Croatia Airlines suspensions under review

Croatia Airlines begins shedding its network

Croatia Airlines is still considering which services it will suspend and which routes will see frequency reductions this summer as the carrier looks to cut costs. The airline’s spokeswoman, Ksenija Žlof, says, “In line with Croatia Airlines’ restructuring process, changes are taking place in the planned summer timetable. Changes to the timetable are still ongoing, with more details on the status of certain routes to be known in the first half of March. After the reduced timetable is complete the airline will inform the media and passengers of the changes”. The 2013 summer season begins on Sunday, March 31.

So far, Croatia Airlines has suspended flights to Podgorica. The struggling route, which operated three times per week with the Dash 8 turboprop, was discontinued last week. Ticket sales for flights from Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split to Istanbul and London Gatwick have been suspended for the coming summer. However, there is still hope that the airline might cling onto its Gatwick flights at least once per week with the service still visible in global ticketing systems, though bookings have been suspended. Planned seasonal flights from Pula to Hamburg, Frankfurt and Paris, as well as services from Zadar to the French capital have also been cancelled. The network reductions also come as a result of a loss of one aircraft, with the airline planning to reduce its fleet from thirteen to twelve in the coming months.

Croatia Airlines’ network cuts are comparable of those introduced by Adria Airways some two years ago. In order to cut costs, the Slovenian carrier made the radical decision to suspend high profile routes on which they were losing money, including Paris, London and Warsaw. Ultimately, its decision payed off since the airline has managed to cut its losses and plans to break even this year. However, the carrier has suffered a significant drop in passenger numbers. This year it will resume flights to both London and Paris, although on a seasonal summer basis only.


  1. peter from sydney09:18

    How are high profile routes such as London and Paris not profitable, can someone explain that?

    1. Purger09:25

      Peter you already asked that and I gave you an answere:

      As Mr. Kučko, Croatian Airlines CEO said some 4 weeks ago in public "Profitability of particular route can be calculate on different ways, so don't worry we can calculate strategic important routes as profitable, not to be obligated to cancel it". Of course that means it can be also opposite way!

      But even management of CTN said few days ago that IST is profitable route, but they have to cancel something because of fleet shortage so they will do IST (and some more) because CTN frequency can be easy replace with other airline. In this case TK will open 2nd daily flight on which CTN will have code-share.

      So I asked them, how will Government make CTN profitable if they instruct them to cancel profitable routes?

  2. Anonymous09:22

    Does anyone know why Adria flew from BEG to VIE with their A320 today?

    1. Anonymous09:26

      Is it on lease to jat due to their fleet shortage? I'm only guessing!

    2. Anonymous09:36

      Doubt it because Jat's flight operated normally to Vienna this morning.

    3. Charter 180pax.

    4. Anonymous22:18

      It was chartered for Serbian university students from Jagodina visiting Vienna.

    5. Anonymous02:29

      From Jagodina?!
      Hmmm...i think Palma will be the one sponsoring this as he already did once.

  3. Anonymous10:55

    Adria never cancelled Istanbul, but only reduced the number of flights (flights to IST cancelled were those departing round noon out of LJU, but they kept those flights departing at midnight).

  4. Anonymous15:06

    Is Adria actually resume flights to London? Because there is no sign of it on their webpage...

    1. Anonymous15:27

      London Gatwick will be regular charter every saturday for one of Slovenian travel agency.

    2. Anonymous16:03

      Adria will increase frequency on LJU-TIA-LJU from 7 to 10 weekly and add flights from PRN-STR

    3. Anonymous17:40

      I would really like to know which travel agency is this. More than obviously is not Kompas.

  5. Anonymous15:38

    Meantime Turkish increased frequency to LJU on daily flight (from 5 to 7):)

  6. frequentflyer22:43

    Airlineroute have highlighted the changes due to the inpractical removal of 320 -CTF from the fleet at such short notice:

    Croatia Airlines S13 Operation Changes as of 04MAR13
    by JL
    Update at 0540GMT 04MAR13

    As per 04MAR13 GDS timetable and inventory display, latest changes to Croatia Airlines’ Summer 2013 operation, effective 31MAR13, as follow.

    Dubrovnik – Rome Service reduce from 3 to 2 weekly
    OU384 DBV0920 – 1040FCO DH4 7
    OU384 DBV1550 – 1710FCO DH4 6

    OU385 FCO1120 – 1245DBV DH4 7
    OU385 FCO1800 – 1925DBV DH4 6

    Split – Belgrade Summer 2013 operation begins from 31MAY13, previously planned to start from 01MAY13
    OU336 SPU1305 – 1410BEG DH4 15
    OU337 BEG1445 – 1550SPU DH4 15

    Zadar – Munich Service reduces from 2 to 1 weekly
    OU4432 ZAD1210 – 1335MUC DH4 2
    OU4433 MUC1015 – 1135ZAD DH4 2

    Zagreb – Brussels Service increases from 6 to 10 weekly instead of 11 weekly. All services to be operated by Dash8-Q400 instead of A319/Dash8 mix
    OU456 ZAG0620 – 0840BRU DH4 x267
    OU4456 ZAG1530 – 1750BRU DH4 x6

    OU457 BRU0945 – 1155ZAG DH4 x267
    OU4457 BRU1830 – 2040ZAG DH4 x6

    Zagreb – Copenhagen Planned daily A319 service revised to 3 weekly Dash8 and 4 weekly A319 (S12 was A319 on weekdays, Dash8 on weekends)
    OU480 ZAG0805 – 1030CPH DH4 267
    OU480 ZAG0835 – 1030CPH 319 145
    OU480 ZAG1525 – 1725CPH 319 3

    OU481 CPH1120 – 1315ZAG 319 145
    OU481 CPH1120 – 1340ZAG DH4 267
    OU481 CPH1810 – 2005ZAG 319 3

    Zagreb – Pristina Service reduce from 4 to 3 weekly
    OU312 ZAG2205 – 2340PRN DH4 2
    OU312 ZAG2235 – 0010+1PRN DH4 15

    Cancelled Routes:
    Dubrovnik – Istanbul 1 weekly*
    Pula – Hamburg Previously Planned NEW 1 weekly service from 07MAY13
    Split – London Gatwick 2 weekly*
    Zadar – Paris CDG 1 weekly
    Zagreb – Istanbul 1 daily*
    Zagreb – London Gatwick 2 weekly*

    *Previously reported cancellations

    The airline has already cancelled Zagreb – Podgorica 3 weekly operation (6 weekly in Summer)

    Previously reported changes:
    Pula – Frankfurt eff 29APR13 NEW 2 weekly service
    OU4404 PUY1250 – 1420FRA 319 2
    OU4404 PUY1250 – 1420FRA 320 4

    OU4405 FRA1025 – 1145PUY 319 2
    OU4405 FRA1025 – 1145PUY 320 4

    Split – Amsterdam Airbus A319 replaces Dash8-Q400 in S12, 1 weekly service
    Split – Kassel-Calden eff 02MAY13 NEW 1 weekly service
    OU402 SPU1220 – 1445KSF DH4 4
    OU403 KSF1520 – 1740SPU DH4 4

    Service to Berlin will move from Schoenefeld to Tegel

    So the biggest changes:
    - BRU all Q400 (those govt ministers will see what effect losing the plane will have!!)
    - CPH reduced on quiet days away from 319

    1. Anonymous00:18

      In addition, Amsterdam loses it 8th weekly Summer flight to ZAG (Wednesday afternoon)

      Whereas the Sunday rotation is to be operated by Q400

    2. Anonymous14:17

      Can't wait for OU to reduce or drop SJJ.

    3. Anonymous22:53

      No chance. Thay will have 13 weekly flights this summer, more than Adria or Jat. Why on earth you wish that?

  7. Anonymous02:38

    They can introduce buses instead of planes! Why not?!

  8. Jat to lease B737NG - as if we didn't know it

    1. Anonymous07:35

      Јаој Блиц, ко још чита то смеће.


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