Adria to focus on Serbia and Albania

Adria plans forthe future

Mark Anžur, the acting CEO of Adria Airways, says he believes the Slovenian national carrier can survive in the industry without a strategic partner and adds the airline mast focus on emerging markets in the Balkans such as Serbia and Albania. Adria operates flights from Ljubljana to both Tirana and Belgrade. Recently Mr. Anžur revealed plans to open a base in Tirana with an inaugural service to Frankfurt. “We must launch flights to new destinations such as Berlin, provide additional connections to Russia and the Balkans and focus on opening new flights to Serbia and Albania”, Mr. Anžur said.

The airline’s CEO believes the carrier can survive without a strategic partner and has no need to be privatised. This is despite the fact that the Slovenian government earmarked the privatisation of Adria as part of its new austerity measures, outlined last week, in order for the country to avoid a European Union bailout package for its struggling banking sector. “If I had money I would invest in Adria”, Mr. Anžur says. He continues, “Our first quarter results are encouraging. Our revenue is up 2.6 million euros. More and more I am convinced Adria can survive on its own”. Mr. Anžur believes it is essential for Adria to focus on the travel and leisure markets as it currently relies too much on business travellers. “We will never be Ryanair. We need to create some sort of a hybrid model”, he concludes.

Adria will soon lease two Airbus jets to replace the A319s it will be leasing to Jat Airways. Since Serbia’s national carrier does not have enough time to train its crew for the Airbus jets by June, Adria will provide both pilots and onboard crew to Jat over the next few months. As a result, Adria’s leasing agreement is becoming increasingly profitable to the Slovenian carrier.


Adria Airways will operate some of Croatia Airlines’ flights tomorrow as the Croatian carrier prepares for a general strike by its staff. On behalf of Croatia Airlines, Adria’s jets will operate services from Zagreb to Paris, Dubrovnik, Brussels and Priština as well as the Pula - Erfurt service.


  1. Anonymous09:14

    They should try flying from INI direct to few European destinations due to their fleet type this forgotten airports could be profitable..

  2. Anonymous09:18

    ja ne bih adriji dozvolio vise letova iz beograda ili pak spravljenje baze ovde. ukoliko zeli, moze se fokusirati na nis... beg je sasvim solidno servisiran od strane jat-a i ostalih kompanija. jedino sto mu fale interkontinentalne direktne rute..

    1. Anonymous09:39

      Nis is Nis.

    2. Anonymous16:33

      How is the load on the the Trieste - Niš route?
      Do you have any information?

  3. Purger09:23

    Did I say that leasing of 6 aircraft is Jatovanje?

    1. I thesis: Jat can not finish type rate in time for summer season. Because of that they will have to pay extra money because their pilots and crew will sit at home doing nothing while foreign pilots and crew will fly Airbuses

    Since Serbia’s national carrier does not have enough time to train its crew for the Airbus jets by June, Adria will provide both pilots and onboard crew to Jat over the next few months.

    2. theses:
    Because they did nothing in end of 2012 and beginning do 2013 they will have to spend a much more money for leasing aircrafts and it is questionable if they will even succeed.

    As a result, Adria’s leasing agreement is becoming increasingly profitable to the Slovenian carrier.

    So result:
    1. Adrias' crew will fly for Jat and Jat pilots and crew will get salaries for doing nothing.

    2. Leasing was very expensive (for that money Adria will lease another 2 planes and get nice profit)

    3. After all they will lease just 2 planes out of 6.

    4. Jat will lose at least 10 million EUR because of that deal.

    And I was idiot in January when I predict that scenario?

    1. Anonymous10:08

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Anonymous10:35

      I didn't enjoy reading your comments, but I must agree that you were right about Jat and that certainly you are not an idiot (?!). Yesterday most JAT flights were delayed for several hours, Aviogenex 732 was announced to fly Jat flights, then dissapeared... again today scheduled for STR and TXL...

    3. JATBEGMEL10:58

      I think the main problem in JAT was Vladimir Ognjenovic. Before he left there was report of him signing a damaging deal with JP where ALL Adria crew would be involved in the temporary wet lease of crew to JAT when the A319's arrive. That means that the salaries of JP crew as well as accomodation would be paid for by JAT. Mr Vukasinovic comes from some sort of an aviation background and would be interested to see what he will do by years end.

      As for the AGX B732, it was yesterday doing zone flights and was several times seen over Novi Beograd. It has come back from its C checks at CDG the other day where it was also fitted with half JAT (old) and half AGX seats. Hopefully today it will be operating for JAT.

      @ purger

      nicely written, and its the sad reality of living in Serbia with an incompetant government who has placed incompetant people to run the airline. Hopefully this is somewhat a new start to some better days for the airline.

    4. Anonymous10:58

      Purger was predicted this and everyone here was blind because of promising, as it was first promise from Jat! When everything is black you need someone to tell you fairy tales.

      So, guy was right and we all call him idiot. And now? Idiots are those incompetent in Jat, and we are like in Balašević story «Krivi smo mi što smo ih slušali...».

      Let me remind you that Purger asks us one question:

      «How will you manage this ambitious time-table with just 2 planes to start flying in July (out of 6 planed to start flying in March)» Even now in May we have delays and problems. And what will happen in June, July, August?

  4. BA88809:25


    I am looking forward seeing equipment on my LHR-BEG flightt mid June!

  5. Anonymous09:57

    So far today the following JAT flights have been late.

    JU 382 Sched:14:30(12.05) Arr:06:01(13.05) 15hrs
    JU 209 Sched:00:55(12.05) Arr:02:40(13.05) 2.5hrs
    JU 444 Sched:21:20(12.05) Dpt:01:30(13.05) 4hrs

    and these are the ones that have been delayed,

    JU 346 Sched:08:05 Dpt:10:30 2.5hrs
    JU 346 Sched:10:30 Dpt:11:45 1hrs
    JU 350 Sched:12:50 Dpt:13:45 1hrs

    If JAT planes are being grounded because of not paying airport fees, they should be focusing on fixing that problem rather than an overpriced wet lease from Adria.

  6. Anonymous10:08

    They are late because 2 jets are out of service. Has nothing to do with any sort of fees and the deal with Adria is not a wet leaae.

    1. Anonymous10:24

      "Since Serbia’s national carrier does not have enough time to train its crew for the Airbus jets by June, Adria will provide both pilots and onboard crew to Jat over the next few months. As a result, Adria’s leasing agreement is becoming increasingly profitable to the Slovenian carrier."

      If Adria provides planes, pilots and cabin crew to JAT, that is a wet lease. Remember that Adria staff get paid in euros so they are going to cost a hell of a lot more than the JAT staff would.

      And why would 2 busted planes cause 4 flights to be delayed? they put 5 737 in the air between 8:30 & 9:50, so they can't have that many planes down.

    2. Anonymous11:03

      It is not a wet lease. The crew is being provided through a separate agreement while JUs crew gets trained. Once that happens Adria’s crew leaves and the leasing agreement is for 3 years.

    3. JATBEGMEL11:07

      @ anonymous

      5 B733's are not enough for the schedule that JAT has made for this season. This is the reason why major delays are happening. As well, alot of flights have been cancelled this month due to a lack of aircraft to operate them. Remember, the age of the fleet is not helping either, and that these aircraft need to be attended to more often than the newer types.

    4. Anonymous11:13

      How many jets does JAT have actually flying right now?

    5. Anonymous11:35

      so they have a dry lease for planes, and a separate wet lease for staff. That makes much more sense.

    6. Anonymous11:40

      You can thank ground handler Ognjenovic for that and his moron chief of cabinet

    7. JATBEGMEL12:49

      2 ATR72's are flying, YU-ALN and YU-ALP with YU-ALO out of service.

      According to flightradar24.com, yesterday's B733 fleet flew the following routes:

      * YU-AND - ZRH, SVO, TGD
      * YU-ANF - did not fly
      * YU-ANH - did not fly
      * YU-ANI - did not fly
      * YU-ANJ - FCO, 2 x LHR
      * YU-ANK - DUS, FRA, TXL, SVO
      * YU-ANL - AMS, CDG, LCA TLV
      * YU-ANV - did not fly
      * YU-AON - did not fly

      JU 114 to SKP was also cancelled, scheduled to operate as B733. According to flightradar24.com, JAT is operating 5 B733's (YU-AND, J, K, L and W).

      Only YU-ANI had a recent flight history according to the website, last flying 18.04.2013 on JU420 to IST. As for YU-AON, I flew it on september last year on JU108 to SJJ, and was reported to have ben removed from service in october or november last year for spare parts. YU-AON cabin was in horrible condition, the worst I have flown with JAT.

    8. Anonymous14:23

      So Jat currently has a smaller fleet than Croatia, Adria and Montenegro.

    9. Anonymous18:49

      YU-ANH will never fly again. It is being scrapped...YU-ANF, AON, and ANV seen only the end of last year. So 5 ac are out for sure (includiing the above ANI info)!

  7. Anonymous10:20

    It was a wide practice of the Slovenian Industries to refuse outsiders in the past-we are witnesses nowadays where this has lead the Slovenian economy.
    The new Adria CEO repeats the same story - some economies obviously never learn.

  8. Anonymous10:25

    Pipl mast trast as :)

  9. Anonymous10:45

    As I wrote before Adria is not interested for partners.
    Status quo is the best for Adria corruption Slovernia style.
    Money sure business who cares.
    Just fake (not writing all) the annual reports make them readeble to outsider. Adria practice.

    Throwing taxpayers money into Adria fat "managers" and friends pockets.
    It was alwqays like this.

    Stop corruption!

    The airline’s CEO believes the carrier can survive without a strategic partner and has no need to be privatised.

  10. Anonymous13:26

    JAT Airways is in total chaos and disarray since yesterday with dozens of flights cancelled, delays running by 1,2,4,6 hours. I must say that JAT Airways is reflecting the picture of serbian history and economy since 1989. Nothing has been build or rebuild. Just repaired, patchworked, and or destroyed beyond recognition that was built or achieved by whowever was in charge before. It even proofs that communist rule was better organized then this tragicomedy that we face nowadays!

  11. Anonymous13:35

    I'm surprised nobody commented so far on Mr. Anzur's statement that Adria should focus on emerging markets in Balkans (Serbia and Albania/Kosovo). What do you think this could bean. I don't think Serbian government would allow them to open the base in Belgrade and go head to head with Jat on some routes.What do you think?

  12. Anonymous14:08

    So does somebody still believe in the fairy tails about Etihad, leasing planes with EY help, getting crew trained in 2 weeks, bla bla. It was a few weeks dream till comes the day in the very early season with not enough planes for flying. This whole summer will be a total mess.
    And about JP I do agree with Anzur hey can survive without a strategic partner but not without the state whose finances are over. So the point- they can't survive on their own! But if the stupidity and incompetence of JAT goes on maybe they can survive only with deals with them:-))

    1. Anonymous15:36

      You are twisting things. EY never said they would help Jat lease planes they said they would help Jat solve its 1998 order for Airbus planes.

    2. Purger21:06

      Sure EY never said that. I also pointed that.

      Problem is that most of people "had a dream" and act as EY was not just saying that but already signed contract with Jat about help of leasing Airbuses. And of course it was just a dream and those who try to wake up them from that dream were named idiots.

      And let me just be totally clear. I am really sorry that it happened like this. I would be happy if I was wrong. But waiting and doing nothing till last second (March) was showing that this leasing would be total fiasco.

      Now, this leasing is not such a big deal. One of fiasco in so many Jat fiascos (what was named Jatovanje). But do not destroy last chance for Jat and Serbian air traffic, which you have in Etihad interest. Unfortunately, you are so regular in destruction your chances, that I am so afraid you will do it this time again. For sure Etihad experts will not be happy how you made this fiasco with leasing, but do what ever you can or Etihad will ask you, because you will have no more chances. Destroy this one and Jat is dead!

    3. JATBEGMEL04:39

      @ purger

      EY is still looking into whether buying/investing into JAT is worth while or not. I like your thinking, and value your contribution and thoughts in this blog. EY's vision into JAT is one thing and its full plan I don't think will come to light for at least a year, if it does it will take time to see, but if it doesn't than it is something we will never know. EY is transforming from a dependant state airline to a self sufficient profitable company, and its involvment in JAT could be very possitive mainly for JAT with EY to gain a bit as well. Until then, unfortunately it will be the Belgrade circus running the show from more disbelief to another, fulfilled with mismanagement, empty words, unreliable fleet, ambigious scheduling with nothing to support it etc. Suggest you make some popcorn, it will be either a comedy or action packed, hopefully the later! Its not funny what is happening to the airline, not when my taxes pay for the trash that has become of the airline. Prestao sam letiti JAT-om vec odavno, niti imam strpljenje za neizvesnoscu da l' ce moj let poletiti ili ne, ili imati zakasnjenje od ko zna koliko sati, ni da l' cu stici na konekcije koju imam, a to sto se trenutno vidi na red letenja aviokompaniji niti me motivira da kupim aviokarata da letim JAT-om. Sve se to naglo promenilo u poslednje 6 meseci, nazalost, jer ranije iako je flota bila problematicna, nije bilo ovako kriticno kao sto danas vidimo. Iskreno se nadam da ce uskoro biti puno bolje, ali u isto vreme ni ne verujem. Srdacan pozdrav.

  13. Anonymous14:09

    I think the new Montenegro/Yerevan route should be included in the poll of "most looked forward" routes this summer, on the left.

  14. Anonymous17:04

    They have a fleet shortage...Ok but what happened to the BRU-BEG flight. It took off this morning from BEG with 35min. and it is still delayed..
    The chaos today is even worse than yesterday - MXP, ZRH, TXL, SVO, LHR, FRA all of them delayed for hours..3,4,5,6..

  15. Anonymous17:08

    This is worse than a strike - During a strike at least you have an info that you're not gonna depart and they'll put you on another flight. This way - you know that they don't know anything!

  16. Anonymous17:11

    Didn't Slovenia walk off the Balkan region for ever, did they? Or they are going to return to Bosnia to work in its mines again, aren't they?

  17. Anonymous19:22

    Do not blame it on Ognjenović! He had Velja Selja and Miki Mrkonjić to handle in older to do something.

    1. JATBEGMEL02:43

      Ognjenovic was very damaging to JAT as an airline, and nothing but the worst has come since he has been director/acting director. The deal he signed with JP on using ALL JP crew for 2 A319's was just scandelous. He was there even before SNS came to power. The fact is both governments should never have let him to the possition he held even for an hour let alone, 2 years now i believe, correct me if i am wrong. I am nothing but thrilled that he is now out of the picture.

    2. Anonymous07:40

      Sweetheart, with such bosses like he had, it is no strange he did nothing. Take a look at the roads and railway. Same ministry is in charge of that.

    3. Anonymous07:58

      The thing is he didn’t even try. He showed up to work once per month. The only time he even saw Mrka was after the elections to beg to keep his job, which managed for around a year. And the JP deal is his own doing.

  18. Anonymous20:09

    It would be nice if they situated one of their smaller planes on LYNI

  19. Anonymous20:27

    why majority of comments under all news posted here must be about JAT? Jesus, people, if they post sth about car accident in Mongolia would you also start discussion about JAT?

    1. Anonymous21:10

      But you do have to understand that Jat is parody which makes us laugh.

      Those planes, ideas and dreaming (like to lease and type rate in just a month) is such a joke, and people who do believe in those fairy tails are even more funny!

  20. So, what have we learnt?

    Croatia Airlines has no money, Adria has no money, Jat has no money, Montenegro Airlines has no money BiH airlines has no money.
    All these airlines operated to keep a respectfully huge amount of people employed and based on a business model which is outdated and clearly not working. No one seems to know how to change this around or simply don't want to and now that there is a recession all these respective countries have no money left to keep these leaking ships floating any more. The near future looks really bleak for all Ex Yu airlines!!

    Looks like they have learnt nothing but I wonder if all these carriers go bust if the winners in the long run will be the airports and the regions they service as the airports will be overtaken by low cost carriers and as such fly in more people.

    The legacy carrier model has no place at this time in the Ex Yu region. Adria CEO said one thing here that is true, ' We need to create some sort of a hybrid model'. Virgin Blue comes to mind here and the early model they adopted when they went from being a low cost carrier to a half way between a full service and low cost following the Ansett collapse and they did this within months of making that decision and it was a success and continues to be.

    The service offered by the airlines in the Ex Yu region simply does not reflect what the people from Ex Yu want or need. It is really nice to see what OU has done with its on board product recently, with the improvements in catering etc, but what's the point when know one knows about it unless they fly with OU or have 'liked' the airline on facebook and see the nice pictures but still this does not guarantee they will fly with the airline. So I ask again, what's the point! If OU for example offered a long distance service, than maybe this would be a consideration but they never fly anywhere more than 2.5 hours scheduled so catering is not really a consideration. So again, what the point!

    What people really seem to want from the Ex Yu is to know they will get to where they need to go at a reasonable price. Food is no issue on a average flight for EX YU airlines and big savings can be made here if the Virgin Blue (now virgin Australia) model of old is implemented in terms of catering and ticket pricing. I think it would be very acceptable for the region, more people will fly and will have the choice to buy good food during the flight which everyone seems to do anyway with virgin because it both taste good and it helps pass the time.

    Business class service will always be there for those who want it on other carriers, Lufthansa, BA etc, but why does OU have a mediocre business class product with pathetic prices that no one seems to hardly use???? again a major waste in space a resources. If Ex Yu airlines really do want to offer a separate class than it should be premium economy, serviced and priced as such. This way next time I fly with OU, the front would not be empty!

    It is soooo painfully obvious how easy it is to make a real go as success with any airline in the region but unfortunately there just seems to be no determinations for any of the managers of the region. Big changes need to me made and I just commented on the tip of the ice burg but is it too late!

    1. Anonymous09:21

      Q400 what happens to your announcement of dalmatian.hr starting to fly? No, AOC, no planes order, no crew, no even office and new internet pages. So bullshit again?

      But for sure next time for jubilee 10th time company will start again! Just before Easter!

    2. Dalmatian.hr? That was not me but if you think I did mention that than please provide the link.

    3. Anonymous23:33

      Sorry, my mistake...

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