Croatia Airlines on strike from Tuesday

Croatia Airlines staff to go on indefinite strike

Croatia Airlines cabin crew have announced they will begin industrial action from Tuesday, May 14 at 06.00 CEST. The strike will last until the management backs down from the terms outlined in the new collective agreement which both pilots and cabin crew have unanimously rejected. Passengers flying with the Croatian carrier can expect cancellations and delays next week if the strike is not averted. Croatia Airlines staff will hold a press conference in Zagreb on Monday in front of the airline’s headquarters at 12.00 CEST in order to officially announce the industrial action.

The move follows a tense few days between the management and its employees after it decided to dismiss personnel who failed to show up to work during the May Day public holiday. The crew says the mass lay off is contrary to state law and has announced it will take legal action against the carrier. “Croatia Airlines has been mounting losses for years and according to first quarter results this year will be no different. Croatia Airlines is far behind its competitors, its employees are harassed and just in the last year 10% of crew have left the airline”, the union said in a statement.

Croatia Airlines’ management notes that only some flights will be affected by the industrial action and has apologised to all of its customers. Passenger can change their flight dates without extra charge or can choose to return their ticket and be compensated in full. Croatia Airlines staff have staged several strikes in the past few years including both in 2010 and 2012.


  1. Anonymous11:50

    The worst is yet to come

  2. Anonymous13:19

    They are geniuses!

  3. Anonymous13:38

    Workers in public owned companies (financed by the budget) should not have a right for the strike, particularly in critical services such as aviation, railways, etc, unless their business being positive.

    This particular company is already in big minus i.e. taking more from public money, than it deserves.

    In case of its business being positive, right for strike could be reconsidered.

    Other way, this so called industrial action, will destroy the company and then some people would realize, what a nice life, we have had.

    To my understanding and unfortunately, CA is "kaput", as it is, at present.

    No one wants to pay losers, as they would like to be paid. This includes all, management and workers.

  4. Anonymous17:02

    They are digging their own graves. See you all at the unemployment office.

  5. Anonymous18:08

    Even in German news!

  6. Anonymous21:05

    Nearly all airlines including Ryanair and easyjet make heavy losses during the winter, it is the summer when the profits are made, so for OU to have losses during the first quarter is not serious! But I can see them ending the year with losses, and them eventually going bankrupt if something major is not done such as selling the company! The staff could well all be without a job in
    the near future!

  7. Anonymous22:02

    cant read this croatia airlines news anymore... they are getting boring...

  8. Anonymous17:16

    Move anywhere, corruption everywhere.


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