Jat and Aviogenex considering joint venture

Serbia’s first low cost airline in 2015?

Jat Airways and charter airline Aviogenex are considering creating a joint low cost airline which would operate under the Aviogenex brand with support of the Serbian government. The Deputy Minister for Transport in charge of aviation, Milutin Popović, says the new airline could operate with Jat’s older aircraft, which will no longer be used by the Serbian carrier once new jets arrive. “We are developing this idea and this is our first proposal”, Mr. Popović said on Tuesday. He added the airline would be created once Jat’s entire fleet renewal process is complete, which will be in two years time.

According to the Ministry of Transport, the low cost airline, which would operate as a subsidy of Jat, would have the task to compete against other no frill airlines but also connect Serbia’s alternative airports such as Niš. Furthermore, it is being considered to base the airline at Belgrade’s second airport in the suburb of Batajnica, which has been designated as a future “low cost only” airport.

Aviogenex, created in 1968, was once Yugoslavia’s biggest charter airline. Today, it continues to operate charters for Serbian tour operators. Its fleet features a single Boeing 737-200 advanced jet. Despite being the earlier version of the B737, it was one of the last ever produced and is younger than most of Jat’s B737-300s. The aircraft is currently undergoing a D check in France. Aviogenex itself has a handful of employees including seven pilots and seventeen cabin crew members.

It is not the first time that Jat has considered setting up a low cost airline. In late 2003, all was set for the creation of Inter Air Link, a low cost regional airline which would have utilised the carrier’s ATR72 fleet. However, it was this idea which led to the downfall of then CEO, Predrag Vujović, with pilots unhappy at the prospect of being outsourced to a small new airline rather than remaining a part of Jat. Ultimately, the airline never took to the sky following Mr. Vujović’s dismissal.


  1. Anonymous09:32

    in 2015. all boeings from jat will be 30 years old and they are planning to make an lowcost airline? hello, should i go in deeper explanation or to stop right here? polititians and those in charge sound like without secondary school!!! and some of them should be arrested!!!

  2. JU520 BEGLAX09:37

    Copy paste anonym comment 0932h

  3. Anonymous10:30


  4. frequentflyer10:53

    A great proposal. Just the wrong fleet!

    This one won't get off the ground...

  5. Anonymous11:04

    Is every brain fart of politicians blogworthy?

  6. Anonymous11:18

    Joke of the day. Never read so much bullshit at the same time. First the fleet: 30 years old aircraft! Second the time: 2015! Third: the name Aviogenex, sounds like Tito's 70's viagra pill. Fourth: loacation Batajnica, when BEG airport is running at 50 % capacity......with these "experts" even Air Niugini has a brighter future. No more comment.

    1. Anonymous11:23

      lol.. titos viagra pill hahahaha.. u r crazy anonymous! :)

    2. AIR NIUGINI21:47

      We, the proud airline "Air Niugini " are ashamed of being compared to this s**tty Jat-joke-airline !

      Please show more respect!

    3. Anonymous23:37

      Stop making idiot of yourself pretending to be funny...pathetic!

  7. Anonymous11:25

    OU Zag-Beg from 31.May

    1. Purger12:22

      Yes, 2 times per week on Friday and Monday. My friend who is head of Belgrade branch of one Croatian company will be happy, but that frequency is definitely not enough. This line must be organized in first place for business travelers, and by this principle ZAG-BEG route minimum is:

      123-5-- ZAG 0830 - 0940 BEG 1020 - 1130 ZAG
      1-345-- ZAG 1745 - 1855 BEG 1930 - 2040 ZAG
      * at 8:30 connections from DBV, SPU, PUY, ZAD, SJJ, PRN, SKP
      * at 11:30 connections to ZAD, PUY, SPU, DBV, SJJ, international flights
      * at 17:45 connections from DBV, SPU, PUY, ZAD, SJJ, international flights
      * at 20:40 connections to ZAD, PUY, SPU, DBV, SJJ, SKP, PRN

      and optimum should be:


    2. Anonymous12:27

      yupiiiiiiiiiii.. finally beg and zag to be connected. regards from belgrade :)

    3. Anonymous12:47

      Idiots, that is not true!
      OU will start SPLIT-Belgrade from 31 may, not ZAG-BEG!

    4. Anonymous14:31

      What is wrong with, 'this is not true'? I don't think you need to include 'Idiots'.

    5. Anonymous14:42

      One of ideas is even to cancel SPU-BEG and to start ZAG-BEG instead. But for sure, they will start to fly ZAG-BEG with or without SPU-BEG. As sure as we can be with CTN management which change their strategy every few seconds.

      There is no need to give anybody names like idiots.

  8. Anonymous11:45

    Why they do not take planes from the aviation museum in Belgrade? It could be a good idea for a low cost Airlines....

  9. Anonymous11:48

    I cant belive what the serbian goverment are making of promisses. First 8 new airbuses,now leasing 2 new airbuses and ATR? Aviogonex are in the same situation with an old Boeing 737-200??? I have heard enough from JAT and the serbian goverment, Time to deliver.

  10. Anonymous12:24

    no, this cannot be true, exyu, did u take this news from news.net?

  11. Anonymous12:27

    Jatovanje again. I just hope that this Minister of parody is doing this idiocy by himself not experts from company! Because if so Jat really does not have future with leading based on this stupid ideas.

  12. from the 737-300 to 200.. i bet if they find a 707 somewhere they are gonna buy it 2, just to be 'oldskool'

    1. Anonymous14:53

      SAHA Airlines of Iran has 2 B707's that are in service. Some governments also still fly them. This is according to Wikipedia. Maybe the politicians will look into this. Hahahaha

  13. Anonymous13:47

    another crapi airline

  14. Anonymous13:48

    JAT is a flying museum...

  15. Anonymous13:51

    Serbia has 7,2 mil inhabitance and determined level of airtraffic. Serbian government have to size an Serbian airline company acoording to this numbers. Why two companies? One of them is with single aircraft and 7 pilots. What a vaste of money...

  16. Purger14:32

    LCC with 30 years old, thirsty planes? That is so stupid that it is crazy even to spent time to write about it.

    Aviogenex should stay charter company, give them entire 737-300 fleet, let them retain four in the best shape and use others for spare parts. Use them for Serbian, Bosnian and Macedonian charter market for another 5 years and hope that you will earn enough money to lease some newer planes.

    But, only "little problem" is where to find enough money for lease 8 Airbuses for Jat. That is some 20 million USD per year just for leasing.

  17. Anonymous15:27

    Do you have any info when Airbuses will arrive, because I can't fine any other info on any page abut airbuses for Jat only here... or in Serbian media

    1. Anonymous21:35

      There will never be Airbus for Jat.
      Thats the reason you cannot find something what does not exist...

  18. Anonymous15:49

    JAT should concentrate on still "unexplored" markets. Increase / Two flights daily from from Sarajevo and Skopje connecting to other JAT's destinations for sure would be lucrative. Plus offer to agencies from Sarajevo and Skopje charters to vacation destinations with technical stop in Belgrade

    1. Anonymous22:05

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. Anonymous17:11

    Maybie it will look like OT, but it's not. It's about the region, it's about LCC, and it's about start-up. Only, this one is not planned for 2015, but STARTS in couple of months, with 2 brand new A320's. Dalmatian finally takes off.

    1. Anonymous22:40

      Sure. That Daltmatian start was "final" 8 times now. Every time on Easter. Every year!

      Can you explain me how can they start if they did not ask for AOC in CCAA? Even if they do it on Mondey they will not get one in two months.

    2. Anonymous14:43

      1. The only thing I should apologize about here is of linguistc nature : instead of "couple", I should have written "few".

      2. Guess you work for CCAA when you can be so sure that they didn't ask for AOC? Maybie you should ask once again.

      3. Even if AOC is not allowed by CCAA, you are forgetting that strarting July 01, croatian AOC would not be the only one that counts.

      4. See you onboard Dalmatian !

    3. Anonymous01:26

      ...the same story as in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013... it was always "question of the day". And what happened?

      Just another fraud to take someone money, nothing else.

      Let me remind you that strategy of this so called company was:

      1. LCC with several types of planes like A319, A320, 737-700, 737-900, ATR-42, Q400, 767, A340, 777…
      2. Long range LCC, what Ryanair, Air Asia x… did not succeed, but some Croatian company will…
      3. Lines to USA, Canada, Latin America and Australia from Croatia. Lufthansa, Air France and Qantas can not have lines from Australia to Europe, but Dalmatian,hr will be successful in that line! Sure!
      4. Headquarters in Sibenik, so good for business.

      One more time, that is not company that is parody. Idea like coming from Minister Mrkonjic.

    4. Anonymous16:44

      1. Since the first day, DLN core fleet has been determined as A320/A330. Most of the types you mention were never considered an option. One more type from your list IS considered, in the second stage.

      2& 3. In order to compare Ryanair, Air Asia, Lufthansa and Qantas, and their policies, strategies and business models, with another one, new one, you need to know policy, strategy and business model of that new airline compared, which you obviously don't know. I believe you did hear of hybrid model, but that's all I'll say.

      4. DLN is registered in Zagreb, address is Trpanjska 17. This summer, their only "base" will be in ZAG; 2014, SPU will be added.
      But mentioning "headquarters" actually shows your limits. Today, "Headquarters" are there where your brains and your PC's are. That's what counts for business today, not thousands of square meters of huge expensive officies filled and overcapacited with incompetent beurocrats.

      5. See you onboard Dalmatian !

    5. Anonymous02:13

      Rally, so "ako laže koza ne laže rog"

      Slobodna Dalmacija, 19.2.2006 (citiram):

      Do pocetka ovogodisnje turisticke sezone Hrvatska bi trebala dobiti prvu niskobudzetnu aviokompaniju, po uzoru na njemacki Germanwings ili irski Ryanair. Nova zrakoplovna trvtka zvat ce se Dalmatian.hr, a izravnim letovima povezat ce Hrvatsku s Australijom, SAD i Kanadom.

      Iza tog vrlo ambicijoznog projekta stoji australski Hrvat Zeljko Romic. Rodjen u Australiji kao dijete hrvatskih iseljenika, romic se prije cetiri godine doselio u Hrvatsku, gdje je odlucio pokrenuti posao. (...)

      Ako uspije u svom naumu, bit ce to pionirski pothvat s obzirom na to da u svijetu jos ne postoje prekooceanski low-cost avioprijevoznici.
      Romic je svega toga svjestan, ali upravo u cinjenici da broj putnika iz kanade i Australije za Hrvatsku iz godine u godinu raste po stopi 15-40%, te da planiraju letjeti na 50 posto ruta na kojima osim sezonskih stranih aviokompanija nitko ne leti, vidi sansu za uspjeh Dalmatian.hr

      Prema poslovnom planu tvrtke, potrebno je prikupiti 20 milijuna eura pocetnog kapitala. Tim bi novcem u prvih godinu dana trebalo nabaviti 10 zrakoplova. U floti namjerava imati airbusove 320 i boeinge 737 za krece letove te airbusove 330 ili 340 za interkontinentalne letove.

      Ako sve bude po planu i tvrtka se formira, Romic tvrdi da ce na interkontinentalnim letovima imati 40 posto jeftinije karte u odnosu na primjerice Lufthansu, a racuna na popunjenost svih letova. Dalmatian.hr, bit ce i prva ozbiljna konkurencija Croatie Airlinesu u redovnom domacem prometu.

      Sjediste nove aviokompanije Dalmatian.hr trebalo bi biti u Sibeniku, odakle su podrijetlom Romicevi roditelji. (...)

    6. Anonymous14:47

      "Aviation expert" whose source of information is newspaper article from 7 years ago. Hahahahahahaha!!! Lol! Lol! Lol!

      See you onboard Dalmatian !

    7. Purger14:50

      That was Mr. Romic statement for newspaper (not journalist interpretation), which he repeat several times latter. I just gave you example!

      I am not Aviation expert!

    8. Anonymous15:04

      See you onboard Dalmatian !

    9. Anonymous16:23

      "Since the first day, DLN core fleet has been determined as A320/A330. Most of the types you mention were never considered an option."

      And than Purgy copy-past you document from "not so very first day". And you have morality than to tell him "whose source of information is newspaper article from 7 years ago".

      And what happened in those 7 years exempt promises that dalmatian.hr will start to fly?

      "See you onboard Dalmatian"? Of course. On line Rijeka-Moon-Mars!

    10. Anonymous18:04

      Since when have newspaper articles become "documents"?

      Do you know the difference between mainstay of the fleet, or core fleet, or basic fleet, and short-time operational lease? IF mentioned in the interview, and IF correctly quoted ?

      What happened in those 7 years ? Global crises, worldwide, and HDZ rule in Croatia happened, results of which is situation in croatian aviation today.

      I'll not comment on my "morality" because it has nothing to do with the aviation, or the facts I've stated. I consider introduction of "morality issues" as lack of argumentation, and the best proof that I'm right.

      And I must admit that Rijeka-Moon-Mars sounds good, much better than "consulting" aparatchiks how to feed Lufthansa and operate Q400 on expense on poor citizens.

      See you onboard Dalmatian, 2013 !

    11. Anonymous20:17

      So, your boss change his mind and now he is not telling us fairytales about A330 and A340 to USA and Australia from Zadar? And he is not dreaming having A320 and 737 in huge fleet of 10 planes. Good, maybe he will really find some naives to give him money!

      But tell me, what happened in
      2005 start
      2006 start
      2007 start
      2008 start
      2009 start
      2010 start
      2011 start
      2012 still start in dalmatian.hr web page

      ...why 2013 is different. And please at least change your web page and change 2012 as starting year to 2013. That will look almost as real start than! For those naïve businessman.

    12. Anonymous22:36

      This will be my last reply. I realized that discussion with person who refuses to accept any fact, argument or explanation, and keeps repeating misinterpretations of the news articles, is waste of time.

      Definitely the TOP of your "wisdoms" is statement that businessman do business and investors invest according to a webpage! LOL! LOL! and LOL! again. After this, you really don't have to say anything else.

      And just once more for the end :
      See you onboard Dalmatian, 2013 !

    13. Anonymous22:56

      Of course not, but that kind of ignorance + those dilettante ideas made businessman promise and run.

      Now maybe this "modest" business plan with just two BRAND NEW A320 for JUST 180 million USD will attract some businessman to invest. Lucky them!

    14. Anonymous22:59

      "I realized that discussion with person who refuses to accept any fact, argument or explanation"

      Which argument, fact or explenation did you put here? Give me just one, please!

  20. Anonymous17:33

    easyjet denied licence to fly into BEG.

    1. Anonymous17:38

      I told everyone other week on this blog jat pilots would not allow Easyjet into Belgrade.

    2. Anonymous18:22

      sad and ironic that the same taxpayers who prop up JAT are held hostage by 'once upon a time' airline with obsolete fleet, overstaffing issues led by incapable political cronies.

    3. Anonymous21:33

      Oh come on... Those MXP times were great - I really looked forward to that one...

    4. Anonymous21:57

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. Anonymous23:41

      don't worry, easyjet will get the licence, the same happened with pegasus some time ago, they were firstly denied license then shortly afterwards issues one.

    6. Anonymous17:44

      I really really hope you are right.

      It is really annoying to do any sort of business with such countries that lack any sort of discipline.
      First they say yes,then no ,then maybe some time...
      You can not a single second trust that kind of people.

      They are bunch of a++++h+++es!

  21. Anonymous18:48

    Name of jat low cost airlines : "Museum Airways" !!!

    1. Anonymous21:30

      Death Trap Airlines.

    2. Anonymous21:32

      Flying Coffin Airlines.

    3. Anonymous21:49

      Aviogenex is specialized in charter flights for stepmothers...

    4. Anonymous22:01

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. Anonymous19:30

    Well at least the Aviogenex aircraft will blend in nicely with jats fleet!

  23. Anonymous21:28

    Easyjet not allowed to get license to fly to Belgrade?
    Probably since years!
    Reason:Serbian Civil directorate are stupid itiots ,their government are mental ,psychotic loosers and idiots.
    Jat has too much influence and block everything.
    Jat :The airline that will kill you in future when flying them...
    that you can trust in !!!

    I would block delivering of Airbus and Boeing jets to Jat till they stop discrimination of Easyjet!
    This shithole and joke of a banana republic does only deserve 30-40 year old trash from the garbage-dump.
    Or prohibit Jat from flying into EU !
    Serbia is also banning foreign carriers if they dont get bought with lot of money ...
    this corrupt and incompetent country!

  24. Anonymous21:36

    How about they forget the LCC idea and instead sell that 732 to the government? That way, prime minister can fly around and take journalists with him every time!

  25. Anonymous21:55

    Because it would be life threating for the president to fly with this junk!
    This would be suicide.

  26. Anonymous00:32

    Ssssccch...sssccch do not critisize Jat and our country-thats only thing we have left. There is no other country with problems to solve like ours,so.....30 year old Boeings are better than nothing for a start.

    1. Doot10:47

      oh phuck off.

      Your country needs its countrymen criticizing it a LOT more if it's ever going to drag itself out of it's muck.

      Serbs (at home and abroad) MUST 1) realize, really realize what a truly abject state Serbia is in. and 2) really do something about it.

      Crying "oh, don't say that; it hurts my feelings" helps nothing and no one.

  27. Anonymous00:56

    Aviogenex with that colour scheme still looks great while new JAT livery sucks .....

    1. Anonymous17:47

      Still looks great?
      Check your eye-sight !!!!

      Aviogenex aircraft and livery look like Titos third teeth...

  28. Anonymous11:33



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