Wizz Air considering new Ljubljana flights

Successful start for Wizz Air’s Ljubljana flights

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport has announced that Wizz Air is considering launching new flights to the Slovenian capital next year, following the successful start to its operations in October. “Initial aircraft capacity rates are good. Should they remain so, the carrier has expressed interest in adding new connections as early as next year”, the airport said in its financial report. Wizz launched flights from Charleroi and London Luton to Ljubljana at the start of the 2012/2013 winter season. The low cost airline competes with easyJet on the London service, though the two no frills carriers operate flights to different airports. Indirectly, Wizz Air also has competition on the Charleroi route in Belgium, with Adria Airways operating flights Brussels.

 Ljubljana Airport handled 94.825 passengers in October, latest data from the Slovenian Statistical Office shows. Numbers plunged 15.8% compared to the same month last year. By the end of October Slovenia’s busiest airport welcomed 1.028.190, down 14.5% on 2011. “In general, the economic and political situation in Slovenia and Europe overall is reflected in a decline in business and tourist travel. Despite the fact that Ljubljana Airport is attempting to attract new carriers by adapting its pricing policy, through attractive offers of its services and by increasing activities aimed at attracting new markets, carriers are cautious in establishing new connections to Slovenia due to the high risk of low aircraft capacity rates”, the airport says.

Despite declining passenger numbers and a small drop in revenue in 2012, the airport will go ahead with the construction of a new terminal next year. Work is set to begin sometime during 2013 with the construction of the new terminal to be completed by January 15, 2015 at the latest. Contractors will have one year and eight months to complete all necessary work. The building will have the capacity to handle up to 1.800 passengers per hour and stretches over 31.200 square metres.


  1. Anonymous09:43

    OT FR apparently announcing a base at ZAD today. Interesting

  2. Anonymous10:30

    Slovenians are flying mora and more especially for leisure but they are money conscious and not that rich so they are flying out from nearby airports.
    The Adria flight to Bruxelles is deadly overpayed with a contract between Adria (government) and government using tax payers money. Even workers in EU Institutions in Brussels are flying of Slovenia
    not with Adria but with cheaper options. UNLESS the flight is paid by governmnet money tax payers money.

  3. Anonymous11:06

    it would be really great if Wizz Air launches new routes from LJU, but i hope somewhere there are no direct flights, like Rome,Malmo,Barcelona, northern Germany, etc. like the 2nd anonymous mentioned Slovenians fly a lot from Venice, Treviso, Trieste, even Graz, Munich, Vienna.and lots of them go to Spain, but that's usually from Venice.(ok JP has flights to BCN but that's only seasonal).so i'm sure there is potential, if flights can be booked at affordable prices.

  4. That's awesome news. Berlin would be awesome! Berlin, Prague, Kiev, Palermo, Madrid!

    1. Anonymous13:50

      i'd love to see Wizz air connecting Ljubljana and Berlin too, even if at the moment they do not fly to Berlin at all.anyway any new destination served by Wizz air from Ljubljana will be welcome!

  5. Anonymous13:32

    ZADAR is becoming Ryanair´s 54 official base btw...

  6. Anonymous14:22




    Ryanair, Europe’s only ultra-low cost airline, today (18 Dec) announced it would open its 54th base (1st in Croatia) at Zadar in April 2013 with one-based aircraft and unveiled 7 new routes (16 in total), to/from Dublin, East Midlands, Gothenburg, Haugesund, Liverpool, Paris and Wroclaw, as Ryanair invests over $70 million at Zadar Airport.

    Ryanair will grow at Zadar in 2013 as follows:

    1 based aircraft
    16 routes (up 60%)
    7 new routes: Dublin, East Midlands, Gothenburg, Haugesund, Liverpool, Paris & Wroclaw
    68 weekly flights (up 60%)
    300,000 pax p.a (up 60%)
    300* “on site” jobs

  7. Anonymous17:07

    Alitalia uvodi liniju od Rima do Podgorice
    Italijanska avio-kompanija Alitalia planira veliku ekspanziju naredne godine. Među novih osam linija sa rimskog aerodroma "Leonardo da Vinči" nalazi se i linija do Podgorice.
    Između Rima i Podgorice Alitalia će letjeti tri puta nedjeljno (utorkom, četvrtkom i subotom) sa polaskom u 8.55 iz Rima (let AZ 558).

    Dolazak u Podgoricu je u 10.25, a povratak (let AZ 559) je planiran za 11.15. Dolazak u Rim bi bio u 12.45.

    Na ovoj liniji Alitalia će biti konkurent domaćem Montenegro Airlinesu koji ima tri nedjeljna leta (utokom, petkom i nedjeljom).

  8. Anonymous19:02

    an interesting article about Ryanair's latest trick related to MTOW

  9. Anonymous19:55

    As far as I'm concerned wizz air can wizz off and Ryanair, what a joke of an airline that is!

    1. Anonymous21:51

      Personally, I don't like low-cost airlines, but the statement&description "joke of an airline", for the company which operates under strict EU rules, transports 80 MILLION passengers per year, and MAKES PROFIT, is simply joke itself.

    2. Anonymous22:46

      I wouldn't have said it better myself. Exactly what I thought and wanted to say.

  10. Anonymous00:48

    Completely off topic, but its interesting



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