Summer 2013
Croatia Airlines

Summer changes for Croatia Airlines

Croatia Airlines launched it’s scaled down 2013 summer season timetable last Sunday which sees a significant reduction in frequencies and the suspension of several routes. It comes as the carrier looks to cut costs and is left with one aircraft less compared to last summer.

The majority of the airline’s frequency reductions are to be felt in Zagreb. Flights to Istanbul and Podgorica have been suspended while there will no longer be direct flights from the Croatian capital to London Gatwick either (flights will operate from Split only). However, the airline maintains eight weekly flights to Heathrow. Services to Priština have also been halved. Furthermore, there will no longer be nonstop flights from Zagreb to Rome, instead, all will operate via Split or Dubrovnik. Services to Brussels will receive a four weekly frequency boost.

With the exception of the Istanbul suspension, there will be no major changes in the airline’s operations from Dubrovnik. From Split, Croatia Airlines will introduce a one weekly service to Kassel in Germany, thus becoming the only scheduled airline to operate flights to the German city. Furthermore, a one weekly seasonal flight to Amsterdam will be launched. The carrier has cancelled its seasonal flights from Split to Hamburg. Planned flights from Dubrovnik to Dresden, Pula to Hamburg and Paris and Zadar to Paris and Zurich have all been cancelled.

By clicking on the links below, you can review the 2013 summer season changes in more detail. Note that the tables display the peak weekly frequencies for each destination during the summer (keep this in mind especially for domestic flights within Croatia).


  1. Anonymous09:20

    I am surprised they are reducing Zurich flights. I thought it would be a destination that could fly twice a day, at least in summer.

    So finally they are totally suspending Gatwick flights?

    1. Anonymous09:23

      They have suspended LGW from ZAG. They have linked it with flights from SPU but it requires an aircraft change and they are different flight numbers so it’s not like the ZAG-SPU-FCO flights for example. In my opinion their timetable is not looking great this summer (from ZAG).

    2. Anonymous09:41

      Thank you for the clarification. So are they selling ZAG-LGW via Split? I doubt many would find this appealing.

      By the way, to me it seems as if all these cancellations are due to more than just one A320 leaving the fleet. Are they suspending some Zagreb flights in favour of the coastal flights?

    3. Anonymous21:00

      They only a dozen flights per week, not really a big deal, 600 flights per week, 80 000 passengers tops, OU will hit 2. million pax this year easily with 3-5% growth this year.

  2. Anonymous09:41

    Thankyou for publishing the Croatia Airlines summer schedule;-). Its just nice to compare all the different ex-yu airlines in one place!

  3. Anonymous11:34

    OT: Adria will soon open new base in Tirana. First route will be TIA - FRA :)

    1. Anonymous11:52

      Unless they end up being closed by the European Commission.

    2. Anonymous17:36

      Adria is such a strange airline
      : (

    3. Anonymous20:26

      Adria is not strange at all ...
      In fact this strategy of Adria is the right thing at the right time!
      A feeder airline for Lufthansa which connects all the cities of the Southern Balkans to FRA and MUC.

      And its nothing new - Air Dolomiti does the exact same thing since many years.

    4. Anonymous05:40

      Yes but the main difference is that Air Dolomiti is not bleeding cash and is not on life support. On the other hand, Adria is.

  4. Anonymous18:28

    corrections for SPU ...
    in 2012 FCO never been 8 x weekly only daily
    and AMS was every saturday with Dash-8


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