Adria to open Tirana base

Tirana base on the cards for Adria

The CEO of Adria Airways, Mark Anžur, has said the Slovenian national carrier is likely to open a base in the Albanian capital Tirana. The airline’s first destination from its new base would be Frankfurt. Adria has boosted the number of weekly flights from Ljubljana to the Albanian capital from seven to ten weekly this summer season. Mr. Anžur says Tirana is a promising market and a growing business and tourism hub in the Balkans. Tirana is currently served by twelve airlines, with Belle Air being the largest operator. Adria is the only EX-YU airline serving Tirana. Notably, Lufthansa, Adria’s star alliance partner, will discontinue its Tirana service at the end of the 2013 summer season.

Adria Airways already has a hub outside of Slovenia, in Priština. However, the carrier’s CEO notes that passenger numbers are in decline on its Priština flights. This is primarily due to increased low cost competition but also because of demographic changes. Prior to the financial crisis, which hit Adria hard, the airline planned to base an aircraft in Skopje following the demise of MAT Macedonian Airlines. However, circumstances have changed with Wizz Air now becoming the dominant carrier in Macedonia’s capital. Nevertheless, Mr. Anžur notes that Skopje remains a solid performer for the Slovenian airline with eleven weekly flights from Ljubljana (down from double daily last summer season).

Recently, Adria resumed flights from Ljubljana to Paris following a yearlong break. The carrier is said to have recorded good sales on the route. The airline is considering resuming scheduled services to London in the coming period and launching flights to the German capital Berlin. This comes only a week after it was reported that Intro Aviation, in cooperation with Air Berlin, is close to buying a majority stake in Adria. Adria is on course to finish 2013 break even following severe cost cutting measures implemented in the past two years.


  1. Anonymous09:04

    I keep my fingers crossed for Adria. Good ideas - just make them reality!

  2. Anonymous09:27

    What's the point of trying to establish a PRN-FRA connection now when they will be overtaken by Air Berlin and probably not stay under a LH umbrella anymore? Do they JP guys have ANY VISION?

    1. Anonymous15:14

      I thing that negotiations with Air Berlin is just pressure to Lufthansa. Just after announcement of negotiations with Air Berlin, Lufthansa gave them FRA-TIA route?!?!?!?! :-)

  3. Anonymous09:28

    are they nuts? Adria will barely survive this year

    1. Anonymous10:07

      Adria has a far better chance of survival than Busted-ass Airways -aka JAT

    2. Anonymous10:21

      I think some people just have a trouble getting over yesterday's article.

  4. Anonymous10:20

    Please go and read yesterday's news and then come back to comment.

    1. Anonymous10:47

      I read that, poor fiction really although somewhat funny. Similar to the 1st of April story, complete joke, just like JAT.

    2. Anonymous11:16

      Wtf you keep visiting the fiction blog, you seem to like it

    3. Anonymous12:32

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. Anonymous14:21

      Really? Is that the best you can come up with? I am quite disappointed.

  5. Anonymous10:25

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Anonymous11:39

    Belgrade march growth was 2%.

    220.278 passengers carried, up from 216.025 handled last year. This number is spectacular since the airport saw 10% less aircraft movement.

    So far the airport handled 603.724 passengers.

    I guess Jat's fleet fiasco is to blame here.

  7. Anonymous12:17

    I don't get Adria. They will open a new base, sell tickets and whatever... then the European Commission will rule that they have to return the money while will lead into an immediate collapse of the airline. So many people in Tirana will be put at a disadvantage.

    1. Anonymous12:34

      I don't get Adria too.
      Adria is confident that "will mix papers under the table" so EC will not rule that they have to return money.
      Meanwhile I don't believe in the "selling story" of majority stock of Adria to Air Berlin.
      It's just ash in the eyes you will see.
      Status quo is Adria joker (public, tax payer money coming and sure again and again -not related to market performance-).

      Adria state airline offering Priština-Bruxelles-Priština and Tirana-Bruxelles-Tirana both via Ljubljana ... for a fraction of price comperated to Ljubljana-Bruxelles-Ljubljana.
      Is it SLovenia taxpayers interest and covenience? No.
      Ljubljana-Bruxelles is based on overcharged air tickets that are paid by Slovenia taxpayers to officials flying in Bruxelles.
      These same officials (when not using Star Alliance points (it's illegal already because the points are a bonus)) never use the Ljubljana airport as departure base for their personal -vacation-sightseeing flights.

    2. Anonymous14:32

      But you will quite happily believe that Ethiad will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to replace JAT's flying scrapheap of a fleet in return for 49% of a company with 50% too many staff? Get off the grass!!

    3. Anonymous14:33

      if Adria is "Ash in the eyes" that would make JAT "Shit in the head"

    4. Anonymous14:53

      Why do you instantly believe that the article was written by a Serb? Or in your mind are Serbs the only ones capable of writing similar things?

      Read the news once again and you will see that Etihad has already agreed to help Jat lease new aircraft.

    5. Anonymous01:10

      @anon 12:34.

      99% of point2point routes are sold more expensive than transit.

      Dus-Bru via Ams is cheaper than Ams-Bru.
      Airline logic, not Slovenian..

  8. Anonymous14:53

    Jat won't be taken over by anyone! Where are the Atr 72's that are meant to be entering the fleet? Adria will propably be gone by the end of the year.

  9. Anonymous18:48

    Who cares if Jat or Adria will get sold or not...

    Important is only that finally an airline from Middle East flies daily nonstop to Beg with only a single stop to Australia.

    Greetings from Down Under!

  10. Anonymous19:41

    I hope Adria will continue to function.
    I like that they have a flight from SKP in the afternoon.I dont like getting up at 4 a.m to catch a connectiong flight to wherever.
    The return flights to SKP are in the evening so I sort of get an xtra day to enjoy the sites I visit and I then catch the return flight.
    And of course Adria being in the Star Alliance helps my Miles & More account.

  11. Anonymous21:39

    OT: when new ATR for JAT will arrive? they should arrive in march but nothing...

  12. Anonymous23:54

    What's the source that LH will discontinue TIA flights? Flights are still for sale post Oct. The only change is that flights will move from Augsburg to Cityline.

  13. Anonymous02:10

    Adria can not replace LH on Tirana - Frankfurt because LH does not fly this route!
    LH only flies Tirana - Munich which will not be discontinued.


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