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Your favourites in 2012

As we enter the last day of 2012 this is what you read and discussed the most on EX-YU Aviation News according to statistics accumulated over the year. Don’t forget to visit at 09.00 CET for the last piece of news in 2012!


Qatar in Belgrade as Pegasus announces flights, November 22
Butter saves the day at Croatia Airlines, September 02
Jat Serbian Airlines from March 2013, November 08
MAT Airways rises from the dead, March 10
EXCLUSIVE: Air France to suspend Belgrade, September 19


Qatar Airways (Doha - Zagreb)
Jat Airways, Summer 2012
British Airways (London Heathrow - Zagreb)
Qatar Airways (Doha - Belgrade)
Adria Airways, Winter 2012/2013


Qatar in Belgrade as Pegasus announces flights, 102 comments
Qatar’s Belgrade service in doubt, 93 comments
Jat Serbian Airlines from March 2013, 72 comments
Jat and Airbus to finalise deal, 62 comments
Sarajevo’s boom year ahead, 61 comments


 Zagreb Airport postcard, 1975


  1. Anonymous23:34

    Thanks for all the hard work and great site. Really enjoy coming here every day. Seems Qatar Airways was of most interest this year. Wonder if we will have some big new airline coming next year as well. Happy New Year.

    P.S. The vintage photos are great. Keep them up.

  2. Aero08:25

    Thank you for another year of this blog...

    Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

  3. Anonymous08:30

    Great blog. Wishing everyone the very best for 2013, greetings from London


  4. Anonymous08:42

    Keep up the great work, we greatly appreciate what you are doing. May 2013 bring you even more readers.

    I will be frank, though most of the comments tend to be nationalistic and God knows what, I am still happy that there is some sort of interaction between all of us. I believe that is what made your blog popular over time. If we did not have the option to comment freely the news would not have been as interesting to follow and people would not feel the need to return a few times per day to check out the news. For example when it comes to, which a good site, I go and check the news every now and then because I know there is no interaction or anything, it can get a bit boring because there are other more established sources of aviation news from around the world.

    May 2013 bring about the construction of a new terminal in Zagreb and Jat's fleet renewal!

    Best from Rovinj!


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