Montenegro Airlines to Yerevan

Soon in Yerevan

The Montenegrin national carrier will launch flights from Podgorica to the Armenian capital Yerevan this summer, linking the two cities for the first time. Montenegro Airlines will operate scheduled charters between the two capitals starting from July 11 every Thursday until the end of August. The flights are being organised by the Armenian Sputnik tour operator as well as local tour operators Globus Tours and Talas M. Montenegro Airlines will operate the service with one of its Fokker 100s.

A return ticket for the inaugural service will amount to 500 euros or 300 euros one way. Subsequent flights will set passengers back 570 euros return or 380 euros one way. Armenia has never had air links to any of the republics of the former Yugoslavia. Recently, the Armenian national carrier, Armavia, declared bankruptcy, leaving the country without links to several large markets. Throughout the summer Montenegro Airlines operates charters to several destinations mainly in Italy - Ancona, Bari, Brindisi and Napoli.

Montenegro Airlines has also responded to criticism from the country’s National Tourism Board for failing to organise additional flights and charters to Belgrade over the recent May Day and Easter public holidays. The Board said a big surge in the number of tourists from Serbia was recorded over the week long break. However, the Montenegrin carrier said it was not asked to organise additional flights. It added that its four daily flights to Belgrade were operating at full capacity, with the airline carrying 4.300 passengers between the Serbian capital, Podgorica and Tivat and thus recorded a 9% passenger increase during the week compared to the same period last year. The Tourism Board also criticised the national carrier for its expensive tickets saying it impacted on the number of tourists holidaying in Montenegro at the start of the month.


  1. Anonymous11:27

    Hehe cool

  2. Anonymous11:53

    Dear moderator, could you please enable larger view of vintage photos? Thanks a lot.

    1. Every Saturday the large version of the photo is posted on to the EX-YU Aviation News Facebook page here But if you can’t wait and want to see the large resolution right click the photo with your mouse and click the properties tab (on Internet Explorer) or Copy URL (Chrome) or View Image Info (Firefox). Copy and paste the image URL in the address bar and you will see the large resolution.

  3. Anonymous12:12

    Srsly? 570€?

    1. Anonymous13:04

      I can't believe how lazy people are these days!

  4. Anonymous15:11

    Interesting news! In a situation with no national carrier I wonder if JU, JP or OU can start flights to Armenia and thus enable transfer pax to their hubs. However considering the fact that Armenians need visas for EU is probably a too risky project for them!
    Btw. Why are almost all JU flights today delayed by more than 2 hrs?

    1. Anonymous17:40

      Yeah, what are they up to?

      JU 382
      COPENHAGEN Sched: Estimated:
      (via STOCKHOLM) 14:30 21:40

      JU 242 Sched: Estimated:
      AF 6292 PARIS 14:35 16:40

      JU 438 Sched: Estimated:
      ATHENS 14:50 16:30

      JU 354 Sched: Estimated:
      BERLIN 17:20 19:20

  5. Anonymous18:18

    What can be? Fleet shortage!
    Frankfurt was also delayed!

    1. Anonymous06:30

      There have been delays like this for the last week. there have also been delays at London, Moscow and Vienna. It is because JAT flights are not being cleared until all airport fees are paid in full. Expect to see more of it, other airports will start to demand payment before they will let JAT leave.


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