Terminal one reconstruction for Belgrade

New look for Belgrade’s terminal one building

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has announced plans to reconstruct its terminal one building, as work on the modernisation and expansion of its facilities at terminal two continue. Terminal one, used by low cost and charter airlines for check-in purposes, will be fully reconstructed. While check-in at terminal one is done independently, passengers continue to use terminal two for security and boarding. With the reconstruction of terminal one, all procedures will be separated from the terminal two building. Furthermore, a new arrivals area at terminal one will be built, thus separating passengers using low cost and full fare airlines. New departure gates will also be constructed as passengers using low cost and charter airlines will no longer board their aircraft via air bridges. Instead, they will be bussed to their aircraft.

Terminal one interior

The reconstruction is expected to further reduce costs for no frill airlines such as Wizz Air, Pegasus and easyJet. Currently, the passenger tax for airlines using terminal one is lower to that of terminal two. During last summer, Jat Airways moved its flights to Tivat, Podgorica, Girona, Monastir, Pula, Dubrovnik and Split to terminal one. Earlier this year, Jat requested for terminal one to be handed over to them and become a dedicated terminal used exclusively by the national carrier. The request has been denied by airport authorities.

Terminal one in 1964

Terminal one opened on April 28, 1962. Currently, the airport is in the process of expanding its terminal two building. In late February, Serbia’s busiest airport began the expansion of its C apron by adding four extra parking spaces for commercial aircraft. The C apron, used by terminal two, features six air bridges. The added parking spaces will be used by smaller regional jets and will increase capacity by 17%. The investment is worth 2.6 million euros. Over the next three years the airport will invest over 40 million euros into its expansion, which will include the construction of an additional third level at terminal two.


  1. Anonymous10:46

    Just for all those interested in the JU-EY development. Not a single code share flight number has been put in place yet. Usually, well, when professional airlines announce such a commercial agreement the code shares appear soonest in the GDS, because sales-wise every minute counts!

    1. Anonymous10:57

      And that is because Etihad was just joking on that press conference in Belgrade, right? You know, even though Jat is a ridiculous company, Etihad most certainly is not...

    2. Purger11:00

      I try to buy Belgrade-Abu Dhabi-New York (13th July – 27th July) yesterday and it did not want to give me that opportunity. And there should be code-share on that route.

      So instead I will use Zagreb-Istanbul-New York which was the best option for 791 EUR (even much cheaper than LCC Norwegian or Rouge Venice-Toronto).

    3. Anonymous11:14

      Of course Etihad was not joking, and of course they are not ridiculous company. But this shows how unimportant this code-share is for them. What is such a big deal to put code-share in live? One day of work for 2 employees. And still it is not on!

      They have 41 code-share agreements, 18 in Europe, most of them strategic or more important for them. So, stop dreaming that this is even important for Etihad, for them it is just one more feeding contract. For Jat it is existential but don't dream that they will really transfer passenger from Abu Dhabi via BEG to VIE, CPH etc. as can be read on this blog. Yes, they will do it in middle of July or beginning of August when all other code-share connections are occupied, but in rest part of year they will use Air Berlin, Air France, Alitalia, KLM, flybe etc.

    4. Anonymous11:54

      It's funny to watch how badly you people don't want this deal to happen.

    5. Anonymous12:59

      Dear Purger, you can book your flight on Aeroflot from Belgrade for 600E only. Flying to Abu Dhabi would mean serious backtracking and i wasn't expecting them to sell those places (surprised they announced they would), however we might soon see the flights to New York on-sale with Air Berlin so be a little patient.

      However i would strongly advise you against transiting via IST cause it is an unbelievable mess especially for a person like you, trust me, you might regret it.

    6. Anonymous13:11

      Anon@11:14 It is sad to see you don't have better things to do on a beautiful Sunday as this. For all your worries and inquiries you can go directly to etihad.com website and see the destinations available from Belgrade. They include all geographically-logical destinations, including those that are part of the code-share with Jat. So i don't get your argument.

      Etihad never promised they'll fly and sell tickets to NYC from Belgrade, but that Air Berlin might soon start flights to Belgrade, continuing to New York city and other North-American destinations. Another option once Serbia gets CAT1, would be to launch flights AUH-BEG-JFK, which is actually even more likely. Stay put, stay cool. Cheers.

    7. Anonymous13:18

      NOT ANY SINGLE European destination is bookable with Etihad from New York or any other place in the United States, codeshare or no codeshare. It was stupid of you to even think it would. The only possibility is as the previous person described it, a flight starting in AUH with a stop in BEG, period.

    8. Purger14:01

      Well they announce code-share in Belgrade-Abu Dhabi-New York route! And if that is true what you wrote here, than they made mistake.

      Concerning BEG-SVO-JFK-SVO-BEG, thank you for your halp, but the cheapest price on their web page is 850 EUR for those dates. Even if it is 600 EUR I have to spend money for traveling to BEG and that is 260 EUR (800 km x 0,2 EUR/km for gas = 160 EUR + 50 EUR toll + 50 EUR for 14 days parking). As there are 3 of us it is just 300 EUR less on that option, and for sure I will fly from ZAG for 300 EUR more (using car also cost money, I don’t have to drive, risk of leaving car with ZG plates in open parking in Belgrade).

      But as I mentioned price via SVO is 850 (so 60 EUR more per passanger), not 600 as you wrote.

      My experience with IST is OK. Not the best, but nothing spectacularly bad.

    9. BA88814:06

      Hey Purger, you have BA from ZAG...

      I am sure they have a flight or two to USA?

    10. Anonymous14:13

      For Purger:


    11. Stratospheric14:15

      Purger, i work at BEG airport and know where you can leave your car for free. I'm serious. In the case you decide to go from Belgrade let me know.

    12. Purger15:01

      Stratospheric, thank you. I will use that for sure in near future. And beer is coming with me.

      Concerning BA and others prices are:

      Zagreb - New York - Zagreb

      13.7. tamo
      26.7. nazad

      1. Turkish ZAG-IST-JFK-IST-ZAG 791 EUR

      2. Lufthansa ZAG-FRA-JFK-MUC-ZAG 908 EUR

      3. United ZAG-FRA-JFK-FRA-ZAG 919 EUR

      4. LOT VIE-WAW-JFK-WAW-VIE 836 EUR + benzin i cestarina ZAG-VIE-ZAG + parkiranje na VIE

      5. KLM VIE-AMS-JFK-AMS-VIE 861 EUR + benzin i cestarina ZAG-VIE-ZAG + parkiranje na VIE

      6. KLM ZAG-AMS-JFK-AMS-ZAG 1.009 EUR

      7. British ZAG-LHR-JFK-LHR-ZAG 1.075 EUR

      8. Austrian ZAG-VIE-JFK-VIE-ZAG 1.173 EUR (uzgled to je 18 EUR jeftinije nego VIE-JFK-VIE)

      9. Air France ZAG-CDG-JFK-CDG-ZAG 1.204 EUR

      10. Virgin Atlantic LHR-JFK-LHR 814 GBP + trošak ZAG-LHR-ZAG

      I dva enormna i totalna razocarenja:

      LCC Norwegian CPH-JFK-CPH 1.199,80 EUR (najpovoljnija opcija, no datumi da se moze ostati u New Yorku samo 7 dana, je 913 EUR, no na to treba dodati i trošak ZAG-CPH-ZAG)

      LCC Rouge Venice-Toronto-Venice 1.400,00 USD!!!!!!!!!

      I to bez dodatnih trošaka za prtljagu. Pa kakvi su to LCC????? Bitno skuplje od konkurencije!

      I na kraju još jedan šok. Legacy carrieri i LCC na liniji New York (JFK ili EWR) - Las Vegas imaju gotovo iste cijene (od 450 do 500 USD za povratnu kartu) i to svih 5 prijevoznika na toj liniji:

      Virgin America

    13. Anonymous15:23

      Ok, so if just to look at the ticket, from BEG it seems being the cheapest, especially if 3 people are travelling. The lowcosts are actually becoming less and less low-costs. They've ruined a number of legacy carriers but now offering us with a sub-par service for the same or higher amount of money.

    14. Stratospheric15:25

      Purger, you're welcome. Please write me to oscarleman2@gmail.com at least few days before, i can't disclose my information here but we can talk over the mail. Best greetings.

    15. Anonymous15:32

      PS: On your exact dates (+/-1) it is 676 Eur. from BEG and you get to fly the new Aeroflot's 777. Would be nice to see you anyway and have a talk. Cheers.


    16. Anonymous16:05

      Well Purger i don't know what this guy is saying (no offence) but on your dates the lowest price from Belgrade is 700E on Lufthansa, while from Zagreb it is 888E on Turkish.

    17. Purger11:06

      Well I did find Turkish for 791 EUR.

      Thanks you all for help. For sure it is a great help. I will decide it in next 2-3 days.

  2. Anonymous10:46

    Ima li nekih slika/skica kako ce to ubuduce izgledati nakon renoviranja?

  3. Anonymous10:48

    Thank god! Terminal 1 is total shit-house. Like time-transfer from 1960's. Totally opposite than terminal 2! When you walk throw this little corridor between two terminals is like you change 50 years of time. Especially that "mural" over main entrance. Even rebuild Zagreb airport is New York for terminal 1!

    But after rebuild it could be something. Congratulations Belgrade!

    1. Anonymous12:54

      Actually, i find the murals very beautiful and think it would be a pity if they were removed. They're the symbol of Terminal 1 in the same way as the machine-boards are for Terminal 2. They could fit perfectly in a more modern layout.

    2. Anonymous14:04

      No, no, no... I did not say it is bad, I just want to point bad condition of that mural.

    3. Anonymous14:49

      Actually, as regards T2, I loved the old green and black T2 with lots of open space and funky industrial design. Nowadays, T2 is a cheap imitation of "modern" airport, just serving its purpose, but not being beautiful in any way, shape or form.

      International arrivals is especially dire, like a third world bus station - no pun intended.

    4. Anonymous15:15


      I share the same opinion. When you walk from the gates C1-C3 onto the C4-C6 gates that didn't "suffer" from renovation still, you feel so much better and it looks so much more interesting. It is cosy actually and as you say "funky industrial". If well mainteained, it could have remained a relic of old architecture. The space is perfectly functional anyway. The old rubber floors were so much more comfortable to walk on them over the actual ones and maintaining them was cheaper. Now this is nothng but a pale-copy of what a Western airport is supposed to be like. Looks empty and sterile. The metal seats are so rudimentary, there is no even plants in the terminal, no decoration whattsoever.

      Disgraceful on what the money has been wasted.

  4. Anonymous12:09

    Serbia’s busiest airport. Also Serbia’s only airport.

    1. Anonymous13:02

      Actually, not. There is INI, KVO and PRN as Serbian airports, besides TGD and TIV which are temporarily detached from their homeland, same as PRN. Cool boy.

    2. Anonymous15:04

      @Anonymous 1:02
      Do you live in a cave?

    3. Nikola16:35

      don't be ridiculous. everybody knows that international airports in Serbia (without Kosovo) are:
      BEG, INI and Vršac (though it doesn't have IATA code, only LYVR). Kraljevo is in the process of obtaining status of international airport. with Kosovo, add PRN to the list (I just don't know where are you from)

  5. Anonymous13:24

    not trying to make a political statement out of it, but PRN is no longer a Serbian airport

    1. Anonymous13:43

      Last time it was a Serbian airport was in 1389.

    2. Anonymous13:28

      LOL, yep, PRN is no longer Serbian airport, its independent country now, you guys need a wake up, even your own government now recognizes this to be the fact, so move on.

      Belgrade is really only proper airport in Serbia, Nis is still small, not sure you can call it a real airport.

  6. Nikola16:21

    does anyone know something about tomorrow JAT's flight JU1302/1303 to St. Petersburg?

    1. Anonymous07:10

      Charter flight for Easter holidays. All holiday packages to Russia have been sold out.

    2. Nikola09:12

      ok, thanks

  7. EK77717:08

    The croat dude is taking out his anger and frastruations. The flight times do not allow any north american connections because you would arrive too late in Abu Dhabi. On the way back you arrive very late so your morning connection left. Those are asian and australian connections which will steal many pax from croatia and the rest.

    1. Anonymous01:36

      I believe "the Croat dude" was genuinely curious about the C2-C1 connection via the Middle East. It would be a first, plus, they did announce it in the press release - it was clearly "a possibility to fly on EY metal from BEG to AUH to JFK". I was looking for those tickets myself. However strange due to backtracking, if their flights are not full, it might be a profitable service.

      But, obviously, someone made a mistake there - and no, it wasn't JU or Serbian media, this was EY's PR - or this is yet to happen. Or they are considering something like AUH-BEG-JFK, but this is clearly not what the press release said.

  8. Anonymous19:51

    Why would I fly into Belgrade if I'm travelling to Cro...after more than 20 hrs of flying last thing I would do is travel by car from Belgrade to Cro or other parts of Western Balkans. Also, guys...[having a licence to be an international airport doesn't necessarily make it an international airport...apart from being just a fact a true international airport actually does just that...connects you conveniently to all parts of the world with more than one option...period.

    1. Anonymous01:40

      Why would you fly to any airport which is not your final destination, only to drive there? Well, two reasons: frequent connections and better service (I don't think BEG and ZAG differ significantly here), or the price.

      Now, if you don't care about the money, I suggest C fares from your hometown. But if you do, then it might be prudent to consider neighboring airports. And then, if there is actually a difference, you get to decide whether that money is worth the extra time, effort and expenses.

      I guess this is a personal call for each of us. Someone might be willing to fork out extra $200 to fly from their hometown, someone will travel for $20.

  9. Doot03:01

    why does it cost less in airport taxes if the airline doesn't use a jet bridge?

    Doesn't it cost more for the airport bussing the passengers to the plane?

    1. Anonymous07:07

      I think it has to do with the fact that using a jet bridge is considered a luxury according to airline standards.
      When it comes to Belgrade, they board them without the bus. The only time I had to use the bus it was when we landed from Athens on Olympic and they drove us to the passport control right away.

    2. Anonymous08:05

      Two things - jet bridges are actually considered a premium service, so airlines pay more just to be able to use them. But this is/should be an issue at the airports that reach their jet bridges capacity - BEG is nowhere near that with 16 of them.

      And while jet bridges are cheaper to operate, if you calculate in the investment in infrastructure, bussing the pax might actually be cheaper. But, if the bridges are already there and been paid for, it makes no sense to use the bus.

      This is where turnaround time comes in, as planes can save time by not using the jet bridge (it does not require pushback plus they can stay closer to the taxiway at busy airports).

      At BEG, the only reason I see is a possibility to charge premium for jet bridges and absolutely nothing else. Today, they need to have a single (low) price for all legacy carriers and LCCs and they probably think they can improve their financials like this. So, while charging less, they will actually be spending more for buses.


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