Etihad - Jat tie up details

Etihad will launch daily A320 flights to Belgrade

Etihad Airways will launch daily flights from Abu Dhabi to Belgrade in June in cooperation with Jat Airways, the two sides have agreed. The inauguration date is currently set for June 15 but is still not set in stone and could be moved. EX-YU Aviation News learns that the airline will operate the service with an Airbus A320 with a morning departure from Abu Dhabi and an early afternoon return from Belgrade, with the aircraft arriving in the capital of the United Arab Emirates in the evening. Further flight details can be viewed here. Notably, Etihad will be departing from Belgrade only half an hour before its rival Flydubai takes off to the neighbouring Emirate.

Furthermore, the two sides have agreed on codesharing arrangements. Jat Airways’ “JU” code will appear at airports such as Sydney, Melbourne and Bangkok for the first time in more than two decades. With the addition of another number, the airline will use the same flight numbers into Melbourne as it did twenty years ago (JU580/581). Besides Sydney and Melbourne, Jat will also codeshare on Etihad Airways flights from Abu Dhabi to the Seychelles, Beijing, Bangkok, Brisbane, Kuwait City, Singapore and Hong Kong (JU flight numbers have already been allocated for all the mentioned services). In return, Etihad will codeshare on most of Jat’s flights in Europe although exact routes are yet to be selected.

“JU” flight numbers back in Sydney and Melbourne after 22 years

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Jat Airways began offering voluntary leave pay packages to employees in an attempt to cut down on its workforce. Next Monday the CEOs of Jat Airways and Etihad Airways will meet in Belgrade where they will discuss mutual cooperation. A memorandum of understanding is set to be signed between the two sides which is to lead to the eventual takeover of Jat by Etihad Airways. During the week, James Hogan, Etihad CEO said, “In the early days the alliances weren't interested in us, so we embarked on this strategy of strong codeshares, which is working for us. We've got three coming in the next few weeks. A couple of them will take the world by surprise”.


  1. Anonymous09:14

    Is it a mistake on Wikipedia or is Israir really launching flights to Belgrade this summer?

    1. Anonymous09:20

      In an Israeli newspaper it says that this year they will introduce new destinations such as Paris, Malaga and Belgrade.

    2. Anonymous02:19

      Any idea how is James Hogan going to travel to BEG on Monday? Will he take QR's Sunday flight or...? :)

    3. Anonymous14:18

      lol...definately not :) He was present at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Geneva a few days ago... more what he said about MEA and alliances at http://www.aviokarta.net/vesti/1771-aviokompanije-sa-bliskog-istoka-plase-evropu/

  2. Anonymous09:15

    This is truly great news. Well, not so much for Qatar who seems to be the weakest link in this whole situation. However, they do have some O&D on which they can rely so it is not so bad for them. Let's see what happens now.

    It is really great to see Jat's codes in Australia.

    1. JATBEGMEL09:28

      QR doesnt have much of an O&D market in BEG. The majority is QR workers from Serbia who will buy discounted tickets. However, EY could attract attention to the around 10.000 serbs living in DXB to travel via AUH to BEG. EY has regular bus service to Abu Dhabi Airport from the center of Dubai, and is a trip of just over an hour.

    2. Anonymous09:33

      I never meant they had the O&D in Belgrade but I was referring to the number of Serbs working and living in Doha.

    3. JATBEGMEL09:55

      @ anonymous

      That is what I meant. Most of the Serbs in Qatar are workers for QR who will buy discounted tickets home.

  3. JATBEGMEL09:23

    I dont see why JAT should code share on EY flights to SEZ, KWI and HKG, see more of a point in them codesharing to JNB.

    Besides this, JU580 was for both MEL and SYD, with that flight routed BEG-DXB/BOM/KHI-SIN-MEL-SYD with the DC10 until 1992. Will it be MEL who will get JU8580 or SYD is something to wait and see I guess.

    I guess the JAT code to AUH will be 8088/8089 as was when they last served AUH (JU88/89).

    But with EY coming to BEG, what changes from JAT side will happen in order to better connect these flights ex BEG? Maybe connections to TXL, ARN, VIE, ZRH, FCO, STR...destinations which EY doesnt have, but will mean JAT adjusting schedules, improving its onboard product and the most important part, bringing in some aircraft. Im not convinced into this whole thing just yet.

    1. Anonymous09:27

      Well, 97% of people on here did not expect this much to happen so... in comparison to the previous promises made by the government, this one delivered all they had promised until now.

      Plus, no other carrier until now was this interested in actually working with Jat. All of them had their own agenda.

    2. Anonymous09:32

      Thanks Nemjee for saying that.

    3. Anonymous09:34


    4. JATBEGMEL09:35

      And I am amongst that 97%. The fact is that year after year there has been announcements of many airlines taking interest into JAT. I admit, I am very surprised as to how far this 'co-operation' with EY has come.

      The question is what will JAT gain from all this rather than its codes on flights by other carriers? I dont doubt that EY will open the flights to BEG, I just dont see how will JAT accomodate the pax from the EY flights, and will it be worth connecting in BEG with JAT. The airline is strugling to keep even 50% of its fleet in the air, let alone make BEG into any form of hub. It was only a day or 2 ago the Serbian Government agreed to start searching for 2 A319's, 2 A320's and 1 ATR7 and the summer season has started! JAT doesnt need A320's, it barely fills B733 on discounted tickets. JAT needs a good DC9 replacement not extra capacity!

    5. Anonymous09:38

      Gosh, this guy sounds like Purger at his worst moments, what's your problem?! If you hate JU so much just skip it.

    6. Anonymous09:39

      JAT won't do much, they are dead. However, 49% of Jat will be given to Etihad which means that they will have access to their cash and their 'know-how'. I am sure that EY will appoint its own people who will put the airline in order, as was the case with Air Berlin.
      Plus, like I said, I am sure we will see Jat's network change which will enable it to synchronize its flights with Etihad.

    7. JATBEGMEL09:53

      @ anonymous

      Fingers crossed something works out. Sick of seeing this airline suffer to rednecks who were appointed due to party status. Sick of seeing it being turned into an insurance agency, taxi company. I hope EY will push in quality staff and management in the same way they are doing to AB.

    8. Anonymous10:00

      They will, they will have total control over the airline. One of the clauses in the agreement is that Etihad will help Jat get new aircraft.
      It is not the same if you have Etihad negotiating your fleet renewal and the incompetent morons from the Serbian civil aviation sector. :)

    9. JATBEGMEL10:15

      Very true, and hopefully there will be better success than seen when TK took stakes in JA. I just think the news is too good to be true considering the recent history at the airline.

    10. Purger10:34

      First of all that IS HUGE... To have any kind of code-share and deal with Etihad is something Croatia or Adria can just dream about (Croatia-Lufthansa deal is not even close to that). Just remember how your last time “deal” with Etihad was, you fly to there as 9th class company happy to have any kind of connections by Etihad, not even published as one.

      You have to know that this is the best you can get in this moment. THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!! Better would be just same deal with Emirates, but Emirates is not interested in this kind of deals (they just want cooperation with biggest like Qantas).

      If you can get more from this even better (ownership, fleet, cargo...). But even if it stays like this Jat have big chance in moment when it was literally dead!

      "It is not the same if you have Etihad negotiation your fleet renewal" (ano. 10:00 AM)
      Absolutely! First, price will not be the same. Second they can put your crew on training much before (to give some of their slots) than if Jat will try to do so. And that means you can start flying those planes sometimes in August, maybe even July if you really push it hard!

      Only negative thing is that Etihad have so many code-share (they are, I thing, first in World by number of code-share with 41 code-share agreements), and for sure they will use Air Berlin, Air France, Alitalia, Aer Lingus, Brussels, CSA, flybe, KLM, Olympic, TAP, Turkish... before Jat in real passengers connection. So, basically, you will have connections to OHR, SKP, SJJ, TGD, TIV, DBV, but do not dream about connections to VIE, CPH, SKG...

      For sure one more time: CONGRETULATION to all who made this deal working, and don't blow it this time, like so many times in past!!! It is your last chance which you did not get in minute to 12, but in 12:55.

      Code-share to Seychelles and Hong Kong is "must" because of 40% ownership in Air Seychelles who operate route from Seychelles to Abu Dhabi and from Abu Dhabi to Hong Kong. It is part of "alliance strategy".

    11. JATBEGMEL11:01

      @ purger

      Your comment above was well said. Taking into consideration that EY will not codeshare on JAT's Euro-Med flights, even the Balkan/Yugoslav connections is something. I hope to see JAT reopen SOF, OTP, ZAG, LJU, and add afternoon SJJ and SKP rotations, which could be codeshared by EY.

    12. Anonymous11:06

      How both of you know that EY will not codeshare to FCO and Scandinavia amongst others? Seems pretty logic to me. You'll be surprised.

    13. Anonymous11:09

      CONGRATS from another one of the 97%! I hope that this means we can get better product from BEG to western Europe.
      I'd like to add that close cooperation between JU and EY might mean that EY will provide crew for the initial months of JU's airbus flights (so they can start as soon as planes are leased) in addition to assisting with crew training.

    14. Anonymous11:09

      JATBEGMEL, do you mean that they will codeshare?

    15. Anonymous11:10

      No, Jat's Airbus crew training starts on April 25.

    16. Purger11:26

      Ano. at 11:06
      Tell me if you are the one to decide about code-share what will you use: Jat with 25 years old planes, bed image and low service, or some of other code-share partners with which you have contracts like Air Berlin (strategic partner where Etihad have ownership), Air France (strategic partner), Alitalia, Aer Lingus (Etihad have ownership), Brussels, CSA, flybe, KLM (strategic partner), Olympic, TAP, Turkish... Sure, there can be code-share number but in practice they will never use them, just in case all other options are overbooked. The same thing is with Croatia – Lufthansa deal. Lufthansa have some code-share on some routes in same time as with Austrian and Adria. In most cases they use Austrian (their own company with good image and production), than Adria and just after all of them Croatia.

      And as some passenger from, for instance, Japan will you rather fly with Etihad + Air Berlin to CPH, or with Etihad + Jat?

      If your answer is still same, than you are blind of nationalism, and totally unreal.

    17. Anonymous11:59

      The whole point is that from the this summer Jat's product will not be the same. You are speaking as if Jat will keep on flying their archaic 733s around. Plus, you are giving too much credit to Air Berlin. They are far from being a great airline.

    18. Anonymous12:08

      n return, Etihad will codeshare on most of Jat’s flights in Europe although exact routes are yet to be selected."

      Know to read? I can't care less about nationalism but i'm sure they'll use JU wherever the deviation is right and FCO+Scandinavia are the first places i can think of. As part of EY, JU WILL have priority over other 'partners' regardless of "image" (that 95% of international travelling public doesn't have any about JU, nor good nor bad), why should they bleed money to someone else? And i can't believe how all those Croats know so well about JU's "bad (not bed) product" while most of them haven't flown JU in decades, or, any experience Purger, like flying from Belgrade? If not just follow Skytrax.

    19. Purger12:08

      But they will. For sure they can not fly just with 4 A319/320. So, that means they will still fly with 27 years old 737-300.

      I, personally, don't have too good opinion about Air Berlin. But you have to know that Air Berlin is strategic partner of Etihad. They use them as tool to fight Lufthansa and British. Remember, when Etihad announced that Air Berlin should collaborate with Air France instead with oneworld partners. And one can see Etihad is very dedicated to that idea. Because of that Etihad will always choose Air Berlin first.

    20. Anonymous12:11

      Until ~5-6 years ago or something, JU had great service on-board, meals such you can find only on airlines like QR now.

    21. Purger12:12

      To ano. 12:08
      For sure it better for EY to fly to Skandinavia with Air Berlin (more money to Etihad because fo longer frlight to Germany + ownership in Air Berlin).

      For FCO they will always use Alitalia who is their strategic partner in very important deal with Air France-KLM-Alitalia.

      ...and yes, I am familiar with Jat product, fleet and image.

    22. Anonymous12:15

      Recently i flew on YU-ANJ. Don't know how old it is, but the plane looked/smelled/sounded like new. Engines are new. So what's the problem?

    23. Aэrologic12:31

      To Pugy - Don't know what your experience is but i would like to hear the sources, such as trip-reports, when you last flew on JU? I really can't get what's the fuss about JU which is most looked down in Serbia actually. But people, wake up:


      I don't know on which airlines have you flown, i experienced many of them and to JU i would give 6/10, same what it has on Skytrax. In contrast, to CZ i would give 5.5/10. To SU 6.5/10. To TK 7/10. To QR 9/10. To G9 7/10. To ME 8.7/10. To PC 5/10. To IB 3/10. To OS 7/10. To AI 4.5/10. To AB 5.5/10...

      JU is just a NORMAL* airline such as many of its kind exist, could be better but that's it. So what's the crap with all of you? Why only in the Balkans people constantly look down on things that are actually quite ok, what sort of complex or stupidity is that?

      *nor·mal - /ˈnôrməl/ Adjective: 1. Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected

      Noun: 1. The usual, average, or typical state or

    24. Anonymous19:18

      1. Old planes what is enough that you feel unsafe. Maybe that is not real as any fear is unreal but fur sure is reason for not to choose Jat.

      2. Cabin crew is very gloomy, unfriendly, rude, most of them old and does not look very nice.

      3. Food is very bad, not tasty and not fresh. The worst coffee in air.

      4. No inflight entertainment at all, not even screens for promo movies every few rows.

      5. Self check-in or web check-in or mobile check-in are not possible. Come on that is not even standard today, it is minimum in air business.

      6. You can not choose seat or special food whan you buy ticket on web. That is normal practise of most of companies.

      7. Call center is disaster.

      8. Assistance out of Belgrade is impossible because they have no representatives in most airports and Jat doesn’t belong to any of alliance that their staff can help or protect you.

      9. No information of your flight (gate, delay, service…) in mobile. Most of companies have that as regular service.

      10. Seats are old-fashioned, shabby and uncomfortable.

      11. Image of company is totally low! People usually thing that Jat is African company, or some company from EU black list.

    25. Anonymous21:43

      While some of it is true, especially about web check in and in flight entertainment, it is obvious that your opinion is very biased, if not malicious...Anyway, you can always fly with someone else and problem solved. At least, there are many companies to choose from out of BEG, try it yourself :)

    26. Anonymous22:26

      How can you all be so spoiled? Do you hear other people with similar airlines complaining and whining that way?

    27. Aэrologic22:51

      1. In Europe BA and LH operate planes of similar age and where the hell from someone from Pakistan or Japan will know how old are JU's planes if all he needs that's go to ZRH or CPH? Besides, the planes are in perfect condition with new engines and do not look their age at all.

      2. Haven't noticed that. There are many different cabin crew. Most of them answered to all of my requests. They're highly professional anyway, i've seen many worst cabin crews. I would call them clearly normal and ok.

      3. When is the last time you flew on JU? How guys who fly once in 5 years seem to know everything about airline business standards?! To have a negative experience once in a while can happen with ANY airline.

      4. Who cares, are you a child? Personally i can't stand the displays flickering on the seat next to me for a 10+ hours flight. For 2-3h flights that JU mostly operates i find their in-flight review to be just great and informative, besides why would you not try talking and getting to know other people? Try to be healthy, not a tech-junky. Besides, if you have a smart-phone or bring some books and educate yourself (you seem to need it badly) instead of watching brain-washing films you would be perfectly set.

      5. Seriously, how often you come to use those features? I fly often and remember very few occasions when i needed it at all.

      6. Wow. Well, you just ask for the seat at the counter. What's there to choose from anyway, the plane is not 773 where different seats offer such a different level of comfort, it's all more or less the same so i see no point in that. All the question is whether you want window or aisle. If you want a specific seat just ask for it.

      7. Call center worked perfectly whenever i contacted them, even when processing credit card payments over the phone. The only minus is that they're not open 24/7.

      8. What sort of assistance do you need?! Are you retarded or disabled?

      9. Yes, you have it, through www.beg.aero

      10. Wrong. There are new seats in several planes, but i personally prefer the old configuration, especially the business one.

      11. Image of company is low amongst spoiled Westernised Serbs who obsessively like to fly from BUD/or on TK and other haters from the Balkans. You would be surprised how many people still keep good memories of JU around the world, while those who don't simply never heard about it and have no pre-conception whatsoever. If they want to get an idea, they'll look on Skytrax, where the reviews left by most of people support my claims integrally.


    28. Anonymous01:58

      - you don’t need self check-in, web check-in or mobile check-in, how many times you use that?
      * Well dude, on 99%. Sorry, that you have to do it like in 1960's but it is much easier and faster!!!!

      - you don't need information about flight in your mobile you can go to web page instead
      * Yes you can. But I really like to sit and drink coffee and company is sending me e-mail with gate, precise time of boarding etc. I hate time when I have to stand up from coffee table and check that on info board. And yes, Jat is not even near to this kind of service.

      - "bring your book instead of inflight entertainment"
      * Or even better, take you needles and make some crochet or needlepoint

      - you don't need assistance in some airport in Europe.
      * Really, you really think so? Trust me in more than several of my flights I had needs for assistance (change of ticket, possibility to rebook to earlier flight, problems, late for plane, special request...)

      - why you are so spoiled to need perseveration of seat during buying ticket?
      * O my God! You really thing that this is not standard in air business, and that someone who is used to do that is spoiled. All normal companies have that, passengers want to have seat during buying. Even bus companies and trains have this possibility in our «spoiled countries». Unfortunately not with Jat!

      So call me spoiled. But I am spoiled by normal companies in Europe. Unfortunately Jat does not give me that. So, their service is very bad, much worst than what is standard in air traffic. Your explanation are so abnormal like it was abnormal when Carpatair told me 4 years ago "You are so spoiled to ask for web buying the ticket, what is to big problem to come to ticket office?" (and did not understand that I am 400 km away from nearest ticket office). Jat service is on standard of 1990's, so far away from normal companies and not even near to us "spoiled" passengers. But anyhow service is not on standard of 2013, and not even near to others.

      It is not true that LH has planes old like Jat. Just 7 out of 294 planes were built in 1989. Les then 0,5% of fleet is older than 20 years, but none of planes are older than 24. Most of planes are less than 10 years old. So, one more time, why do you need to lie about those things? I understand that you want to make Jat looking not so bed, but please do not publish disinformation to make you look better.

    29. Anonymous04:27

      It is not "bed" but bad.

    30. Anonymous05:35

      JU's planes have a lower number of cycles than comparable planes of other airlines cause they were grounded in the 90's. 'Age' means little in aviation.

    31. Aэrologic08:09

      1. JU currently handles less than 2 million pax a year. Self check-in systems are particularly useful to large companies in-order to save money on staff and time on queuing (which can be an issue when boarding a full 77W but not really when it's a 737).
      I've taken several dozens of flights in the last 3 years on all the continents except Africa and the only time i had to resort to self check-in was out of TRV when i was afraid to miss the flight cause of traffic jams. And guess what? Once at the airport their system didn't work so i had to queue just like anyone else despite the self-printed boarding pass, and we're talking here of Qatar Airways.

      2. You can get the gate and precise time of boarding on beg.aero. You can get all the flight informations directly on-line from your mobile (if you happen to have internet on it, it's useful when travelling) on FlightStats just by typing your flight number in Google. It would annoy me to receive alerts all the time, have better things to take care of before a flight. You're further confirming my impression that you're flying no more than once a year and when you finally saved money to get your ticket your expect to be served as a king for 200 Eur. or less. Pathetic. It's not the airline's fault you're poor and that's also cause of your mentality - you want too much but by investing too little, so you always end up with nothing in life.

      3. I don't think there is better in-flight entertainment than the one you bring yourself or watching at the scenery outside, or getting to know other passengers. If it's a night flight, i prefer to sleep instead of playing with IFE, so as most of frequent travellers. Just as i said, your criteria are the one of people who most of the time see the plane only in their head.

      4. "Really, you really think so? Trust me in more than several of my flights I had needs for assistance (change of ticket, possibility to rebook to earlier flight, problems, late for plane, special request...)" Well it further confirms you simply don't know how to travel and no airline can help you with that. Most of those operations can be solved by booking through an internet agent such as Expedia. I always prefer to book with them than with the airline directly, no matter of what airline it is, their support is always better cause they have the authority and an interest in it unlike the airline (where most of them will simply try to avoid it). By booking through Expedia (or others) not only you earn points on your hotels and flights but get a travel agent virtually present everywhere in the world in the case the given airline has no representatives at the airport you're flying from (which is indeed rare), so again i fail to see your point. You who seem to be so tech-savy and peculiar should definitely know all that.

      5. As i previously said, seat allocation is mostly useful on wide-body aircraft. When you travel often you have other things to worry about. If not it's not hard to ask once in 6 months the lady at check-in to give you the seat you want.

    32. Aэrologic08:10

      6. Normal companies in Europe? Most of foreigners say that they receive a higher level of service in JU than other legacy carriers in Europe. Some Western carriers are sharply worse than JU, Iberia for example. What would you say about them? Guess you never flew with them so how can you know. You maybe flew once on JU and once on OS/LX and that's all you know and compare. Alitalia and Air Berlin are far from great either, AF's short-haul are a joke...

      7. "So call me spoiled. But I am spoiled by normal companies in Europe."
      Sorry to remind you that Europe isn't the entire world and that i'm still waiting to hear which are those companies that you're talking about, compared to who JU is a total shit for the same price. I mean, what prevents you from booking business if you're so concerned about every little detail? But no, you want to pay 100E for 2-3 flight and have everything. I think the problem is more with your budget here pow.

      8. I've never said that LH or BA have the same percentage of old planes as JU but they DO have them and it's not a problem to anyone. Most of people don't notice. But for your information, the big British airline Jet2.com has a fleet of 46 aircraft that are as old as JU's ones - 22 years average age. So what?! People fly them and are quite happy with (http://www.airlinequality.com/Forum/jet2.htm). They didn't have a single incident in recent years. Their planes are maintained in BEG by the way. Only some complexed Westernised Serbs want to pay a bargain but receive a 5* service. Sometimes i really regret flying became affordable to so many people cause back in the 90's/early 2000's there weren't so many capricious but stingy uneducated idiots aboard aircraft, dictating how the travel experience should be.

      Conclusions: You haven't convinced me of a single critical component that is lacking in JU's performance and operations that would prevent a normal passenger from having an enjoyable or decent travel and flight experience.

      You seem to lack both proper knowledge and experience be it in terms of travel, airlines experience or aviation business in general. You seem to be a simple complexed low-fare class passenger who never took a single flight out of the gastarbeiter routes to Western Europe and thinks he knows the whole world and how a perfectly average company is the world's worst.

    33. Anonymous09:20

      Svaka cast! Sad cu da copy/paste-ujem ovo i da okacim svakome ko pocne da pljuje Jat :)

      Svidja mi se sto ljudi pljuju i pljuju i BESKRAJNO i BESCILJNO PLJUJU. A svi naravno znamo da cista ljubomora nije koren svega toga. Da covek ne poveruje...

    34. Anonymous10:39

      "But no, you want to pay 100E for 2-3 flight and have everything. I think the problem is more with your budget here pow."

      You mean for 2-3h flight?

      Great article otherwise.


    35. Anonymous11:05

      Jat offers seat pre-selection at booking time for at least 3 years now. And 30kg of baggage.

    36. Anonymous14:11

      Aэrologic - great job, you muzzled him!

    37. Anonymous22:32

      I really don't know how can you conclude that I fly 1-2 times per year. This comment shows how prepotent and ignorant you are. I have more than 30 flights per year.

      Also I can not understand how can you say that most of things that are standard for companies in Europe (and Jat should be a European, not African company) are for spoiled people and are not stupid to have today. Self or mobile or web check-in is totally normal procedure. For instance LH in CDG, FRA, LHR… has just self check-in, that is the only way. It is faster, comfortable, easier... And you want to tell me that as the mater of fact it is not necessary for Jat? Sure also web selling tickets are not necessary but it is standard. The same standard as web check-in or everything else that Jat does not have and others have. So, yes... service is on low quality.

      About Jat image... well we all now about it!

    38. Anonymous00:09

      Ok, we get it, Lufthansa is your favourite company, further proving you have no idea about air-travel. The only really decent airlines in the world today are Middle-Eastern and some Asian companies.

      As about Jat, i think you're from the puppet state of Croatia and don't believe you actually ever flew with it, unless it's a some sort of sick love/hate relationship you have...but i can't help you with that, sorry. What you need is a mental-health expert, maybe Lufthansa provides you with one free of charge on your next flight ;) Now i see what you meant by needing "assistance". Cheers.

    39. Anonymous11:10

      That is absolutely not true... I hate Lufthansa, but that does not mean they don't have better service than Jat. How can you conclude that I am LH lower by my post? Again so tipical for your mentality…

      My favorite airlines are:
      1. Qatar
      2. Cathay Pacific
      3. Thai
      4. Malaysian
      5. Virgin Atlantic

      And let me show you just one pattern. When someone here wrote some facts or opinion against Jat or Belgrade and you don't have any arguments against he "need mental-health expert", “seem to be a simple complexed low-fare class passenger" etc. etc. That shows a lot about you. But that is mentality and I understand that you can not change this. It is in blood. I would never say that you are from meddle ages because you don't use self check-in as most people do. What does it have with me, it's your opinion or problem. But for sure it is abnormal that you give names to those who use this "unimportant and unnecessary" service for "spoiled people".

      And to give someone names will not make Jat better or attract passengers to fly on Jat. Just opposite, that will give Jat "experts" more wind into their wings for not doing normal job and to make Jat decent company as Serbia deserves, and we all want.

  4. Anonymous09:26

    Could someone explain to us how code-sharing really works? Does it costs JU something to code-share on less popular routes such as AUH-GRU? Why to choose just some of the routes (same for EY)? Is it due to the agreement with SU that they'll not code-share with EY to DEL for example (surprising they've got PEK and HKG in that case). Thanks.

    1. Anonymous09:29

      Or why they're not code-sharing to JNB?

    2. Anonymous09:37

      Because Serbia and South Africa don’t have a bilateral air agreement so JU can’t codeshare to JNB.

    3. JATBEGMEL09:41

      JAT markets and sells seats of EY to those destinations on which JAT will have its code. As the flight is operated by EY, they will mostly profit from the pax generated by JAT. This codeshare works well for JAT who dont have the aircraft nor the capability of starting its own such flights (MEL, SYD, HKG, BKK, SEZ). However, JAT will get some profit share from the sale of these seats. Please, someone correct me if I am wrong.

    4. JATBEGMEL09:46

      @ anonymous

      When HY flew TAS-BEG-JFK, JAT were selling the tickets as BEG-BJY due to some restriction by the FAA. As they were paper tickets, it wasnt difficult to change the destination from 'Batajnica' to 'New York'. There is an article online available and will post it once I find it. I am sure something is there, Serbia and South Africa enjoy good relations and JAT was to start its own flights to JNB in 2002, even selling tickets for the flight until it was cancelled.

  5. Abdul Raman09:48

    Nice news but too much capacity from gulf will result in small chances to see a widebody in BEG.

    1. Anonymous10:05

      The main thing should be to force the Turks to pull-out i.e reduce frequencies. I'm sure we'll see a wide-body on some days to AUH

    2. Anonymous10:07

      Let them launch 3-4 daily to SKP/ZAG but just get the f*** out of Belgrade.

    3. JATBEGMEL10:12

      I think EY is looking for the different market ex BEG rather than what TK has.

      There is a significant O&D demand between Serbia and Turkey alone, with alot of Serbian holiday travellers to Turkey. As well, TK offer some convenient connections via IST to the ME which are better than what EY will offer. It is not TK's fault JAT couldnt do at least a daily with their ATR's which are falling apart.

    4. Anonymous11:02

      ATR's are not falling apart. Fortunately there is Pegasus to relieve us of TK and 700E tickets to BEY or GYD.

  6. Anonymous09:50

    Bangkok, Johannesburg, Brisbane via Singapore and Male are not so convenient options since the waiting between the flights are greater that 10-12 hours..
    Beijing leaves AUH 10 minutes after BEG arrives.
    And Etihad doesn't even fly to Hong Kong!!

    1. Anonymous09:56

      Why don't people research before posting :(

      'Etihad Airways added Hong Kong to its global network through a new codeshare with equity alliance partner, Air Seychelles.
      The inaugural Abu Dhabi to Hong Kong flight, operated by Air Seychelles’ brightly colored Airbus A330-200 aircraft, marked the commencement of three weekly services between the two points.'

    2. JATBEGMEL10:06

      HKG is a cargo destination to EY, well spotted out. But CX is flying HKG-AUH, but their HKG-AUH flights wouldnt be able to connect to EY service to BEG.

      All other flights connect with around 2 hours waiting in AUH. Not true that PEK leaves 10 mins.

      EY886 AUH PEK 2130 0850(+) A332
      EY889 PEK AUH 0130 0620 A332

      Also, no where is it mentioned that JAT will codeshare to MLE.

    3. JATBEGMEL10:08

      @ anonymous

      thanks for that correction in regards to HKG :)

    4. Anonymous10:28

      Sorry, I meant Colombo not Male.
      And yes, to fly to Hong Kong pax would have to go thourh two different airports via AUH and CMB. C'mon. You know what I am talking about. BEG-IST-HKG is not so bad option than!

    5. Anonymous10:31

      OMG. I can not believe this. ahahhahaha
      Not Colombo, but MaHe ahhahahaha, I wanted to write maHe and I wrote Colombo instead :))))

    6. Anonymous10:34


      Why does some Serbs behave as if TK is their de-facto national airline and the by-default option to wherever they go?

    7. Anonymous10:37

      For your information, the flight operates: SEZ-AUH-HKG-AUH-SEZ, so what are you talking about?

  7. Just as a sidenote to readers, there are several other destinations Jat will be codesharing to from Abu Dhabi, however, they still haven’t been finalised. Only the routes that have been agreed on (allocated JU codes) have been published here. To those interested in the Australia codes Melbourne (JU8580/81), Sydney (JU8582/83) and Brisbane (JU8584/85)

    1. Anonymous10:09

      Could you please tell us what are the other options on the table? Would NRT, KTM and DEL be included? Thank you.

    2. JATBEGMEL10:20

      Already mentioned above. It should be SEZ, BKK, HKG, PEK, SIN and KWI besides MEL, SYD and BNE. I think thats plenty considering to what we have today :)

    3. I can’t publish them yet unfortunately but they are all in Asia for now.

    4. Anonymous10:30

      Ok, but what would be the difference for a passenger from Belgrade when buying a ticket on a flight via AUH where JU does codeshare and on the one where it doesn't codeshare?

    5. Anonymous17:17

      New York, Washington, Toronto, Chicago, Karachi, Islamabad, Kuwait,Beijing,Shanghai,Colombo,Bangkok,Singapore,Kuala Lumpur,Johannesburg...will also have JAT code. Unfortunately not Tokyo and Delhi.

    6. Anonymous19:52

      Most important destination for codesharing in Asia is definitely SHANGHAI.
      Majority of Chinese people (95%) in Balkans/Serbia and Belgrade are from Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces.
      Shanghai is perfectly situated between those two.

    7. Aэrologic23:11

      "Unfortunately not Tokyo and Delhi."

      I guess that's cause of the existing agreements with SU?

  8. frequentflyer10:15

    Congratulations to EY. As the centre of the traveling universe gravitates back to the crossroads of the world (the mid-east), this is a great development for the exYU region as a whole. First QR, now EY, and I would expect at some point EK soon to BEG and ZAG.

    My question with all of this is what JU gets in return... how much are those LHR slots worth again?? It will only be a matter of time before they are conveniently 'transferred to EY to expand their operations. And as for the updating of the fleet, which destinations will JU operate that is beyond capability of an AT7??

    1. Anonymous10:27

      EK is already present in BEG through FZ. They would have come to Belgrade only if EK was now at the place of EY, buying out JU. However, i don't see them ever starting ZAG. Their next destinations might be BUD or KBP, though chances are slim for both, especially given the competition in KBP.

    2. Anonymous10:33

      Yeap, thats what I am afraid of. daily LHR slot.. it could be gone forever. JU could be left with only weekend slots at LHR.

    3. JATBEGMEL10:39

      @ frequentflyer

      Hopefully the slots EY bought from 9W is enough for them...now. Hopefully too that the Serbian government wouldnt allow for JAT's LHR slots to go to EY. But if EY was desperate for the LON market it could relaunch LGW.

  9. Anonymous10:33

    yeah many other bigger markets over ZAG. I would even say SOF and OTP too. Croatian diaspora from australia is very overrated.

  10. Anonymous10:37

    Jat Airways will lease Adria's A319s for three years and as far as the remaining fleet goes it will be paid and taken care of by Etihad.

    1. Anonymous10:54

      Where you get that from?

    2. Anonymous10:56

      I saw it in my dream last night :O


  11. Anonymous10:42

    OT: Sorry for the OT! Do you guys happen to know whether there is any publicly available info on cargo flights into BEG? Are they regular, who is operating them, what is the cargo, that sort of thing. Similar info on any exYu airport will also be appreciated :)

    1. Anonymous10:45


      I hope this helps, it is not much better than nothing:

      Also, you can find some information on Belgrade airport's webpage.

    2. Anonymous10:55


    3. Anonymous10:58

      Once the cargo centre is built I can't wait to see some sexier flights listed there. :P

    4. Anonymous11:19

      Thanks guys, much appreciated! :)

  12. Anonymous10:47

    Let's hope Jat gets a new livery.

    1. Anonymous00:32

      New livery and a new name. I think JAT - SouthEast European Airlines should be the name the company should adopt, similar to MEA.

    2. Anonymous14:26

      They definitely need a new livery, not only because the current "traffic light" is really ugly but as a symbol of new era for Jat as well. The same goes with the on board product, uniforms, stationery etc... It cannot be done straight away, but within a few months the changes should start appearing. I don't know about the name, the one you suggest sounds ok, but they have to keep Jat part in some form anyway because of legal staff, such as slots, bilateral agreements, etc...

  13. Anonymous11:11

    I think one person that really won't be happy about this is the CEO of Wizz Air. Jat was easy pray until now, things will change in Belgrade from now on.

    1. Anonymous11:24

      Hell with him, he's so ugly. The ugliest airline CEO at the moment.

    2. Anonymous11:26

      Hhahahhaah you mean second worst, the worst is Ognjenovic from Jat :D

  14. Anonymous11:25

    Malo mi se zavrtelo u glavi od ovolikih informacija i novina. Fingers crossed da se sve ovo zamisljeno i ostvari. :)

  15. Anonymous12:45

    I would suggest to wait. For the time being I see a lot of condraction and conflicting information.
    1. JAT Airways CEO Ognjenovic is still in charge. We were told he will be sacked!
    2. The "working group" has given green lights to lease the aircraft. We were told this was stopped due to Etihad deal!
    3. Mr. Dinkic and others speak about EY taking over and controlling JU. Mr. Hogan clearly speaks about CODESHARES ONLY!

    Until we know what is true / untrue and what daydreaming or propaganda, we whould wait for the facts to unfold.

    Thanks!!!!!!! And please don't attack me...I am Serb!

    1. Anonymous12:50

      1.Ognjenovic was supposed to be sacked last Friday but Mr. Dinkic prevented it
      2.It was never said the work group would be stopped from giving the green light for JU to get aircraft. Where did you hear that?
      3.Mr. Hogan has never publicly mentioned anything about Jat actually.

    2. Anonymous15:08

      Lufthansa from Frankfurt and Aeroflot both sent their A321 to Belgrade today as well as many days this past week! :) very nice to see that as well as many A320's including from Vienna and Turkish sending their A321 frequently, along with Swiss and Alitalia. Has Qatar sent their A321 to Belgrade yet?

    3. Anonymous22:06

      Default equipment from mid-May.

  16. Anonymous14:55

    Funny that there is not a single mention of Serbia or JAT in the news section of the Etihad website. It does mention that Aer Lingus will now be using Etihad flight codes on their flights to the US, so the whole Etihad will use JU code in Australia seems a bit ass-backwards to say the least.

    However after this very webpage has published the following:
    Azal was to invest in JAT
    Air Asia was to invest in JAT
    Serbian Businessmen was to invest in JAT
    The Govt was to create "New JAT"
    Airbus came to Belgrade to sell JAT new planes
    Boeing scrambled people to sell JAT 737max
    Aeroflot was to invest in JAT
    Egypt Air announced their interest in entering a strategic partnership with JAT

    All these stories and more announced on this very page!

    Believe it when I see it!

    1. Anonymous14:57

      Овакви коментари су превазиђени. Твоје је да верујеш у шта хоћеш али не шири негативну енергију.
      Балкански менталитет, шта више рећи.

      Уосталом зашто би било ишта на њиховом сајту када званични споразум тек треба да се потпише у понедељак? Ајде, која је твоја логика?

    2. Anonymous15:04

      Don't forget the one about Airbus making BEG the regional training centre for Airbus maintenance, that was my favorite one!

    3. Anonymous15:17

      after running the greek response through google translate a number of times, I shall retort:

      Why hasn't the Etihad published the story of the codeshare agreement that was allegedly signed last week?

      Stories of this so-called MOU have been floating all over the internet for a number of weeks, why wouldn't the company confirm these reports if true?

      The reason that there is no mention of serbia or jat on the Etihad page is because they don't want to comment on such bullshit.

    4. Anonymous15:36

      Good God. Are you for real? Do you understand that Hogan, their CEO, is coming to Belgrade on the 15th to sign a memorandum of understanding?
      I guess that you just can't make peace with the fact that a solution has been found for Serbia's ailing carrier.

    5. Anonymous16:20

      And in the entire world wide web, this webpage is the ONLY one that knows this?

      And you ask me if I'm for real?

    6. Anonymous16:31

      It is not the only one. Please check the discussion above and some other webpages. A simple Google search would prove your theory wrong.
      One would expect you to come better prepared.

  17. Anonymous15:07

    So no more pork on JAT planes then.

    1. Anonymous16:35

      Horse is still ok I guess.

    2. Anonymous17:35

      Are you saying they will serve IKEA meatballs on their flights? :P

  18. Anonymous16:50


    1. Anonymous22:07

      It was already posted.

  19. Anonymous17:08

    are they considering flights to north america from belgrade?

    1. Anonymous17:14

      They can start with flight to Barcelona and Madrid.

  20. Anonymous20:25

    Although i wish Jat all the best and support Etihads nonstop flights to Abu Dhabi,i will stick to Qatar Airways.
    Not because they are a better airline.
    Its only my personal taste,i simply like them most.
    But i would advise them to go direct in not so far future.
    Frequency is okay,nothing to complain about.

    1. QR24122:09

      Me too, Qatar is just perfect, Qmiles is very generous as well. I think that TK will suffer the most from this cause all those who know QR's product will stick with them regardless.

  21. Anonymous20:26

    Dear God, 90 posts!!!!!! Is this a record????

  22. No, there were a few with over 100 comments :)

    1. Anonymous21:28

      I think the one with over 100 was when flights from Chicago to Belgrade and Zagreb were announced.

  23. Anonymous21:10

    ex yu give us info about Israir flights to BEG?

    1. Anonymous21:29

      Israir will not fly to Belgrade this summer. Reliable info.

  24. JU520 BEGLAX21:22

    bros, how is JU Service? will EY be happy with the onboard product or do we need JAT to step depper into their socks in order to justifly this Investment?

    1. Anonymous21:55

      Well, it used to be much, much better, even just a few years ago, especially food on board. In order to cut costs, they started serving sandwiches, hot drinks and soft drinks only. I guess the overall on board product has to be changed, and they will probably do it first, within a few months let's say, as it does not require that much resources like some other staff. Just my opinion.

    2. Aэrologic22:15

      Until few years ago, food was something you could find today on TK, SU if not QR, seriously. It was really great. I think they reached the rock bottom in 2011, with those inedible triangular sandwiches, one of my worst flights in life to Moscow i remember. Since then they improved and the sandwiches (the round ones) are actually very nice, drinks plentiful. So it's not so bad as some are saying based on one experience or what they heard from the others. Don't know how is the business class offering though, haven't flew it in 10 years but back then besides the champagne i didn't felt anything was left to be desired in Economy.

    3. Anonymous22:28

      and seats as well...those comfy leather seats are great, I remember them flying to DXB in 2004, long time ago tho, but they are still there in most of 733's.

  25. Anonymous21:47

    The only benefit EY can get is the ex-YU diaspora in Australia and JU's Heathrow slots - THAT'S IT! JU has ordinary destinations, shabby aircraft and not worth almost anything. JU should have merged a long time ago with JA or Macedonian Airlines...it's too late.

    1. Anonymous22:03

      Merge with whom and for what reason? Both of them had one or two planes in the fleet and huge debts as well. So why would JU merge with another loss making airlines, they should have just increased frequencies to SJJ and SKP, but lack of planes and any vision where they were heading stopped them doing so. Hopefully, not for long...

  26. Anonymous22:14

    People the weekend has just started!!! Don't sit in front of PC! Get out get laid:-))

    1. Anonymous22:30

      Have a nice weekend everyone anyway :) and this is such a good news for JU.

  27. Anonymous22:51

    Wow, 115 komentara. Ovo je rekord definitivno - tako puno konstruktivnih komentara, a tako malo zajedljivih. Zdrava i kulturna rasprava i iznosenje misljenja. Ako nije ostvaren rekord od kad postoji blog, onda je zasigurno rekord po najmanjem broju losih komentara ikada. Popravljamo se, polako ali sigurno...bas kao i Jat uz ETIHAD :)

    Kad bi nam svaki dan bio ovde ovakav.. Kud bismo stigli. :)


    1. Anonymous23:15

      One more reason the day was so pleasant is because the Ex-Yu also participated in the debate and shared his emotions, instead of just deleting the bad (and also not so bad, such as about Aviokarta) comments. I would like to see more participation from his side in the future, it'll be a welcomed change.

  28. Anonymous00:26

    The prospects look very good for Jat with the realization of a Jat-Etihad partnership. First and foremost, Etihad management of Jat for the next five years should lead to several positive outcomes. Firstly, it is well established that small carriers cannot provide a cheaper product because of economies of scale. With this partnership, Jat will suddenly have an improved bargaining position for a multitude of goods and services that contribute to the normal operating cost of airlines. Air Seychelles has benefited from this.

    With this partnership, Etihad can benefit from an increased presence in Europe as well as support for existing flights to East Asia and Australia. It is the goal of airlines to fly their customers as far as possible - Belgrade is well situated for this in terms of connections to European destinations not served by Etihad. By the fall-winter schedule I would not be surprised to see good connections from Abu Dhabi to Vienna and Zurich via Belgrade.

    With the partnership Jat should conclude negotiations with Airbus which should lead to a gradual fleet renewal. The 737s are excellent, it is a matter of how costly they are to maintain.

    Jat should make use of expertise from Etihad to adopt a new livery.

    This year Serbia should anticipate a category 1 rating from US FAA. This may create new opportunities for Etihad, and similarly for Jat, on flights to North America. Who knows!

    1. Anonymous01:23

      +1 Smart comment.

    2. Anonymous01:38

      Hopefully Serbia will get category 1 rating from US FAA very soon!

    3. Anonymous02:10

      Why would someone fly to Zurich or Vienna via BEG if they have much more better possibilities with one of 41 code-share airliners with good image instead!

    4. Anonymous03:26

      It was already explained to you before dumbass.

    5. Anonymous03:28

      Why would EY pay other airlines to fly their passengers from AUH instead of their own airline (under their ownership), especially if the deviation out of BEG fits those destinations perfectly?

    6. Anonymous09:44

      He's just trying to say that he is being jealous...you should not answer to his comments.

  29. Anonymous07:17

    Do you guys know that James Hogan (CEO of Etihad) used to be an employee of JAT back in Australia?

  30. Anonymous07:27

    Remember guys back in October:
    http://exyuaviation.blogspot.com/2012/10/the-new-jat-back-on-agenda.html :)

  31. Anonymous09:29

    well we will see what come out of this deal...Do remember that Serbia is one of the poorest countries in Europe...Who will use that service?...An avarage wage of 300 Euros....

    1. Anonymous09:42

      You think that the local people from the UAE are behind EY's growth? You got your answer.

      For sure it'll be poorer without the deal!

    2. Anonymous12:28

      Spot on! And partnership with Etihad (one of the fastest growing airlines) is the best thing which can happen to Jat, having in mind current situation in airline industry worldwide. Especially support the idea that top management will be appointed by Etihad. The only way to go for Jat!

  32. Anonymous11:26

    By aquiring Air Berlin, EY has already a good share in the European market. They have code shares with Olympic Air too. Really can't figure out what benefit they will have from JU and say tie with TAROM for instance?

    1. Anonymous13:04

      C'mon, we all know you would like it to be Croatia

  33. Anonymous19:39

    JAT won't get the cat.1....I read it somewhere

    1. Anonymous22:39

      So what, even if it doesn't get it, as you read somewhere? The point of your comment is known only to yourself...


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