Montenegro Airlines settling old debts

Montenegro Airlines hopes for debt free 2013

The Montenegrin government has begun settling Montenegro Airlines’ debts as part of a push to restructure the national carrier. During this year, the government will write off 3.7 million euros worth of debt accumulated by Montenegro Airlines. Last year it provided 36 million euros to the carrier. Furthermore, the government has initiated talks with the Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency (SMATSA) in order to settle the multi million euro debt owed by the airline. “We are hoping to solve the issue in a similar fashion Jat Airways settled its debt in 2010 - through compensation”, Sladjana Popović Tarlać from SMATSA says. The government is offering a three star hotel complex in the town of Bijela to the Air Traffic Services Agency. However, Ms. Popović Tarlać refused to comment on the amount of debt owed to the Agency. Mid last year the figure stood at 7.562.142 euros.

Montenegro Airlines states that despite a difficult financial year in 2012 its results are steadily improving and the carrier has seen growth in all sectors, making it one of the most successful in Europe and the most successful in the region. The national carrier handled approximately 601.000 passengers last year, an improvement of 6% compared to 2011. However, Montenegro Airlines could be facing some added competition if Ryanair is successful in launching seasonal flights to Tivat this summer season. In 2011, Montenegro Airlines’ CEO, Zoran Djurišić, said that if low cost airlines were to come to Montenegro they should be required to operate an all year round service and, as a result, struggle. “Montenegro Airlines struggles for eight months while low cost airlines operate flights for only three months and fill their aircraft to London, Paris and Moscow, services which we have nurtured for eight months”, Djurišić said in a interview to the “Dan” daily at the time.

Meanwhile, Montenegro Airlines’ hub airports, Podgorica and Tivat, recorded a combined total of 1.345.150 passengers pass through their doors in 2012, an improvement of 7% on the year before.


  1. Anonymous09:15

    Is that the crew or passengers boarding the flight?

    1. Anonymous16:49

      yes, that's crew boarding at Nis airport!

  2. Anonymous10:06

    While I think Montenegro Airlines offer good service, and a modern fleet of aircraft I wouldn't say it was the most succesful airline in the region by any means!

    1. Anonymous10:30

      ...or Europe.

    2. Anonymous14:18

      ...or World, noooo... Universe!!!!

  3. Anonymous13:38

    I will never again fly them.

  4. Anonymous16:09

    They are much better then Ryanair!

    1. Anonymous00:20

      Awesome comparison!

  5. Anonymous18:04

    What about the money they owe to Pristina and Skopje airports?

  6. Anonymous18:45

    Prishtina Airport is still owned rightfully by the government of Serbia,so TAV has not the right to
    get any cent from Montenegro Airlines(or any other airline flying to there)...
    That happens when you "buy" stolen goods,
    in this case airports!
    Actually every airline flying to there could make a pile of debt and then stop flying there without paying.
    TAV can not do any legal proceeding against that airline because international law says Kosovo and thus Prishtina airport is part of Serbia.
    Most people seem to forget this.
    I would advise companies to stay away as long
    property stays disputed like in this case!

    1. Anonymous23:58

      You are a little bit confused if not more than a little bit..TAV is the operator of SKP Airport and has nothing to do with PRN, Kosovo, Serbia or whatever! Limak is the operator of PRN as far as I know.

    2. Anonymous00:30

      Yes,you are right.
      Limak Holding is the operator of PRN.
      Im sorry for mistaking them for TAV.
      The rest of the matter is fact,i can understand the confusion.
      Well, but then this Limak Holding has no right to get paid any debt by YM because of the already mentioned reasons!

  7. Anonymous20:13

    ...but most of airlines fly there even whan you advise them oposit... how stupid they are!!!!

  8. Anonymous23:18

    They only would be stupid if they pay their debts.
    But i think majority of airlines flying there have no debts.
    In this particular case YM did the right thing.

  9. Anonymous00:17

    OT: SKP 823,831 pax. 9.1% increase
    OHD 78,040 pax 5% increase

    maybe 1m next year :)


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