B&H Airlines leases ATR72

B&H resumes flights

B&H Airlines will resume services today after almost three weeks. The airline has agreed on a 72 hour wetlease of an ATR72-200 from the Spanish based Helitt Lineas Aereas. Since the two sides have agreed on a wetlease, all onboard cabin crew will be from the Spanish airline. The aircraft arrived from Malaga to Sarajevo yesterday. The agreement allows for the wetlease to be extended beyond Sunday if required. B&H Airlines has barely operated any flights this April after its only ATR72 in operation was grounded due to technical problems. Its other ATR72 has been in Germany for months and unable to return due to unpaid maintenance work on the aircraft.

The grounded ATR from Germany is expected to arrive in Sarajevo during next week after the Federation government approved funds for the maintenance costs to be paid. The decision was made official during the week allowing for the payments to take place. Following the arrival of the ATR from Germany, the wetleased turboprop is to be returned to the Spanish airline.

B&H Airlines has been struggling with problems throughout the year. Last month the airline was grounded due to outstanding payments on its aircraft lease, while this month technical problems caused headaches for the carrier. The airline originally planned to launch flights to Skopje on April 1. The service was later pushed back to May 1 before being completely cancelled. B&H Airlines is facing strong competition with Wizz Air recently announcing the launch of its flights from Tuzla to Malmo, Gothenburg and Basel. There are growing rumours of the low cost airline’s intent to launch flights from Sarajevo this summer as well. Furthermore, B&H faces fierce competition on its signature route to Istanbul with both Turkish Airlines and Pegasus vying for the same passengers.


  1. Anonymous10:14

    I don't understand how come they stillexpecting to have some
    passengers..They cancelled operation twice last 3 months. They can't even afford to repair the aircrafts..Wish them all good luck but I will never fly them again..

  2. Anonymous10:53

    I think this news is not anymore worth reporting.

    1. I, for one, am interested in this news. We all know the eventual outcome, but how the drama will play out in the meantime is quite interesting.

      Another thing of interest is what is happening with Montenegro Airline. I don't remember hearing any news about them in a long time.

    2. Anonymous16:34

      Croatia Airlines should just buy them.

    3. Anonymous00:05

      With what money? They can not have same fleet, and can not buy aything! Long live EU

  3. Anonymous11:48

    EX-YU Aviation News has nothing to write about.

    Who cares about Joke Airlines?

  4. Anonymous15:06

    SOMEONE, please put them out of their misery!

  5. Anonymous16:16

    Guys, BH Airlines' personnel's doing their best. You do it better. Their passengers are taken away by strong European companies especially those no-thrill ones. Blame for this is on their owner. The owner should have bought two more aircraft long ago. And the owner is responsible for the corruption which is destroying not only the company but the entire state.

    1. Speaking of corruption, there have been arrests made today at the top levels of the FBiH government. That same government is also the owner of this airline.

      Personally, I have flown with them before and the staff were great. However, with the incompetency above them a passenger today has no guarantee his/her flight will actually depart.

  6. Anonymous16:39

    Competition from Wizzair, huh?!

    If someone would like to transport oneself between ZRH and SJJ I personally couldn't understand how an Wizzair route between BSL and TZL could help.

    1. Anonymous17:14

      Probably it's not that bad. The article is speaking about the SJJ, not TZL. Remember that SJJ-ZRH makes a stop in BNX. Basel Airport to Zurich-City you make in 70-80min. by train...

  7. Anonymous22:08

    At least B&H are able to lease an aircraft unlike jat!

  8. Anonymous00:11

    Why they wait so long? They should lease Trade air the same day the were grounded. But Trade air ask for paying in advance for next day. And they want company which does not ask for money in advance and after few days... well god will pay!

  9. Anonymous09:26

    Da su došli u Jat Tehniku na radove za taj ATR, bilo bi im bar trećinu jeftinije...
    A nekako bi se i dogovorili...
    Tako se i JAT proveo kad je dao motore da se rade u Nemačkoj umesto u Beogradu.

  10. Anonymous13:34

    E da pa je zbog toga i imao 50 posto prizemljene flote

  11. Anonymous12:33

    Ekskluzivno! Kao što smo i najavili, danas nam se vraća E7-AAE


  12. Anonymous01:48

    Jat Croatia and B&H should just come together


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