B&H Airlines cancels all flights … again

B&H to resume services on Tuesday

B&H Airlines has cancelled all of its flights again until Tuesday April 16. Services to Istanbul, Zurich, Copenhagen and Banja Luka have all been cancelled as the airline’s sole operating ATR72 is believed to be undergoing scheduled maintenance. The carrier’s other ATR, grounded in Germany, is expected to return to Sarajevo soon. A total of 460.000 euros has been accumulated from the departure tax at Sarajevo Airport, which is the amount needed for the aircraft’s maintenance in Germany to be paid, Amir Jažić, B&H CEO says. The Federation government now has to clear the funds which will then be transferred to Germany.

Last week the Federation government approved a 1.3 million euro cash injection for B&H Airlines. More than half of the allocated funds will be used for fuel, followed by handling and landing and maintenance. B&H Airlines plans to launch flights to Skopje in less than a month. With the arrival of its second ATR the carrier will have the opportunity to launch another new destination during the summer. The airline has given up on previous plans to lease a jet engine aircraft.

B&H is facing stiffer competition with the recent arrival of Pegasus Airlines in Sarajevo and the potential arrival of Wizz Air. In May, Gryphon Airlines is expected to launch seasonal summer flights from Kuwait City to the Bosnian capital with its Boeing 767. It will be joined by Kuwait Airways which will operate the route through August and September with its Airbus A300-600 via Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen Airport. Meanwhile, local authorities have agreed for promotional flights to be operated between Moscow and Sarajevo in either June or July by Moskovia Airlines. The promo flight should serve as a prelude to regular services between the two capitals in the near future.


  1. Anonymous10:13

    What have they been doing to the Atr in Germany? They ccould of built a new one in a tenth of the time that aircraft has been there! Ovbiously B&H AIrlines couldn't afford to pay for the work to be done until now! It seems such a waste of taxes to waste it on this airline which Bosnia could do without! The money would be better spent on other infrastructure project's in the country!

  2. Anonymous11:41

    Sorry for offtopic. I have a question for "insiders" of BEG airport. Why is almost every inbound FlyDubai flight late and why does the handling not manage to make a quick turn-around and the flights makes even bigger delay on the outbound? Any ideas????

    1. Anonymous12:31

      flyDubai vecito kasni na samom poletanju iz Dubaija, sto automatski reflektuje kasnjenje iz Beograda, na dta dodatno uticu i guzve na pasoskoj kontroli, putnici koji ne dodju na gejt na vreme itd itd. Nije problem u hendlingu.

  3. Anonymous12:27

    Jesus, as much as I would like for B&H Airlines to survive, but this is just too much now, let them go, lower those taxes at SJJ, do something about the fuel price at BNX, and give Wizz to start flights, yes, I know not the best solution, but at least you will know that flights will depart/arrive, seriously! Istanbul covered with turkish and Pegasus, more than enough, Copenhagen could be replaced by Malmo, Skavsta or Gothenberg and one German or Swiss (Basel?)from BNX, TZL has already got two destination, and OMO Rome or another Italian city and probably Polish for known reasons, problem(s) solved!!!!!!!!!!!! This is just too much.

  4. Anonymous17:34

    How come an airline can work properly if they operate only 1 aircraft. The aircraft has scheduled maintenance which means that obviously can't operate normally.
    Also how many workers has B&H airlines in 1 airplane? I also think is waste of money and time to keep it alive..

  5. Anonymous18:38

    I`m so curious what will be announced tomorrow.. Any idea what could they agree on what we havent found out?

  6. Anonymous22:07

    What a fucking joke of an airline.

  7. EU aviation blacklist05:14

    So Lion Air is too unsafe to conduct operations in EU skies, but it is safe enough to be sold 24 billion dollars worth of planes from Airbus, even befeore asking them to comply with safety regulations before.
    What a f***ing hypocrisy, everything the West does is only for money and nothing else.


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