa odlican snack"
      - vrlo su naporni u uvjeravanju da zelite nesto kupiti - Ryan je postao ducan u zraku
      - šizofrenija i stalno deranje kod ulaska i izlaska (lice na kauboje koji tjeraju krave da sto brze udju/izadju iz korala), non stop vriste i stvaraju psihozu napetosti i zurbe, svakih 10 sekundi na razglas urlaju "torbe jedna do druge, a jakne na torbe, manje torbe stavite ispod sjedala, molimo popunjavajte prvo sjedala u sredini, pomaknite se sa prolaza..."

      + u beskraj su ljubazni i tamo gdje bi nekoga poslali k vragu odavno, oni se milijun puta ispricavaju (na proslom letu je putnik bio krajnje bezobrazan i nije bio u pravu, no stjuard se u beskraj ispricavao, i naglasavao da on samo zeli smjestiti 189 putnika i njihovu prtljagu)
      + zadovoljavaju odabir hrane i pica, cijene su visoke no mozes si priustiti
      + hrana izuzetno ukusna

      EASYJET - 7/10
      - hrana je nešto jeftinija nego kod Ryana (sendvic sa slaninom je 4 EUR, kod Ryana 5), no daleko je manja porcija i jedva jestiva (nimalo ukusno)
      - relativno slab odabir hrane

      + nema šizofrenije kao kod Ryana, sve je smireno, osoblje vam pomaze, a ne naredjuje, na koncu isti broj putnika je na ovaj nacin smjesteno daleko prije nego kod Ryana
      + ne mrcvare vas da nesto kupite, ne siluju vas i ne osjecate se kao da samo sluzite za shoping
      + osoblje je drago i duhovito - gotovo na svakom letu dozivite velik broj sala preko razglasa, pa i na vlastiti racun
      + kapetan vam se obraca vise puta, sa milijun informacija, no ne napadno i vrlo simpaticno, te vrlo neformalno, kao da ste na privatnom letu...

      WIZZAIR - 2/10
      - los odabir hrane, sinteticka i neukusna
      - osoblje je daleko najlosija strana ove kompanije, neljubazni, ne govore jezike, po pola sata vas ne fermaju nego se zabavljaju u svom prostoru (jednom sam dozivio da se stjuard upucavao stjuardesi i potpuno zanemario putnike tijekom cijelog puta, a to je bilo toliko glasno i napadno da je cak smetalo putnicima u prvim redovima), ponasaju se kao da ste im teret, a ne stranke koje placaju uslugu

      GERMANWINGS - 7/10
      + ugodno osoblje, istinski vam zeli pomoci, njemacka organizacija i profesionalnost,
      + no istovremeno se i nasale, ispricaju vic, podijele dogodovstine sa putnicima (par puta sam dozivio najavu tipa "sto bi rekla moja kolegica...", "poruka našim dragim putnicima od nas odozada...", "pitate se zašto se tako glasno i nekontrolirano smijemo, a vidim da smo zarazili i polovicu aviona, pa eto, moja je kolegice ispricala vic i ne mozemo se kontrolirati vec 20 minuta, cim se vidimo prasnemo u simjeh... mislim da je red da ga i vama ispricamo...")

    7. GVA_Cointrin09:57

      There are quite a lot misinformation about Wizz Air in your posts, but I'd like to correct the most obvious one -

      The crew is by far the best as far as East European passengers are concerned. They not only speak languages, but speak the *local* language, as in 99% the a/c are based in the country they're operating to.

      Unfortunately for you, it seems Wizz Air don't have a base in Croatia, therefore no access to a Croatian cabin crew. The alternative would be for those flights to be served by BEG based a/c in a 'W' pattern. I understand why Wizz Air would choose not to operate in that manner.

      As far as the website goes, I guess you haven't checked it for some time now. You might be surprised.

    8. Anonymous16:34

      Oh, Purger, we thought you were flying exclusively on QR, like taking ZAG-DOH-FRA, we didn't knew you were actually a low-coster...

    9. Purger19:14

      Why, on earth, you thought that? My ratio of flying LCC and major companies is 1:4. Usually I fly low cost when there is better P2P connection, like Venice-Toulouse, London-several destination in West France, domestic UK, domestic France, several routes to Romania (especially after bankruptcy of Malev), but I really avoid Ryanair (unfortunately I have to fly Ryanair Bratislava-Edinburgh) and especially I avoid Wizzair. I like to fly with EasyJet, it is almost like major company.

  5. Anonymous13:20

    Zadar Airport needs more PAX but common Ryanair is not known to come and operate at your airport for free. Have somebody payed Michael O` Leary???

  6. Win win situation for all concerned including Croatia Airlines!

  7. Anonymous22:15

    I hope OU arent scared off from Zadar, likewise LH and 4U

  8. Anonymous23:18

    Great news!

    I'd say it's much better to subsidise Ryanair than Montenegro airlines or WindJet.


    1. Anonymous18:53

      Windjet doesn't exist anymore! ;)

  9. Anonymous09:27

    I am proud to pay my taxes to support Montenegro Airlines!


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