To all celebrating the holiday today

~ Happy Easter! ~


Hristos voskrese! Vaistinu voskrese!
Христос вoскрeсе! Ваистину вoскрeсе!
Христос воскресе! Навистина воскресе!


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  1. Purger10:08

    First to dear Orthodox friends: Hristos voskrese!

    Yesterday 2 wide-bodies in Zagreb:

    Korean 777-200 from Seoul
    Qatar 310 from Doha

    1. Anonymous12:54

      Radar shows QR A321 to ZAG yesterday, A320 today. Do you have the sqawk of the A310?

    2. Anonymous13:00

      There is QR A321 in BEG today and many others. Any info on JU421A?

    3. Purger13:07

      There were two Qatar in ZAG yesterday in same time. One was A321 DOH-BUD-ZAG-BUD-DOH, and 2nd was A310 DOH-ZAG-DOH.

    4. Anonymous14:22

      There is NO A310 in Qatar Airways fleet. Could have been only a Qatar Amiri (government) flight eventually, probably en-route to somewhere unless you have any other info.

    5. Purger17:33

      Of course if was Government flight. There was high delegation of Qatar Government and Royal family in it, visiting Croatia. I thought it was clear the same second I wrote about A310, because Qatar operates Government and Royal family fleet. Those planes are in Qatar colors, but they are used for VIP transportation.

    6. First, Srecan Uskrs - Hristos voskrese !, to all Orthodox Christian brothers !

      Second, Purger is right. Two wide-bodies yesterday in Zagreb: One Qatar (Airways/Government) A310, bringing in high Qatari delegation - guests of honour on Opening ceremony of newly built Mosque and Islamic center in Rijeka, and the other KoreanAir B777 from Seoul Incheon, regular visitor in May and June this year, on charter- chain for Korean tourists, which has been operating for 3 years now.

      And keep my fingers crossed to see much more widebodies in BEG, ZAG, DBV and all around ex-YU in coming years!

    7. Anonymous01:42

      There will be Qatar Airways 77W in Belgrade on Tuesday.

      source: beg.aero

  2. Anonymous10:14

    Beautiful photos :-) Happy Easter to all who celebrate today! Greetings from London.

  3. Anonymous12:57

    ExYu - Why in the world is the Serbian version of 'happy easter' written in Latin "Hristos voskrese"?!!! Is there some misunderstanding in here?

    1. Anonymous16:18

      Simply because BOTH alphabets are used equally!!!!! There is no misunderstanding, only stupid questions!

    2. Anonymous22:52

      Actually they are not equal, I guess you are the stupid one. Serbian cyrillic has to be used in all official documents, not the Latin one.

    3. Anonymous23:23

      But you have Cyrillic sentence in Serbian. That on Latinic is for nonserbs who are orthodox. So what is the problem here?

      And why you have to use insult "I guess you are the stupid one". Why anyone who disagrees with you has to be stupid or something like this. Why you thing you are better than others and who give you the power to call someone stupid. This is very uncivilized!

    4. Anonymous01:35

      Ok so are there more Serbs or non-Serbs celebrating Orthodox Christmas in Ex-Yugoslavia?

      It simply doesn't make any sense to put the Latin version first, especially given that cyrillic is the official alphabet of the Orthodox church/religion that celebrates the given holiday.

      I mean, i don't remember you writing in Cyrillic "happy Catholic Easter" while there certainly are Serbs who are Catholic.

    5. Anonymous02:03

      And that is your problem: that Latinic is in front of Cyrillic, and who must be first, Macedonian, Serbians, someone else. You have much bigger problem than I thought. Problem of complex of small nations.

      In USA we don’t care if you write Spanish in front of English… I hope one day you will overcome that complex.

    6. Anonymous02:08

      Serbian constitution is one thing, Serbian language is something completely different. You know, if 126 people vote for it, they might change the official language into Klingon, but I guess we'll still be speaking Serbian, right?

      And let me tell you, Serbian language uses two scripts on equal footing, regardless of "official documents" and regardless of futile attempts to prove otherwise. It would actually be an insult to all those native Serbian speakers who chose to use Latin script as their "primary" script not to include it; in this sense, yes, Serbian constitution is an insult.

      Oh by the way, did you consider that Montenegrins use both scripts as well?

    7. Anonymous03:25

      Catholic Serbs? where? haha

    8. Doot11:58

      jesus christ.

      what's the matter with you? what a stupid thing to get butt-hurt over.

      I'm in Belgrade. Latin script is dominant by 80% at least.

      when asking the question of which is more used, it makes more sense to look at pizza flyers and junk mail than official documents

  4. Anonymous22:20

    There is no such thing as a stupid question. There is only a stupid answer.


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