Jat to decide between Airbus and Boeing

Decision day for future fleet

Today, the task group in charge of restructuring the Serbian national carrier is expected to meet and make a final decision on the type of aircraft Jat will lease this summer. Last Monday, the task group reviewed the seven offers the carrier has received for its fleet renewal. The airline is now considering leasing next generation Boeing jets instead of Airbus as there isn’t enough time to train the crew by June, when the aircraft are scheduled to enter the fleet. Jat’s pilots and crew are already trained for Boeing jets and they could begin operating immediately.

“There are no problems with the lease of two ATR aircraft and they will join the fleet. However, it is now too late to lease Airbus jets. If such arrangements were made in December it would have been possible to introduce the aircraft this summer season. That is why we are now considering leasing Boeing aircraft instead”, a member of the Serbian government says. He adds, “We have received several leasing options and everything will be on the table on Monday. We have to choose the least expensive and best option”.

Jat Airways plans to lease six aircraft this summer. Originally this included two ATR72s, two Airbus A319s and two A320s. It has already been identified from whom the two ATRs will be leased. The airline has been dealing with a fleet shortage throughout the winter, forcing it to downsize its network. New aircraft are needed in order for the airline to be able to carry out its busy summer schedule. Problems have eased recently as the grounded Boeing jets are gradually returning to the air. The aircraft now also feature new, Lufthansa inspired, cabins introduced last summer.


The task group in charge of restructuring the Serbian carrier did not make a final decision on Jat’s future fleet today. It will meet again tomorrow (Tuesday) when it is expected to decide whether the airline will go for either Airbus or Boeing. A public announcement is expected on Wednesday.


  1. Anonymous09:06

    Here we go again! Jat are all talk and no action! I bet you in the end there will be no leased aircraft this summer!

    1. Anonymous09:16

      Jat has already agreed to lease new ATR aircraft so at least one part of their words have become action.

      I wonder what registration these aircraft will carry.

    2. Anonymous09:43

      Let's see these ATR aircraft then next month! I guarantee you will not see any in the end!

    3. Anonymous12:10

      I heard two ATR-72s are coming from AZAL. Azerbaijan airline havs two ATR-72-212s (stored). JAT additional AT7s should be YU-ALT and YU-ALU if previous registrations ALN/O/P/R/S followed.

    4. Anonymous12:23

      ...and Airbuses from Lybia already in Jat colours. Hahahahahahaha!

  2. Anonymous09:48

    If the aircraft are dry leased they would have YU-XXX just like B734 regurned to US Airways. If the aircrafts are Wet leased they keep the same reg.number. I have a question..what boeing they are going to lease 700 or 800?

  3. Anonymous09:53

    Jat will go bankrupt soon, in reality they should have gone bust even earlier, does not worth a penny...It is the harsh reality...

  4. Anonymous10:09


    We have a problem. Most of planes will be grounded. Let us make commission of experts to settle the problem

    We must do something! But now we have Christmas and New Year... there is time. We need those planes in March, and that is 3 months. Let us take a rest...

    OK we did not have meeting for 42 days but now we should really do something. Best solution would be Airbuses and ATR 72-500. We don't know why that is the best idea but it looks like that. Where can we lease planes? In mega-store or in fleet-market? Hmmm... let us try to find where we can do that... But we sill have a time.

    Well we need those planes in one month, we should meet every week and do something. But we are so dedicated to this idea.

    Wooow, it is so complicated? You can not do it in just one month? How complicated this air business is! And it looks so simple when country gives you money every year not to work...
    OK, now there is no time for Airbus crew training! Shit... we should take Boeings than. But maybe not, maybe Airbuses, those planes looks so good. And those Croats and Slovenians also have them, so we can not be worse than them! So, maybe we can spend another 10 million EUR for wet lease, and our pilots will take extra break and get salary for not flying. They deserve it!

    ATR's are not problem. We have crew for them... Shit still can not lease them in just 2 weeks. OK we don't know how we will execute time-table but those ATR should come in June. And Airbuses. Maybe Boeings? Or not? Or yes? Or...

    (But we are experts, we know how do to things).

    1. Anonymous10:15

      Ha ha ha! Very funny. You have summed up the situation very well!

    2. Anonymous11:07

      Smešno, al nažalsot istinito!

    3. Anonymous12:24

      xaxaxaxaxaxaxa.... bravo!

    4. Anonymous14:29

      Svaka cast majstore! Tacno tako!

    5. Perfect summary of the news, however I suspect the situation behind the scenes is much sadder than that.

      Mismanagement has run this airline into the ground because they lack true qualification and experience.

    6. Anonymous16:34

      Right in center! 100% true!

      Who is author of that summary?

    7. Anonymous05:01

      hahaah Yes love this twat only comes back with his monthly 'script of happenings' when it relates to Jat. Just one thing i dont understand "But maybe not, maybe Airbuses, those planes looks so good."???? You on some heavy drugs or airplanes that look like giraffes without the neck and head take your fancy??? Least this time you didnt make your claim of the pilots needing NG Type rating as aparently they were differnt.... taught you well

    8. Anonymous10:40

      That was not me but the FAA (USA) seems to have a different requirement for a 737 classic pilot having the authority to fly a 737NG then the JAA (Europe). Even Canada has three separate type rating for the 737. The 737A/B/C. A, 100-200, B 300-500 & C 600-900.

      All European airlines required there Pilots who transferred from a 737 classic to 737NG to undertake a completely new rating for the NG. The story goes that the FAA regulations were relaxed to suit airlines with huge 737 fleets like Southwest. You can do a search on other aviation forums and find a lot of examples were European airline pilots talked about having to complete a full type rating when converting from a classic to NG. Airliners. net for ecample.

      Now, let me ask you. Do you know what continent Serbia’s in, Europe or North America? And as a result what regulations would there pilot have to follow when being trained to fly the NG’s if they ever come.

    9. Anonymous14:15

      Go look on a more reliable source then a forum or aviation such no more accurate then peoples opinions on here.... Im not gonna go through the Jaa and Faas sites nor make fonecalls to make a statement ill jus tell you being in the industry as a GA pilot and looking into doing a Type Rating on NGs and having got the information first hand there is no seperate type rating for Classic and NG you have a difference test as stated before however the 100-200 series is a seperate rating as the whole instrument panel, the features of the aircraft are all completly different.... You can sit here and say show me proof rara if you want it go get jus sure to be a MAN and comeback and apoligise to me for telling me your bullshit.....Airlines have everyright to make pilots reseat a type rating course if they feel it is needed for there pilots or the specific pilots but as for a whole new rating they will not recieve one as it doesnt exist

    10. Anonymous02:40

      Again, the rules a different in Europe JAA compared to the USA FAA. In the USA the 737 has one type rating that covers all 737 models but the JAA has 3 separate type ratings for the 737 similar to Canada. 737-100/200, 737-300/400/500 and 737-600/700/800/900. So a Jat pilot and crew will need to complete a new type rating course for the 737 NG if they were to get them. I'm sure it will be less intense than if they were to opt for the Airbuses but probably not that significantly different.

    11. Anonymous17:18

      And again no there isnt a different rating for JAA only a difference test go get official information not from a blog or a forum

    12. Anonymous04:26

      It is a different rating because the regulations say soooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. Anonymous08:51

      I can see why you may think that but just because you googled "Is 737 CLassic type rating and NG Type rating different" then clicked on the first airliners.net thread link and read the first few comments doesnt make it a REGULATION if you want to be educated then be it dont be a dumf*k

  5. Anonymous10:18

    JAT have to sieze the fleet according to needs of airtraffic in Serbia. Regardless it is 20 or 6 plane. JAT have to make profit or a small loss which is compesated with benefit of the state (bussines, tourism, taxes,..).

    This leadership is so uncompentent. The state have to choose experts.

  6. Anonymous10:19

    So Jat airways aircraft now have Lufthansa interiors as well as Lufthansa advisors! Good to know Croatia Airlines isn't the only ex -yu airline controlled by Germany then!

  7. The lease is only for the summer or longer ?

  8. Anonymous11:09

    "However, it is now too late to lease Airbus jets. If such arrangements were made in December it would have been possible to introduce the aircraft this summer season. That is why we are now considering leasing Boeing aircraft instead", a member of the Serbian government says.

    This sentence alone should be cause enough for the "board" to be fired, if not incarcerated.

  9. Anonymous11:12

    Can somebody tell me the difference between Airbus and Boeing aircraft in general? Which ones are engineered better? Which ones perform better...save more money and things like that? Thanks! :)

    1. Anonymous10:49

      Really depends on what you want to use the aircraft for and what deal you get.

      The 737 seems to be more popular with crews but the Airbus more popular with the accountants. Another big advantage the Airbus 320 family have over the 737 is that it take containers. In other words bags are loaded on a container which is than loaded on the aircraft. The 737 is all hand loaded and as a result takes longer to get ready for for the next flight. Big plus for airlines as it reduces 'turn around' times especially for the low cost carrier which wants there aircraft in the air as much as possible.

    2. Anonymous11:41

      Very well said! I have to admit I didn't know about A320 cargo capabilities.

  10. Anonymous11:34

    I have seen JAT future planes:) atrs are comming...

    1. Anonymous12:26

      Sure... question is whan and whit which money, for wich price, and what will they do with them... more debts or something new! Because by this way it is better that those ATR's stay where thay are!

  11. Anonymous12:28

    Boeing, Boeing!

    They should be going Boeing!

    1. Anonymous13:24

      They should "be" anything... by experince and last 5 years history THEY WILL "BE" NOTHING!!!!!

  12. Anonymous12:53

    Have they started sacking staff yet? Seems to me that unnecessary staff can be shed well before new jets arrive, or is this more government BS?

  13. Anonymous12:56

    Srbska avio kompanija ce menjati flotu ali posadu u kokpitu sigurno nece.Prirodno je da sada iznajme
    B737-7 i B737-8 po potrebi zbog kvalifikovanosti pilota. Politika ce kao i uvek "posavetovati", Boeing ili Airbus.Sto se mene tice oba aviona su vrh, ipak Evropa je oko Srbije, ali i USA je oko Evrope, mada broj aviona i opreme, obucavanje je tako malo da nece biti velikih trzavica. Neodlucna
    Srbija kao i premnogo puta gotovo u svemu dosada.
    Nezna tacno sta hoce. Premnogo je eksperata za ovu malu zemlju koja leti na istoriji i zlatnim kasikama zlatnog doba Nemanjica figurativno reci.Tu je jos Marks, mahanje fasciklom, drzavno upravljanje, radnicka klasa...,a vreme tece, avioni u cetvrtoj deceniji letenja.Ginesova knjiga
    ceka.Sve rekord do rekorda. Od broja nula na novcanicama pa do godina letenja...Napred Srbijo, nedaj se generacijo... Rodney Marinkovic,A.M.E.ret.Kraljevo / Sydney

    1. Anonymous13:33

      Premnogo eksperata?

      Pa ti eksperti su još u decembru seli da nešto urade i samo sedeli s vremena na vreme, i jedino što su uradili je račun u kafani. I onda su čekali jer se ima vremena! Da bi u Martu otkrili da ne mogu da školuju pilote i kabinski personal jer je prekasno.

      Koji je to ekspert koji ne zna da se posada školuje 3 do 6 meseci?

    2. Anonymous17:04

      Rodney, da li si ti ili tvoji iz Ardana kod Kraljeva?
      Izvinjavam se na licno postavljenom pitanju svima...

    3. Anonymous22:15

      Visoko uvazeni gospodine.Odgovaram Vam
      da licno nisam iz prigradskog naselja
      Adrana, (ne Ardana)ali jesam iz comer-
      cijalne avijacije gde provedoh blizu
      pola veka ziveci u njoj, i dalekoj zemlji, "down under", 15700km away.Zivite u miru i radost vam od
      Gospoda.Ostalo,vase je.Good by,Rodney

  14. Anonymous15:21

    Eh, da barem imamo eksperte.

  15. Anonymous19:09

    This story has nothing to do with lazy experts, but there is substantial pressure from American, European and Arab side on Serbian Government. Whom will you vote for ?

    1. Anonymous19:36

      Arab side? Which type of aircraft Arabs produce? Or is there something else you want to say? Could you please explain? Thanks.

    2. Anonymous23:37

      Substantial pressure on Serbia by richest world powers for short-term lease of few planes? You must be kidding!

    3. QR92104:44

      He is not kidding. It is because Etihad, which plans to eventually overtake Jat, pressures for Airbus due to fleet commonality - Etihad operates only Airbus narrow-bodies.


    4. Anonymous11:50

      Well, if Arabs are serious about Jat (and they can show it by "renting" crews to Jat while Jat crews are trained on A320s), Airbus offers reasonable deal for new planes and the lease is longer term (>6 months needed for training), then they should go with Airbus. As much as I love Boeing, further investments in 733 fleet are not reasonable: they should use some a/c for spare parts, maybe sell one or two and slowly replace them with Airbuses...
      P.S. Not all 733s have LH seats, I flew YU-ANI with old seats and my back was very happy about it :)

  16. Anonymous20:17

    If is not Boeing, we are not going!!!!!

    1. Anonymous11:19

      If it is not 787 we ain't flying neither.


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