B&H cancels all flights until further notice

B&H drops Skopje launch

The CEO of B&H Airlines, Damir Jažić, has confirmed that the Bosnian national carrier has cancelled all flights until further notice after its only ATR72 in operation suffered technical problems. “You never know what can happen, we can’t take risks. We have made the issue known to the plane manufacturer which overlooks all key components”, Mr. Jažić said. “We will take off as soon as they give the all clear”, he adds. B&H’s other ATR is still in Germany. While work on the aircraft has been completed, the maintenance company is awaiting for payments to be made in order to return the plane. Mr. Jažić says that while the Federation government has cleared funds to make the payments for the aircraft, it still has to make the decision official.

According to global reservation systems, B&H Airlines has cancelled all of its flights until next Saturday, April 27. The airline suspended services last week, though flights were planned to resume yesterday. Furthermore, the airline has cancelled the launch of its Sarajevo - Skopje service. Services were originally planned to be inaugurated on April 1 but were later moved to May. Flights have now completely disappeared from reservation systems and tickets can no longer be booked.

Despite B&H’s woes, Sarajevo Airport recorded strong growth last month. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s busiest airport handled 44.631 passengers, up an impressive 21.4% compared to the same month last year. In the first quarter Sarajevo welcomed 108.467 passengers through its doors, up 12.6%. Meanwhile, Tuzla notched up another month without a single passenger. However, all of that will soon change as Wizz Air launches flights from the city to Malmo and Basel. Yesterday the airline introduced an additional third weekly flight from Tuzla to Malmo, indicating that ticket sales are going extremely well. The added third weekly flight will be launched from June 19.


  1. Anonymous09:05

    It looks like the end for B&H Airlines!

  2. Anonymous09:49

    I don't think it's a secret any more SKP was the most under-served place in the Balkans. I don't think Wizz Air will let go of this particular pot of gold now.

  3. Anonymous12:14

    I am not surprised that Wizzair's sale on Tuzla's flights is going well. Prices went up immediately which is a sign of a good sale (when LCC are concerned). As for B&H Airlines, as much as I would like to see it flying, this has just become a nightmare. Suffering of both, the airline and passengers should stop.

    Wizzair should do in SJJ, BNX, TZL & OMO would they did in SKP and BEG. The end.

    1. Anonymous14:21


      Does anyone know how far wizz talks with SJJ have come?

  4. Anonymous12:28

    Did anyone buy a ticket for Skopje?

    0,0000 sold tickets?

  5. Anonymous13:23

    All of us on this blog barely agrees on something but BH Airlines is the opposite one - We all scream and shout "Shut this airlines once for all"!!!!! It doesn't deserve to live, to be talked about it, to be commented.. Just get it away!!

    1. Anonymous17:03

      ^Dont agree with you!
      B&H Airlines is not worse than the rest of the mess...

    2. Anonymous21:57

      Neither do I.

  6. Anonymous13:52


    1. Anonymous21:32

      Interesting read. Thanks for sharing :-)

    2. Anonymous00:42

      Very true. For some people it might be bad but for us who grew up in those areas that is what we are used to.

  7. Anonymous17:13

    Off topic - but Easyjet's first flight to Belgrade is taking place this Friday! Passenger loads for the 1st flight pretty good, over 80% full.

  8. Anonymous18:01

    How do you know this?

  9. Anonymous18:39

    It is really sad to see whats happening to B&H.
    This actually could have been avoided -
    The takeover deal with Turkish Airlines really was a wasted opportunity.

    The deal with TK was btw similar to the one Jat gets with Etihad now.
    The Serbian government could learn a lot of the mistakes their Bosnian collegues did!
    The Bosnian side ruined the deal and thus B&H.

  10. Anonymous23:56

    Nothing has been functioning for decades in the Balkans; how could BH Airlines?


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