To all celebrating the holiday today

Happy Easter!
Sretan Uskrs ~ Vesele velikonočne praznike

Today also marks the start of the 2013 summer season. From today, EX-YU Aviation News introduces the EX-YU news flash section on the left hand side which will be periodically updated. By clicking on the links you will be able to read brief news updates relating to EX-YU airlines and airports


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  1. Anonymous09:41

    Happy Easter to everyone!

  2. Anonymous10:04

    Срећан Ускрс свима који данас славе. :)

  3. Anonymous12:36

    Happy Easter to you to ex-Yu. I like the short news. Nice addition. Keep it up.

  4. BA88814:00

    Off the topic....

    The top left pic with AB "Putnicki servis" slip...just reminds me of dark times when I/we used to get charged to leave the country...

    Happy Easter to all!

    1. Anonymous15:00

      You still get charged now! Its just added onto your ticket!

    2. BA88816:27

      Yup...it is the airport tax now.

      I used to get slip like that at the counter in T1.

      (But during Milosevic years you had to fork out money even to drive to Hungary. That is the difference in my memory)

  5. Anonymous19:24

    Which EX-YU national airline has the best 2013 summer network? Err, I think only Croatian Airlines has some kind of network going, albeit bit reduced now using only 12 aircraft instead of 13, although I hope really good year for Croatian Airlines, last year administrative loss (bookkeeping loss) shouldn't really reflect bad on this year for the Airline and OU might end up with a small 5€ million net profit.

  6. Anonymous20:28

    Let's hope OU returns to profit! Let's hope they also don't do anything stupid like pull out of Heathrow next year and move all flight's to Gatwick because that would be a disaster and would result in a drop in passenger numbers on the London route! Its complete bull S**t that they don't make a profit on this route! Its propably been demanded by mother Lufthansa! Anyway it's Easter in Croatia today so happy Easter to everyone celebrating today!


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