Adria to replace A319s

Adria expected to lease two jets

Adria Airways, which plans to lease its two Airbus A319s to Jat Airways, will replace the aircraft so as not to affect its operations this summer. As EX-YU Aviation News learns, the Slovenian carrier plans to lease two older A319s to replace its jets which were delivered new to Adria in 2010. Due to their older age, the aircraft would be more affordable while Adria would receive payments from Jat for the two jets it plans to lease out until 2016. The Serbian carrier has already deposited 450.000 dollars with the aircraft expected to arrive in Belgrade early next month. Adria’s A319s operate flights from Priština to Germany but are also utilised on services from Ljubljana to Moscow, Zurich, Istanbul and several other popular European destinations.

Adria Airways currently boasts a fleet of twelve aircraft. Two of the carrier’s Bombardier CRJ200s are currently grounded in Ljubljana with one stored and expected to be sold in the coming months. However, Adria does have one CRJ900 on order, although no delivery date has been specified.

Meanwhile, the search is on for Adria’s new CEO. Mark Anžur’s six month reign as the acting CEO of Adria will come to a close at the end of the month. There are a total of fifteen candidates vying for the position of CEO including Anžur himself. Some candidates are believed to be from previous management teams, who have recently been embroiled in a free ticket giveaway scandal. A new CEO will have a tough ask as the airline plans to end 2013 breakeven. Furthermore, the European Commission is set to rule later in the year whether state aid provided to the carrier between 2007 and 2011 breached European Union competition laws. If the Commission finds that aid was given contrary to EU regulation, the Slovenian carrier will be forced to pay back more than 85 million euros. However, current trends show Adria is on the right path with increasing passenger numbers and declining expenditures and losses.


  1. Anonymous09:37

    How do JP manage to lease two airbus quickly jet JU take an eternity and need a kick up the backside by EY? I'm confused.

  2. Anonymous10:30

    Now atgain
    playing with spare fake double card undertable
    leasing in 2 old Airbus A319 and leasing out 2 new Airbus 320.

    Have in mind that the Adria new A320 ARE NOT
    yet paid...Far from this.

    Ex Adria big mafia bosses applying for dirigential positions again.
    They have previous experience in Adria (what an experience: bad management, taking big taxpayers money in their pockets and in companies related to their friends. YOu see the results.
    By the way annual report are adjusted year after year to make it presentable. It's nit a secret.
    Again see the results.
    That's way Adtia is where it is. It's not crisis only.

    Easy to put that bad people again in the best position. Interconnections, corruptionthere there is the key in Adria ... working till Adria is still government owned public.


    I doubt Adria is going to be sold soon to foreign owned airline or company... despite the fact ttey are talking in the news the opposite.
    YOu will see.
    Excuse is ready: no interest under rthis conditions blblabla
    Adria can't get taxpayers money if private. SO they will not sell it.

    Business loads etc. is of secondary importance for them.
    Revenue who cares
    as long as taxpayers money is here

    and Slovenia Style actions are in place to blurr the scene and play under the table nasty jokes.

    Thank you for your time readfing it thru
    it's always the same
    never ending corruption saga!

    Till when?

    TIll this is public.

  3. Anonymous10:33

    Mistape Airbus is A319

  4. Anonymous10:50

    Adria will lease its two Airbus A319s to Jat Airways and replace the aircrafts with two other older ones just for the summer season. They do not need them during winter period. What's wrong with that?

  5. Anonymous11:08

    This story is too stupid to comment on.

  6. Purger12:48

    Oh no it is not!

    1. This shows that Commission did nothing exempt breaks (the longest one was 42 days no meeting in December-January). Because of their sleeping over they have to lease something more expensive. Because of that "there is no good ATR 72 in market".

    2. This also shows how incompetent those "experts" are. Because they can not lease aircraft exempt in near neighborhood.

    3. This also shows that they don't care about costs, because it is simple as that:

    Adria will lease expensive to Jat, for that money they will lease cheap the same plane and have nice profit!

    Bravo for Adria, uuuuu for Jat! Nothing change! No "fresh start" for Jat.

    1. Anonymous13:00

      And new Jats' CEO is part of this Expert team for lease the planes?


    2. Anonymous15:44

      brothers are always leasing from brothers.
      They are afraid of unfamiliar, other languages, cultures etc.
      It's a surprise a deal with Etihad is on.

      Slovenia and Serbia made an agreement
      win win for oun officilas pockets.
      It's all Balkan area at the end.
      Both are operating in the same way in the same and near territory.

  7. Anonymous16:37

    Why didn't JAT get those cheaper A319's? It's good because Serbian officials treat their tax payers as goat (ovce bre!)>

    1. Anonymous17:33

      I guess you can say that it makes some sense because JAT needs planes for both summer and winter schedule so they wanted to lease newer phones. If Adria needs some just to fill the hole over the summer they can go for a short term lease. On the other hand those are more expensive even with the older planes. At the end who the heck knows.


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