Strong start for Priština

Priština Airport aims for new record in 2013

Priština Airport has started the year off on a strong note. The airport welcomed 121.754 passengers in January, a notable 10% increase compared to the same month last year. Priština was the third busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia in 2012 with 1.527.134 passengers passing through its doors, an increase of 7.4% compared to 2011. As a result, Priština recorded its busiest year on record. Belle Air Europe was the most popular airline operating out of the city, carrying 210.787 passengers. It was followed by Edelweiss on 166.920 passengers and Adria Airways with 154.633 passengers handled in and out of Priština. Rounding off the top five were Belair and Turkish Airlines.

Priština Airport’s strong start to the new year is a good indication it will be able to hold onto its position as the third busiest in the EX-YU region, with Dubrovnik and Split hot on its heels. The two Croatian airports anticipate a significant increase in passenger numbers over the summer due to a major boost in the number of airline operations and the added bonus of the country joining the European Union during peak summer season, which is expected to further fuel tourism.

New look Priština Airport

Meanwhile, construction of Priština Airport’s brand new terminal is continuing to progress. The outer structures of the passenger terminal and the new control tower have now been completed with work continuing inside the new buildings. The project is set to be completed by the end of this year. The new terminal stretches over 45.000 square metres with the building featuring three air bridges. Furthermore, a new apron and car park with the ability to serve 1.750 vehicles are also under construction.


  1. Anonymous10:46

    Great Job Prishtina, With 13 new sommerdestinations and increase of the biggest routes are the most important for PRN this year.

    This year they will have an increase of 17% compared to 2012. The new terminal is comming in and should be finished in may i belive.

    Proud of my airport.

    1. Anonymous23:25

      Besides the new terminal, another boost for Pristina numbers will happen when visa liberalization takes effect for citizens of Kosovo.

  2. Anonymous11:57

    wow those are pretty impressive JP numbers from PRN considering they only handled something over 800.000 across their entire network last year. PRN is really saving them big time.

  3. Anonymous13:15

    Well the mos notebly routes that operates at PRN are,
    ZRH-PRN- Edelweiss,Swiss,Darwin,Belle Air
    VIE-PRN- Austrian,Belle Air
    Belle Air took over the London-route just so Stansted insteed of Gatwick but rumors are going that BA wants to start Gatwick-Pristina again, Czech are talking about starting Prague-PRN, Scandinavian starts three new seasonal summertoutes OSL,GOT.Stockholm Arlanda-PRN and goes up from 2 to 3 weekly flights from Copenhagen to Pristina wich they hold regulary. Turkish are talking about to start 2 daily flights to PRN on regualry basis because of the real good pax on this route, PRN is on of the airports in the ex yu who have had postive increase since it was opened for public aviation.

  4. Anonymous19:17

    Pristina-Antalya three times a week from 20 May 2013

    1. Anonymous19:18

      with pegasus airline


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