Montenegro Airlines CEO to be sacked

Changes coming to Montenegro Airlines

Montenegro Airlines’ CEO, Zoran Djurišić, who has led the airline since its creation nineteen years ago, is to be sacked at the end of next month, the pro opposition daily “Dan” reports. Mr. Djurišić is to be replaced due to a series of business decision which have harmed the airline as well as mounting losses. The airline ended 2012 with a 23.5 million euro loss. A report by the Montenegrin State Audit Institution last year indicated the airline had covered up millions of euros worth of debt, a claim the national carrier denied. The Institution found that Montenegro Airlines withheld losses in its financial reports. The Montenegrin national carrier struck off debt owed to Airports of Montenegro, Jat Airways, the Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency, Lovćen Insurance Company and the Health Fund. The State Audit Institution concluded that a total of 2.085.000 euros worth of debt had been covered up.

Last year, EX-YU Aviation News reported on million euro losses, debt, conflict of interest and corruption allegations which have surfaced during Mr. Djurišić’s reign at the company. The airline has also been under investigation for corruption after trying to set up an airline in Niš and attempting to lease a Fokker 100 jet to an Albanian airline. Mr. Djurišić is a member of the governing Democratic Party of Socialists who last year won another term to lead the country, notching up their 22nd year. Like other officials at state run companies, Mr. Djurišić wrote his resignation letter prior following the October 2012 parliamentary elections, which has now been stored.

The news comes a few days after the Montenegrin government approved Ryanair to launch flights to the country. Montenegro Airlines CEO has said he is not against low cost airlines but insisted they must fly all year round to the country instead of only operating seasonal flights. Over the weekend the government controlled national television network, RTCG, aired a glittering report on Montenegro Airlines’ business.


  1. Anonymous09:45

    About time!!! YM is the most corrupt airline in ex-Yu and that is not an easy thing to achieve.

  2. Anonymous10:25

    YM is no more corrupt then jat!

    1. Anonymous10:36

      Problem being that Jat is around 10X bigger than YM. Offcourse JU is corrupt. The problem is YM is corrupt beyond belief for its size.

    2. Bucko11:45

      10x bigger? Check your facts, currently YM has 8 jets and JU has 2 props & 5 Jets. That means that currently YM is bigger than JU. Even if they had their entire flying junkyard in the sky, it would only mean that JU is 50% bigger than YM.

    3. Anonymous12:09

      The size of the company is not only measured by the number of operating airplanes (but one of the important) but also by the number of passengers. It is far from being the truth that Jat is 10 times bigger than YM. YM results for 2012 was 601000 passenger and JU had around 1,3 million. JU has many more destinations covering from their hub than YM , JU has less airplanes that they need and YM has more. JU is getting new airplanes now and it is expected JU will significantly increase the number of passengers in this year. As mentioned above 10 times is not realistic but JU is much much bigger than YM

  3. Anonymous17:47

    Today there are six (!) flights SJJ-IST
    3x with TK and 2x with Pegasus and 1x with B&H.

    That is incredible frequency even for Sarajevo.
    Is there overcapacity on the route and a bloodbath of costs or are the flights all well booked and profitable?
    Also which aircraft do they send on this route?
    Thanks in advance...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi there.

      Planes on the Sarajevo - Istanbul route TODAY:

      08:50 TK1022 - Airbus A 320

      10:00 JA106 - AT7

      14:10 TK1024 - Boeing 737 - 800

      16:05 PC730 - Boeing 737 - 800

      20:35 TK1026 - Boeing 737 - 800

      20:50 PC 1023 - Boeing 737 - 800

      In 2013, more then 300.000 passengers will be carried on Sarajevo - Istanbul - Sarajevo route.

      At the moment, this is the MOST BUSIEST ROUTE in FORMER JUGOSLAVIA!

    3. Anonymous20:42

      This is massive!!!
      I dont think Turkish and Pegasus sends all those planes if they dont get them full.
      So congrats to Sarajevo for the most impressive frequency and capacity on a single route in the whole Ex Yu and probably the whole of Europe!

      And i always thought Belgrade is overserved by Turkish airlines...
      It seems now i thought very very wrong .

      Actually i can see enough demand in Sarajevo for
      two additional flights by Turkish and Pegasus.

      Eight times daily....sounds crazy for the uninformed
      but with better knowledge only a matter of time!

    4. Bosnian03:44

      Sarajevo is much better then many idiots think.

  4. Anonymous19:01

    Nobody interested in Sarajevo..
    dont think any Bosnian is reading the blog.

    1. Sure, I am Bosnian from Sarajevo and I DO read this blog!

    2. Anonymous19:24

      @ Anonymus 7.01 pm
      I am Bosnian, and can you imagine, Bosnian Serb (!?) and still interested in news from all over ex YU, therefore including SJJ, you ignorant a.....

      @ Anonymus 5.47 pm

      I do not know is there genuine demand for six flights a days, but there is certainly demand. furthermore, Pegasus is doing great on this route, they offer a very good product for what they are, LCC, good prices and luggage included in original price. Pegasus flies mainly 737-800, one of the newest fleets in the world, I think they haven't got older plane than 3-4 years. B&H is ATR, the only one they have. As for Turkish Airlines, I assume they send 737-800 most of the time.

    3. There is demand of aprox. 5 dailiy flights on Sarajevo - Istanbul - Sarajevo route with some 500 - 700 passengers a day.
      In 2012, there were 290.000 passengers on this route.
      In 2013, JA, TK and PC will carrie more then 320.000 passengers from Sarajevo to Istanbul and back.

      You are right, TK flies with 737-800 as wall as PC. B&H Airlines flies with their ATR72.


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