Express Airways to set up base in Maribor

Maribor anticipates busiest summer in years

The German based Express Airways plans to resume operations later this year with a single Airbus A320 which it will base in Maribor in Slovenia’s north-east. The airline will operate charter flights from the city, with services to be inaugurated in May. The airline is tipped to first launch flights to Antalya in Turkey, though it is still putting together its summer timetable. “Our destination network is still being drafted and it will be published by mid March”, Express Airways owner and CEO, Sefa Tuncer says. Express Airways already runs a flight school at Maribor’s Edvard Rusjan Airport. In Germany, the airline has been operating on and off since 1998. However, it hasn’t had any aircraft in its fleet for several years now. It last announced plans to resume operations back in 2007 with BAe 146-100s but failed to do so.

Express Airways’ arrival could give Maribor Airport a new lease of life. The airport, which opened a brand new terminal several months ago, is looking to overturn its fortunes and is attempting to attract airlines which have been hard to come by for several years. The CEO of Maribor Airport, Marko Gros, says talks are being held with other airlines as well in order for them to launch services to the city. “At the moment, talks with different airlines are at different stages. We are hoping to reach a concrete agreement with Adria Airways. However, it is difficult to speculate as to how the talks will unfold since it could hinder the negotiation process”.

Earlier this month it was announced that Greece’s Aegean Airlines will operate services from the Greek island of Kos to Maribor every Friday starting June 14 through to September 20. Flights will operate with the Airbus A320. Passengers using the service will also be offered free parking at the airport, in an attempt to lure potential travellers from surrounding countries but also locals away from using the nearby airport in Graz, Austria.


  1. Anonymous09:04

    You just know that this will fail to materialise!

  2. Anonymous09:38

    "Express Airways already runs a flight school at Maribor’s Edvard Rusjan Airport."

    So they are bringing a 320 to their flying school, good now there is somewhere for JAT pilots to be trained on Aribusses.

  3. Anonymous10:35

    wishful thinking

  4. DoWeThinkWhatWeSay12:16

    Excuse my ignorance, but how can you have both these sentences in the same paragraph:
    "Express Airways already runs a flight school at Maribor’s Edvard Rusjan Airport" and "it hasn’t had any aircraft in its fleet for several years now."

    Can you have a flight school with no aircraft? Just asking.

    1. Anonymous12:57

      You can if you are providing other airlines with trained personnel.

    2. Anonymous13:03

      It says in the article that in GERMANY it doesn’t have any aircraft

  5. Anonymous13:32

    fairytales...... give 1 mio EUR and ryanair,eayjet or wizz will develope the airport and built this 1,5 km of railtrack so that MXB can be reached from Venice, Zagreb, Vienna and Budapest by train! Good luck!

  6. Anonymous14:13

    in the mean time in usa, frontier airlines flight 157:

  7. Anonymous15:40

    BEG was voted as the seventh best airport in the world ;)

    1. Anonymous17:08

      Hahahahahahahahhahahahaha !!!!!!!

    2. QR92105:40

      Свима је добар само не Србима, судећи по коментарима.
      Само ме чуди како BEY и EZE нису на листи, то су изузетно пријатни аеродроми. SAW је иначе далеко испред многих европских аеродрома па и самог IST.

    3. Anonymous16:07

      mozda su to mjesta od dolje prema gore sedmi odzdo prema vrhu , tako i BEY i dr.

  8. Anonymous05:20

    SO 10 comments about a airline who says they will get a aircraft after 6 years (Most of the comments which have nothing to do about the airline or relate it to JAT) but 50 comments about jat who authorise a fleet renewal and all say wont happen!!!

    THere is your PRIME example of the intellectual bunch we have on this forum...

    oH puRGERI btw the 7th ranking is by ur own german poll


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