B&H considering fleet expansion

B&H looking for jet engine aircraft

B&H Airlines is considering expanding its fleet this summer season. Following news, which surfaced yesterday, that the carrier plans to lease a Fokker 100, B&H Airlines has told EX-YU Aviation News that no firm decision has been made and that the airline is keeping all of its options open. The Bosnian national carrier is looking at a possible wet or dry lease of a jet engine aircraft. The F100 has been listed on global ticketing systems and scheduled to enter service for B&H from March 31, although no firm decision has been made whether this model will be chosen. All other aircraft being considered have a similar capacity to the F100, thus not impacting on ticket sales. The aircraft would be used on flights to Istanbul.

B&H Airlines last featured a jet engine aircraft in its fleet in February 2012. The Airbus A319, provided by Turkish Airlines, was withdrawn from service when the Turkish carrier pulled out of B&H’s ownership structure. In the past, the airline has also operated a Boeing 737-400. B&H is looking to enter the 2013 summer season with three aircraft - two ATR72s and a jet engine plane. Currently, one ATR is undergoing scheduled maintenance in Germany and should be ready to join the fleet this summer.

B&H Airlines plans to expand its network this summer season. It will introduce flights to Skopje from April 1 while there is a possibility that another destination in the region will be launched. The Bosnian carrier faces tough competition on its signature route to Istanbul this summer, making the use of the jet engine aircraft imperative to keep up with its rivals. This summer, Turkish Airlines will operate up to a record eighteen weekly flights between Istanbul and the Bosnian capital while the low cost Pegasus Airlines will inaugurate services to Sarajevo from February 28 and run the service five times per week. B&H maintains daily flights to Istanbul throughout the summer.


  1. Anonymous09:55

    How can leasing a jet to do 1 (ONE!) daily rotation ever make sense? They need a plan for more destinations asap

    1. Anonymous10:28

      Agreed. After mornig IST, they should operate afternoon Scandinavia/Germany, and on some days in the evening/night holiday charters to Antalya/Tunis/Bulgaria. That could work, maybie even make some money.

    2. Anonymous11:36

      The plan for widening network is still in progress but in dependance of possible delivery date. Of course, it will not be used for IST flights only as they have other destinations such as Copenhagen 2 x weekly (from JUN to end AUG x 3) and also confirmed schedule toward AMS. As far as I know there is a demand for Ohrid summer destination (pure charters) in cooperation with some BH tour operators.

    3. Anonymous13:12

      Would this be the extra destination in the region or will we see a new scheduled destination as well?

  2. Purger11:09

    Today B&H Airlines has 13 weekly flights including IST, and that means they use 62% of ONE plane capacity or 31% of all fleet capacity. If they will use Fokker 100 for IST, with extra flights to SKP that will make 7 weekly flights with F100, 9 weekly flights with ATR, so they will use just 25% of their capacity. How can they be profitable with 75% of capacity grounded? So, why on earth do they need F100?

    By the way they negotiate with Trade air about that F100.

    1. I totally agree. Summer timetable would see 18 weekly flights and possible new destinations as mentioned.
      If this jet thing materialises they should transfer CPH to it as well as pulling the re-introduction of AMS forward.
      After this they can operate ZRH, SKP and even another destination (or 2) with only one ATR.
      So either expand rapidly, store 1 ATR for summer, lease it to JAT or keep underutilising the fleet.


    2. Anonymous12:15

      What about GOT, ARN and OSL???

    3. Anonymous13:06


      Please, please, please, please, pleeeeaaaase give us JATs timetable you mentioned you have, pleaaaase :)

    4. Anonymous16:32

      But if it is true that they are looking for slots in Amsterdam and increasing the frequency to Copenhagen and Zurich that would kind of make sense + lucrative summer charters

    5. Purger00:21

      Sorry, totally forgot. I will try to make it tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous11:24

    purger my man!!!! like my new hero

  4. Anonymous11:25

    Which other aicrafts are considerd as mentioned?

  5. Anonymous11:47

    I think that lease of Fokker 100 is good action. With cca. 100 seats it is more than enough for BH Airlines need. It cover all their demand and it is competitive as jet toward Turkish and Pegasus.
    Also can be used in regional traffic as Vienna, Frankfurt and Rome.
    It is also good for some charter flights to Medjugorje, Greece, Ohrid and football association needs.Anyhow , sounds good.
    That is enough from me.

  6. Anonymous12:26

    Great for Turkish, I love TK, Best service omboard lovely food and brand neew fleet. Give up ex yu airlines compared to Turkish its nothing.

    1. Anonymous13:37

      Are you from Turkey?

    2. Anonymous15:13

      No what have nationality have to say, Ive travel with all the ex yu carriers and the only i liked was Adria, I travel alot and tryed even world carriers but i never flyed something like Turkish.For me Turkish are the best and its my opinion.

    3. Anonymous16:37

      Dear Sir from Turkey or wherever, have you ever flew on:

      - Cathay Pacific
      - MEA
      - Qatar Airways
      - Kingfisher Airlines
      - Hainan Airlines
      - Emirates
      - Malaysia Airlines?

      Cause they all blew Turkish away back to the shit hole.
      If you consider yourself an experienced traveller by having flew TK+a couple of Ex-Yu airlines and feel yourself already as a world traveller able to criticize airline business, that only reflects your blindness and stupidity. Typical Turkish mentality. On Skytrax in overall rating TK isn't higher than the main ex-Yu airlines, only Turks like it cause basically they don't know about any other carrier so they allow TK to rip them off (besides the state ripping them on passport and 15TL when leaving the country)+it fuels their nationalist feeling by riding the horse bred by Ataturk who was obsessed by turning a primitive backward country into an aviation center. A century later, Turkey isn't able to manufacture and autonomously maintain it's own planes and has one of the least logical fleet composition of any large airline in the world, not even talking about their reckless "strategy" of expansion that will take them to the wall.

    4. Anonymous17:01

      Fully agreed Anonymous 04:37. Not to mention that TK's cabin crew, in most cases, don't or lousy speak english. I witnessed as a passenger on TK's flight Istanbul-Accra, on B739, that ONE drink service was offered only on 7-hours flight, and the cabin crew DIDN'T DISTRIBUTE second snack-meal (sandwiches and biscuits), which I had seen onboard with my own eyes, and it was stated in the menus that before landing in Accra 2nd snack-meal was to be served. Instead of giving it to passengers, they took it to the hotel, in order not to spend money during layover in Accra. Cabin safety is something which practically doesn't exist in Turkish Airlines. And yes, they have new planes, but full of primitive mentality and usually with no smile at all.

    5. Anonymous17:50

      Personally i can't care less about smiles - all i want is professionalism, and i'll always prefer the non smiling politeness i receive at SU than the fake smiles i would receive on some other carriers, without the basic professionalism, politeness and knowledge of English.

      That aside, i always related TK and its home airport IST to recklessness and primitivism. I was astonished by what a small number of employees in IST spoke decent English.
      TK's service is highly inconsistent and besides new planes and good food on some of the routes, i don't see anything special about TK and would put them as a 3* airline, definitely behind MEA for instance.

      Also their customer service is poor to non-existent, FF program isn't working for ages (and they don't seem to care), fees for refund/changes/cancellations are exorbitant and just try to get your money back out of them, it's like a walk to hell.

      TK is all about appearance and numbers, while the essence is completely hollow and they can't compete with any of the major 4 or 5 star airlines, besides for being voted by 18 million Turks as "Europe's" best airline - strange for a country that is even not located in Europe.

    6. Anonymous17:56

      "Instead of giving it to passengers, they took it to the hotel, in order not to spend money during layover in Accra."

      Haha, that's typically Turkish.

    7. Anonymous12:36

      Well typical anti-turkish crap from nationalist/hypocritical balkanians. THY is far better than most of balkan airlines.

    8. Anonymous20:32

      I'm Anon.Feb 20, 05:01. I'm from Croatia.

      I don't know for the other ex-yu republics, but here in Croatia, we are crazy about turkish soap operas, we like turkish food, we know about turkish history and culture, we enjoy going to Antalya or Istanbul as tourists, we welcome tens of thousands of Turkish tourists in Croatia, mostly in Dubrovnik, especially during Kurban Bayram.

      We even have small turkish ethnic minority group, some of them are even my neighbours and friends.

      At the other hand, I'm aviation professional and I know very well what I'm talking about. My post is NOT crap, and I'm not neither nationalistic nor hypocritical, especially not anti-turkish.

      THY is much bigger than most of balkan airlines but their growth was that fast that the quality couldn't follow it.

      What I wrote are facts, what you wrote are insults. Period.

  7. Anonymous12:33

    The aircraft will come from YM or Trade Air?

    1. Anonymous16:48

      I don't understand some people here : it was clearly stated at 11:09 they are negotiating with TDR, and then at 12:33 you ask would it be MGX or TDR. And maybie they talk to MGX as well, and the only answer to your question is : it will come from the one who gives better offer. And btw 2-letter code for TDR is 8P (considering given YM code)

  8. As long as they dont fly with the ATR to AMS, they are welcom here :)

  9. Do they still codeshare with TK on SJJ-IST route?

  10. Anonymous16:59

    About Jat Tehnika, an exclusive read for anyone interested in the faith of Jat:


  11. Anonymous18:07

    OT about BH airlines, but related to SJJ :

    Kuwait Airways starting REGULAR twice weekly AB6 service Kuwait - Istanbul Sabiha - Sarajevo in summer 2013. Officially announced.

    1. Anonymous19:02

      2 weekly flghts for the duration of only 6 weeks I thought?

    2. Anonymous20:16

      Too much frequency for SJJ...
      Four to five daily flights in summer and only to IST?
      The loadfactors on all those flights will be from low to nearly empty !

  12. Now after Qatar Airways will start direct flights from Athens to New York,
    also Emirates will start direct flight from Milano Malpensa to New York!
    To everybody here on the forum arguing about direct flights from Ex Yu to the USA...
    What do you think about this news and do you think there should be direct flights from Ex Yu to North America with EK,AY or QR ?

    1. Anonymous19:13

      Definitely there should be direct flights from ex-yu to the USA and Canada.

      I have very positive opinion about AY, their strategy and quality, but don't consider them an option for ex-yu north American flights.

      Legacy carriers from the Middle East - why not, of course to some extent, and to/from certain destination.

      And above all, by one NEW hybrid LCC, registered and/or based in HR, completely different to existing ex-yu operators.

    2. Anonymous19:24

      Did you mean AY (Finnair), which is highly unlikely to expect on ex-yu-north am flights, or EY (Etihad), which might be an option, theoretically at least?

  13. Oh excuse me,of course i mean Etihad Airways!


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