No turnaround for Ljubljana Airport

Ljubljana Airport’s slowest January in nine years

Following a disastrous 2012, the start to the new year hasn’t brought Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport a much needed change in fortune. In January, passenger numbers continued to decline. In fact, Slovenia’s busiest airport recorded its worst January result since 2004. It handled 64.366 passengers, a decrease of 3.3% compared to the same month last year. The result is down 32% on its best January performance back in 2008. On a brighter note, cargo traffic was up by 13.9%. Despite the negative trend continuing, Ljubljana Airport believes it will soon make a recovery and anticipates handling some 1.7 million passengers in 2017.

During this year the construction of Ljubljana Airport’s new terminal is set to begin. Originally, the price tag for the project was set at 89.6 million euros. However, due to declining revenue and passenger numbers, the airport now estimates that the terminal project should not exceed 55 million euros. The European Regional Development Fund of the European Union will cover 15 million euros of the construction costs. Building work is scheduled to begin later this year. Furthermore, the government plans to build a rail link to the airport and connect it with the city.

The Slovenian government says a new terminal is necessary as the current one was originally built to handle some 500.000 passengers. The new terminal, which will be built next to the existing passenger building, will cover an area of 31.200 square metres. It will separate Schengen and non-Schengen passengers in accordance to EU rules and regulations as well as arriving and departing travellers. Furthermore, the airport will have the capacity to handle 1.800 passengers per hour compared to the current 700 passengers. Following the completion of the new terminal in the spring of 2015, the old one will be refurbished.


  1. Anonymous09:20

    I can just imagine how bad February numbers are for Belgrade since they have not published their statistics.

    1. Anonymous10:28

      You mean mini Bucharest

  2. Anonymous10:22

    Their numbers are okay for february. They had pegasus, qatar and wizz open up. At least march looks very decent. On top of that, jat should boost BEG with their summer timetable.

  3. Anonymous11:40


  4. Anonymous11:58

    Dear EX-YU Admin where you take the data of traffic results on LJU Airport, because I can't find it anywhere? Thank you and best regards

    1. The statistics are provided by the Statistical Office of Slovenia.

  5. Anonymous18:52

    I wonder why some guys have diverted to JAT and BEG under "No turnaround for LJU"

  6. Anonymous19:48

    Ljubljana should recover next year, I expect strong growth for 2014 for Ljubljana, hopefully Ljubljana airport can return to 1.7 million figure it had in 2008 by 2016.

    And 2,2 million by 2020.

    My prediction:

    Ljubljana Airport:

    2013: 1.10 million
    2014: 1.27 million
    2015: 1.45 million
    2016: 1.70 million
    2017: 1.85 million
    2018: 2.00 million
    2019: 2.15 million
    2020: 2.25 million

    Split Airport (similar sized airport)

    2013: 1.42 million
    2014: 1.55 million
    2015: 1.72 million
    2016: 1.85 million
    2017: 2.01 million
    2018: 2.20 million
    2019: 2.35 million
    2020: 2.55 million

    And Zagreb Airport (nearest competitor)

    2013: 2.55 million
    2014: 3.00 million
    2015: 3.25 million
    2016: 3.75 million
    2017: 4.25 million
    2018: 4.75 million
    2019: 5.25 million
    2020: 5.75 million

    1. Anonymous20:27

      ... and where exactly should these passengers come from?
      LJU is heavily dependant on transit passengers and they obviously dont transit that much through LJU any more since there r increasingly direct connections from where they come from

    2. Anonymous19:10

      Anonymous predictor, where can I buy that crystal ball?

    3. Anonymous23:52

      Maybie it's not ball, maybie it's just crystal (but strong one) :)


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