Croatia Airlines cabin crew under investigation

Croatia Airlines cabin crew saga continues

The Croatian Health Insurance Fund has launched an investigation into recent action by Croatia Airlines cabin crew who have massively gone on sick leave in the past two days, causing havoc to the carrier’s operations. A further two cabin crew members went on sick leave yesterday, bringing the total number of crew unable to work to forty two. Croatia Airlines employs 214 cabin crew members. The Croatian Health Insurance Fund has said it is investigating 57 cases at the airline. It will also examine whether staff are not reporting to work due to actual illness.

The Croatian national carrier has resumed normal operations today after cancelling many flights over the past 48 hours. Cabin crew are believed to have gone on sick leave in protest of the new work conditions outlined in a yet to be signed collective agreement. Pilots and cabin crew members have warned they will go on strike, however, due to industrial action laws their protest would be limited and would not impact on the airline to the same effect as the events of the past two days have. Croatia Airlines CEO, Krešimir Kučko, said last night that travellers won’t experience any further disruptions from Friday and humorously assured that passengers do not have to worry about catching a any sort of disease onboard despite the fact that many crew members are apparently sick.

The CEO of the Croatian carrier also said that some 200 staff members will lose their jobs in the coming months as the airline continues its restructuring process. Personnel cuts will be made in all departments. Croatia Airlines has started the year off strongly with considerable passenger growth in the first quarter. It remains to be seen how the recent suspension of several high profile routes and crew conduct over the past few days will impact on the carrier.


  1. Anonymous09:19

    This is disappointing... This article has already been published on another website

    1. Anonymous14:26


      It's good for you than, you don't have to read it again

  2. Anonymous21:20

    Croatia Airlines will enter into a new era but is in no way prepared for the whole situation.
    This is very worrysome...

  3. Anonymous23:39

    I can see the staff bankrupting the company! A quick sale to Lufthansa would be a solution, they would have no time for these skiving staff!

  4. Anonymous02:49

    Today Qatar Airways was in ZAG in same time with A310 and A321.


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