Croatia Airlines delays Osijek flights

Fresh delays for Osijek - Zagreb service

Croatia Airlines has once again delayed the launch of its flights from Osijek to Zagreb. Services were originally planned to begin in November last year with a leased Embraer EMB120 from Budapest Aircraft Service. In December, the Croatian government ordered its national carrier to launch flights from Osijek to the Croatian capital by the end of 2012. “We negotiated all the details with Croatia Airlines and the government”, Osijek Airport CEO Domagoj Marinić says, adding that the entire process has been delayed due to “technical issues”. However, the CEO claims that despite attempts to get into contact with Croatia Airlines, there has been no answer from the national carrier.

Flights between Osijek and Zagreb were to operate five times per week while services to Split were to be inaugurated during the upcoming summer months. It is believed Croatia Airlines is intentionally delaying the lease of the thirty-seat Embraer as the service from Osijek would generate losses. However, Mr. Marinić believes this is not the case. “Croatia Airlines has never had to deal with this kind of aircraft leasing procedures. I doubt they are delaying the process on purpose, even though it is known this service would be unprofitable for them”, Mr. Marinić concludes.

The CEO of Osijek Airport still believes Croatia Airlines will launch flights from the city by the end of this month. The Croatian government has the right to order its national carrier to launch flights between cities within the country if the service is deemed vital for socio-economic development. The decision must be respected regardless of whether the route is profitable or not. Osijek Airport is not served by a single airline and has struggled in the past with financial difficulties, making Croatia Airlines’ potential flights essential for the airport’s development.


  1. Anonymous09:09

    Why don't they just give up on this stupid idea? They are not going to make money with it.

  2. Purger10:06

    Those lines (OSI-ZAG, OSI-SPU and OSI-DBV) are PSO and Republic of Croatia made decision to pay to Croatia Airlines for flying them. So Croatia Airlines will not loose money. Of course they want to start with those flights as late as possible, because summer season will make this line much more profitable (including PSO money) than to start on winter.

  3. Anonymous11:02

    Croatia Airlines becomes Jat-alike!

    1. Anonymous13:35

      Hahahahaha... the best joke od decade...

    2. Anonymous13:53

      Croatia Airlines was once like Jat, in 1993

    3. Anonymous15:13


  4. Anonymous12:32

    Croatia Airlines is nothing like Jat!

  5. Anonymous14:04

    Croatia airlines is national airline for Croatia. Osijek is part of croatia so they must have flights to and from Osijek. It should be all year round, even if it dosent make profits or even i dont care if plane is empty. If there to busy with the coast they need to lease plane or cut some flights out of germany. let LH carry there own damn passegers.

  6. Anonymous14:53

    In English you dont say a line. It has no meaning to it.

    1. Anonymous15:21

      i dont get this comment what are you talking about?

    2. Anonymous21:35

      Actually you can say "line" in English. It does make sense. The line is connection of the two points of either end.

  7. Anonymous18:05

    There are rumors that LH will start thrice daily flights from Frankfurt in the summer months. Nothing is official, just rumors. I guess they would then use Embraer 190 instead of Airbuses during summer

  8. Anonymous21:08

    We have full year figures for BEG: 3.363.919 pax which is an 8% increase compared to 2011.

    In December, there was a total of 224.869 pax, 3% up year on year.

  9. Anonymous23:26

    1987. 3.311.951
    2012. 3.363.919

    Now BEG is no level as 25 years ago. I am not proud on that! Where was BUD, OTP, WAW, PRG... 25 years ago and where they are today.

  10. Anonymous06:29

    BUD today is à lowcost farthouse.

  11. Anonymous09:14

    And what is share of LCC in BEG (Wizzair, Norwegian, Germanwings, Niki, Air One, Flydubai, Pegasus)?


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