Ljubljana Airport in search of a new owner

New year - new plans - new owner

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is looking for a new co-owner to turn its fortunes around after a disappointing 2012. According to unofficial data, the airport handled some 1.198.000 passengers last year, down 12.5% on 2011, marking its worst performance in eight years. Talks are under way to sell part of the airport, without its basic infrastructure. "We are looking for a partner who will be with us to develop our business. We do not need someone to manage the airport, but we need someone that will bring us new business, both passengers and freight", Zmago Skobir, the CEO of Ljubljana Airport says.

Venice Marco Polo Airport is being rumoured as a potential partner. The airport has long been drawing passengers away from Ljubljana due to its close proximity and good connections. If the Slovenian government goes ahead with the partial sale of Ljubljana Airport, it is likely to split it into two parts. It would retain ownership over the existing terminal building, runway and cargo facilities while the new owner would run the new terminal, scheduled for construction this year, and would have control over the airport’s commercial operations.

Meanwhile the European Commission has approved a fifteen million euro grant for the construction of Jože Pučnik Airport’s brand new terminal. The news comes after the European Union recently provided funds for the construction of Maribor Airport’s new terminal building, opened last November. Construction work on the 89.6 million euro Ljubljana Airport terminal is set to begin this year and should be completed by January 15, 2015 at the latest. Contractors will have one year and eight months to complete all work. The investment includes the construction of the new four storey building and the partial renovation of the existing terminal. Together, the two terminals will stretch over 36.086 square metres.


  1. Anonymous09:06

    Yeah Venice snatched their pax thank to jp and star alliance propaganda.

    Now you can build what you want to build.

  2. Anonymous09:26

    This is same what caused the collapse of the Spanish or Greek economy. The EU grants huge amounts of money for stupid overdimensioned infrastructural projects. German, austrian , french building consortiums and other providers are makeing the big money. When everything is built the mentioned states are "bancrupt" and have to privatize everything at bargain prices. Again German, austrian, french companies are bying the airports, ports, airlines. The local taxpayers and pensioners are paying the bill. This is the economical model of Mrs. Merkel how to turn the EU in a two class club. I feel pity for the once so clever and hard working Slovenians and soon the Croatians. Brioni is already sold....

    1. Anonymous00:04

      So sad but again agree 100%.

    2. Anonymous00:55

      You are a really smart guy and I agree 100%. There's no free lunch especially not for the small developing economies. Adding 1 effect more: weak euro because of the crisis goes along only with german interests.
      @ Ex-yu
      With all the respect to You few days ago you've published wring pax numbers for SKP Airport. Instead of 5% growth, as you published, the airport recorded 9.1% growth which translates into 828 831 pax in absolute numbers. OHD Airport handled 78 000 pax, a 5% growth. Combined handled both airports 906 870 pax, a 8.7% growth! Please correct your mistake cause it is a significant statistic gap:-))

  3. Anonymous09:38

    Something doesn't add up here. So, they are selling the airport, but it is a part of the business that has questionable perspective, aka the future terminal. Where is the market and the pax numbers that are giving some kind of confidence that this investment will have economic rationale ... ?

    More and more pax numbers from Slovenia are being drawn to Zagreb airport that has better connections. Croatia is about to enter the EU, expects increased traveler activity, has its own terminal expansion project...

    It's interesting to refer to the numbers of ex yu airport prior 1990 during the period of "political stability". Ljubljana was traditionally weaker than SPU and DBV, much weaker than Zagreb and especially to Belgrade.

    The only period when it had almost caught up with Zagreb was during its early years of EU membership. I simply think there's too much of competition for Ljubljana to expect to drive its growth above some 2-3% annual average rate. They have Zagreb, Venice, Trieste, Pula, Graz ...

    1. Purger09:49

      ...Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava (big LCC airport), Salzburg and Linz (charters)

      All of then is less than 400 km or 3 hours driving by highways without borders.

    2. Anonymous19:39

      I hate all LCC airlines...

  4. Purger09:59

    Republic of Slovenia is just 50,67% owner of LJU. Shareholders are:

    1. Republic of Slovenia, 1,923,853 shares - 50.67%

    2. Pension fund, 279,561 shares - 7.36%

    3. Slovenian Restitution Fund, 258,958 - 6.82%

    4. Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d., 151,085 - 3.98%

    5. Publikum Trezor d.o.o. 103,264 - 2.72%

    6. KD Rastko, delniški vzajemni sklad, 54,345 - 1.43%

    7. Abanka d.d., 49,157 - 1.30%

    8. Salink Limited, 42,548 - 1.12%

    9. NFD 1, delniški podsklad, 37,419 - 0.99%

    10. KD Galileo, fleksibilna struktura, 27,296 - 0.72%

    11. Drago Čotar, 320 - 0.01%

    12. Igor Domevščik, 107 - 0.00%

    So if they sell shares from RS part it will not be major owner any more.

    1. JU520 BEGLAX20:39

      how much of these shareholders u listed are owned or partowned by the Rep of Slovenia?

  5. Anonymous14:17


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    1. Anonymous20:51

      Why do you keep asking us to like Malaysia airlines? What exactly has it to do with ex-yu aviation. Well I'm asking everyone to like B&H Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Adria Airways, Jat Airways, or Montenegro Airlines on Facebook please!

    2. Anonymous00:07

      Few years agow it was some kind of businessman Slovenia Style telling us Kuala lumpur - Ljubljana flight is near. Never materialised.
      I'm not a joke: Slovenia business is so crazy :(

  6. Anonymous08:08



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