Wizz Air from Tuzla to Basel

Wizz Air expands Tuzla offer

Wizz Air has announced the launch of its second destination from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s third largest city, Tuzla. The low cost airline will launch services from Tuzla to Basel Mulhouse from June 15. Flights are set to operate twice per week, every Tuesday and Saturday. The services will come in handy for the sizable Bosnian diaspora in Switzerland but also those in nearby Germany and France. Additional flight details for the planned new route can be found here. The low cost airline has already put tickets on sale on its website.

The news comes only a week after Wizz Air announced it was launching its first flights to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The airline will inaugurate services from Malmo to Tuzla on May 31. The no frills airline expects to carry up to 30.000 passengers from Tuzla in its first year. The service will also boost passenger numbers at Tuzla Airport which handled 4.191 passengers in 2012, its worst result in more than three years.

With the addition of Bosnia and Herzegovina to its network, Wizz Air will operate more than 260 routes across 31 countries. This summer season, the airline will boast a significant network from the former Yugoslavia. In the table below you can review which destinations the no frills airline will be serving from EX-YU cities.

EX-YU airportDestination(s)
BelgradeBasel, Beauvais, Charleroi, Dortmund, Eindhoven, Gothenburg, London Luton, Malmo, Memmingen, Oslo Torp, Stockholm Skavsta, Corfu, Rhodes
SkopjeBasel, Bergamo, Dortmund, Eindhoven, Gothenburg, London Luton, Malmo, Memmingen, Stockholm Skavsta, Treviso
LjubljanaCharleroi, London Luton
TuzlaBasel, Malmo
SplitLondon Luton


  1. Anonymous09:12

    Hmm I wonder if they plan on adding more flights from Ljubljana?

    Also, is there any reason why they are not flying into Zagreb? Seems it is the only big town missing from their network.

    1. Anonymous16:53

      They used to fly to ZAG from Luton for about 2 years, some 3-4 years ago. They withdrown from ZAG after Easyjet arrival. In this summer season there are 3 daily flights from ZAG to both LHR and LGW, one each daily by Croatia, British and Easy. If we add to that direct (mostly daily) flights from ALL coastal croatian airports to various airports in London, these 3 flights daily for Zagreb city only, are more than enough, and frankly speaking, Wizz is not as good as any of the three operating London from Zagreb. Hope you are satisfied with the answer.

    2. Anonymous17:05

      The above was about the service to London that they used to operate. Why they don't connect ZAG to any other destinations, possible answers are the following :
      a) ZAG market is not primarily LCC oriented
      b) ZAG have bigger taxes than other
      airports in region
      c) Eastern european dominantly Wizz emitive
      markets don't target ZAG
      d) LCC ZAG passengers have huge choice of
      LCC options from PUY,RJK,ZAD,GRZ which
      are all 2 hours drive from ZAG.
      Hope you are satisfied with this answer, too.

    3. Anonymous18:19

      Wizzair suspended Zagreb ,because they got no subsidies...
      Without subsidies they will have to close Skopje and Tuzla also.
      Wizzair is not competitive at all.

    4. Anonymous20:46

      I don't think that WIZZ will have to close Skopje base and stop flying from SKP.
      If you are watching wizz statistics from Skopje then you will see that they are constantly growing ,if wizz open the lines that Macedonians are asking (like Paris, Moscow, Prague, Barcelona or Madrid, Berlin and so on) then wizz will continue growing with passengers from Macedonia ,plus Ohrid as their new destination in Macedonia will be great opportunity for them. With the current growth and new lines they wont stop flying from SKP when the subsidies will stop and i guarantee you this .

  2. Anonymous09:26

    Basel - Tuzla will be operated with BEG based plane, Tuesdays and Thursdays will go BEG- BSL-TZL-BSL-BEG. Well done, amazing thing for such a small airport, dare I say almost without any traffic, this will mean putting it on the map of the airports. If Wizzair could just organise one route from OMO and BNX, that would be simply amazing. Apparently ticket on Tuzla- Malmo route are already being sold after only a week, so I assume there is demand.

  3. Anonymous10:56

    Well, they cancelled BEG-FCO but opened TZL-BSL instead, operating on the same days FCO flights were to be operated..

    1. Anonymous11:28

      So there is a possibility that the Tuzla flights will be operated by a Serbian speaking crew?

    2. Anonymous11:31

      Yes, there will be serbian speaking crew definitely which is good.

    3. Anonymous11:46

      It is a shame that wiz air is taking a part of aviation bussines from Bosnia and still they do not hire any Bosnian crew for their operations. By this I dont mean only crew but other departments also. This only goes to show that Bosnia is not governed like it should be. Open sky is good but with equal opportunities for all.

  4. Anonymous11:10

    Great news!

  5. Anonymous11:37

    Such a great news! well done wizzair.
    Hopefully INI is their next destination. One Basel route and maybe Malan. They can do it this time with a SKP based plane. ex. SKP-BSL-INI-BSL-SKP ;)

  6. Anonymous18:26

    I love how Wizzy is cannibalizing its Belgrade base by opening bases
    all around!
    Wizz already is dominating BEG too much and thus hindering other airlines to get foot on there.
    Wizz to Malmö 6x a week versus Norwegian only once a week from Copenhague...
    you see what i mean.

  7. Anonymous11:15

    Great news for TZ!

    1. Anonymous11:56

      It would be even betther if someone from TZ could get a job in Wizz air. We also have crews and engineers. This is a same thing like with illegal taxi transport. They come and take away bussines in Bosnia and than pay the taxes in another country. What's more they are subsidized. BHDCA should not have allowed this unles they employ our own people too like in Serbia. For now they are employing only from EU and Serbia.

  8. Anonymous23:48

    They always need local (subcontracted) staff and spinn off effect is much bigger then just aviation jobs. .....If Wizz TZL operations continue to grow at current speed it could well become a base.
    TZL airport should focus on could bus connections, decent, reliable and affordable taxi services and cheap parking. So far they earn a thumbs up!


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