Adria’s 2012 passenger plunge

Passenger numbers take a dive as cabin load factor surges

The Slovenian national carrier, Adria Airways, handled 987.000 passengers in 2012 representing a decrease of 15% compared to the year before. The number of operated flights decreased by 15% as well compared to 2011. However, the airline recorded one of its best average cabin load factors in years, standing at 67.5% in 2012 (2009 - 63.3%, 2010 - 66.5%, 2011 - 63%). Adria ended 2012 as the third busiest national carrier in the former Yugoslavia, behind Croatia Airlines, which welcomed 1.9 million passengers on board, and Jat Airways with 1.3 million passengers.

Adria is yet to disclose its financial results, although it is believed its losses amounted to 7.5 million euros, which has been halved compared to the year before when they totalled 15.3 million. The airline plans to make a profit in 2013 for the first time in five year. Adria’s worst financial result in recent times was recorded in 2010 when the carrier produced a loss of 59.7 million euros. The Slovenian carrier continues to do good business from its second base in Priština. Adria holds a market share of 10.1% in the city and is the fourth busiest airline after Belle Air, Germanwings and Edelweiss. From Priština, Adria operates flights to five cities with Venice being the latest addition to its network, launched in December 2012.

During this year Adria will resume services from Ljubljana to Paris which were suspended as part of its wide ranging cost cutting measures in 2011. Furthermore, it will also resume flights to London. However, both are planned to operate only as seasonal flights. Adria continues to run charters on behalf of the British car maker Land Rover, which has resulted in a boost in passenger numbers in late 2012. Mark Anžur was recently named as the carrier’s new CEO while the outcome of the 2012 tender for the sale of 74% of the airline’s shares remains a mystery.


  1. Anonymous09:40

    Did they operate with smaller planes?

  2. Anonymous09:43

    Adria operate with:
    1 A320
    2 A319
    4 CRJ900
    5 CRJ200

  3. Milan09:50

    If the number of operated flights decreased by only 1%, and the cabin load factor increased by 4.5%, how can it be that they had 15% less passengers?

  4. Anonymous10:14

    In SLO newspapers they said that the no. of operated flights decreased by 15% as well...

    1. Anonymous13:18

      ...which makes sense. The way it is reported here the math doesn't add up.

  5. Anonymous11:38

    I fly weekly with Adria from Frankfurt to PRN, Sometimes the loads are so full that i have to travel FRA-LJU-PRN. They have big sucess on the Pristinaroutes and i have sugested them to start the London-route wich was cancelled from British Airways because of teerms and agreements between BA and PRN. Belle Air have started the rourte and they are outbooked for seats because they are doing the flight 2 times pr week and make big sucsess. The problem with Belle Air is just that they are so dificult to use and not far away from Ryanair. A couple of mounths ago the famous albanian billionar Bexhet Pacolli who showed big interes on the Slovenina carrier. I love to fly with them and hope that everything will be ok after the investigation from EU.

  6. Btw I believe this number is without charters right?
    What is your source for this numbers?

    1. Anonymous13:05

      Well just found the facts from, and, Just se the timetable : PRN-FRA ADR115 6 weekly flights, PRN-MUC ADR157 5 weekly, PRN-LJU ADR 838 7 weekly flights, PRN-VRN ADR263 4 weekly flights. PRN-VCE wich i think have not started yet, The positive thing with these routes are that they are connected to star alliance route network and i meet people from europe,asia and amerika on every flight. They are regular flights.

    2. Anonymous14:02

      I saw this in Delo as well. I think they published it in their annual report for the stock exchange. Not a great result but I think 2013 will be a different ball game. Here's hope.

  7. Anonymous18:48

    It is clear that without Prishtina ,Adria would have to shut down immediately!
    Adria from Prishtina is extremely succesful and profitable,while Adria from Ljubljana is a total failure and loss of money.
    Instead of flying Paris ,London from Ljubljana they should fly to PRN!

    With the profits from their PRN flights they subsidize their failure in Ljubljana.

  8. Anonymous19:11

    Why no Alitalia flight today to BEG?

  9. Anonymous19:37

    Adria should relocate to prn and base their HQ there. It is clear that's where they are better performing! Last year they were sending their CRJ 200 quite often to London! I can't see how they can make a profit on this route!

  10. Anonymous20:43

    The guy the on the picture appears to be the only passenger at that flight- I doubt Adria's statistics about the cabin load numbers :)

    1. Anonymous20:52

      And he looks creepy if you ask me :D

    2. Anonymous21:19

      The stewerdess looks very beautiful though;-)

    3. Anonymous21:41

      C'mon, that's what you call beautiful, are you from Croatia?

  11. Anonymous00:26

    latest from Zagreb airport ...

    Paradis: IFC će i vlasnički s nama ući u Zračnu luku Zagreb, a pomoći će i kreditom

    Radovi na terminalu počet će u travnju ili ubrzo nakon tog roka.

    Kako se Francuska voli hvaliti da je treća u svijetu po ulaganjima svojih tvrtki u inozemstvu, današnji posjet 20-ak šefova francuskih kompanija ne bi trebalo shvatiti olako. Možda ih ipak nešto privuče da investiraju, unatoč tome što hrvatski ministar gospodarstva smatra da ima mnogo poželjnijih destinacija.

    Nadajmo se ...

  12. Anonymous01:28

    Has Jat's ATRs gone tech? They aren't flying any of them these days (or running with huge delays), and many ATR flights have been canceled or flown with 737s.

  13. Anonymous02:45

    If Adria is the third busiest carrier in ex you than it should be after JAT with 1.3 mil followed by OU with 1.9 mil.....

  14. No problem00:49

    "Adria continues to run charters, (…) which has resulted in a boost in passenger numbers"

    Dumping the charter AND regular service PAX numbers all together is such a naive, cheap PR trick.


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