Croatia Airlines and B&H top EX-YU airline safety

Croatia and B&H safest EX-YU airlines in latest review

A new website that lists safety and service ratings for 425 airlines around the world has rated Croatia Airlines and B&H Airlines as the best in terms of safety in the former Yugoslavia. Both airlines received the top seven star ranking for safety procedures while Adria Airways, Jat and Montenegro Airlines were awarded a five star ranking out of the possible seven. Geoffrey Thomas, editor-in-chief, says 43 airlines worldwide received very poor ratings of three stars or less. uses international safety standard measures to assess the safety of each airline. An airline with a seven star safety rating meets and generally exceeds all international requirements that are put in place to prevent an accident happening. Furthermore, a seven star ranking indicates the airline and its country of origin have passed the most rigorous industry safety audits.

When it comes to service excellence, which is also assessed, EX-YU airlines are mostly put on an equal footing. Adria and Croatia Airlines received a four star ranking out of a possible seven while Jat was given three out of five stars. Montenegro Airlines and B&H Airlines were not assessed in this area. Only eleven airlines worldwide received a dual seven star ranking for safety and service: Air New Zealand, Asiana Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways, EVA Air, Korean Air, Qantas Airways, Royal Jordanian, Singapore Airlines and Virgin Atlantic. is the first website to independently rate airlines on safety and onboard service product since the launch of the Skytrax website where Adria, Croatia Airlines and Jat hold an average three out of five star ranking. Skytrax, which boasts itself as the global leader in air transport research, awarded Croatia Airlines with a four star ranking in safety while Adria and Jat had to settle for three stars. B&H and Montenegro Airlines have not been reviewed.

Regardless of the rankings, no EX-YU carrier has had a serious emergency in decades. What do you make of these ratings and do you think they reflect reality? Send in a comment with your thoughts.


  1. Anonymous09:23

    LOL, croatia and B&A airlines top on safety... what a joke. Obviously mr. Geoffrey Thomas doesent know what is he doing.
    I'm sorry but eaven Montenegro Airlines and Adria, has better safety record than dose two.
    But nice tuch to make me laught on sunday morning :-)

    1. You have already travelled with croatia, Adria, B&H and JAT ?

    2. Once again... JAT folks cant take it when they are not ahead of OU lol, always the same.

      And yes it may sound a little strange, but still they didn't had any serious issues for a long time, next to the butter incident ( if it its real true, and not just overrated sensational news )

    3. Anonymous17:09

      I am not sure anyone actually mentioned Jat in the first post?

  2. Anonymous09:35

    OT: does anyone know way the Jat flight from FRA to BEG was cancelled yesterday? (I was supposed to be on it), thanks.

    -- Charlie

  3. Anonymous09:40

    Air B&H is a joke and I don't know how anyone could seriously put them on this list.

    1. Anonymous16:14

      Yes, you are completely correct. I work at ZRH airport and very often the B&H flight is either late or cancelled. I personally would never want to put a foot in their ATR. And no, I don't work for any ex-YU "competition" airline.

  4. Anonymous09:59

    An airline whose pilot has recently used a piece of butter to enable airplane doors closure has been ranked as a 7 star on safety record tells enough about reliability of the site who created the ranking.

    1. big deal.... So he decided to use butter rather than call the mechanic to lubricate the door.

      This story was just part of a Croatian Airlines pilot campaign to cry about how they need more money.

  5. Anonymous10:10

    Ok for Croatia airlines, but BH airlines...please!!

    Do they even fly??

    1. no. hence their good safety record.

      The airline with the world's best safety record is Sky Srpska. To date, there has been one recorded paper-cut.

    2. Are u really so STUPID or WHAT ???

      Well B&H Airlines DOES HAVE MANY PROBLEMS because of the bosnian politics, but they have A WONDERFUL CREW flying from Sarajevo to Zurich, Copenhagen and Istanbul.

      Due to my job I fly every 2 weeks from Sarajevo to Zurich, every monday from Sarajevo to Munich and every 2 weeks from Sarajevo to Istanbul and I must admit:
      B&H Airlines is a small airline with MANY problems but I like flying with them because they have lovely crew and the staff at SIA is very kindly.

      DO NOT FORGET: since the establishment of B&H Airlines (Air Bosna) in 1994, the airlines has not have ANY problems like old and damages jets, the crew don´t want ANDY EXTRA MONY BECAUSE OF FEAR (Croatia Airlines) and they don´t have to "OIL" the door with BUTTER LIKE JAT hast to do it!

      THEY HAVE ONE PLANE RIGTH NOW, BUT B&H Airlines is still an OK airline !

    3. I think you meant to say "airplane" not "airline" :)

    4. Yeah, so what? Better ONE airplane then NONE and better B&H "Airlines" on Sarajevo - Zurich route then SWISS !

    5. so what nothing, I guess. Glad you're happy with your favorite airplane.

    6. Anonymous14:37

      Hello June 16 at 12:35 pm, "lovely crew" doesn't at all mean "safe airline".

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. What is so problematically about B&H Airlines?

      Just because they have ONE airplane ?

      Yes, they cancelled some SJJ-IST flights in april, but since they, they fly "normally".

      They have ONE PLANE, and MANY problems but the crew and management still do good job.


      - they don´t have to use BUTTER on the plane
      - they don´t want some EXTRA MONEY for flying on their ATR72 as croatian crew do
      - they didn´t get bankrupt as MAT did
      - they don´t have and accumulated loss of some 180.000.000 € as JAT have
      - the crew has never striked
      - they didn´t have an operative loss of some 65.000.000 € in 2012 like Croatia Airlines


    9. Anonymous15:06

      You must be a very easy customer to please if you enjoy flying SJJ-ZRH and SJJ-IST every week in an ATR-72 (a horrible, noisy and uncomfortable plane). You simply love B&H Airlines because they´re bosnian and you probably would have loved them even if they used Piper Cubs on the SJJ-IST sector.

      By the way, Croatia Airlines doesn't want extra money to fly the ATR-72 as they simply don't have them in their fleet. Also, JAT doesn't use "butter" to close the doors of their ATR-72s, as this is a Q400-problem (according to Croatia Airlines, that is).

      And no, B&H Airlines doesn't have problems with "old" and "damaged" jets. That is because they can't afford to have jets in their fleet, hence the funny idea of flying around in an old turboprop.

    10. 1. I Don´t fly with B&H to IST, just to ZRH

      2. Where did I say, that OU flies with ATR ???
      I said "they don´t want some EXTRA MONEY for flying on their ATR72 as croatian crew do".

      For better understanding, you can ready it as: "they don´t want some EXTRA MONEY for flying on their ATR72 as croatian crew do (on their Q400)"

      3. AND YESSSSSSS, B&H Airlines CAN NOT AFFORD to have a jet (because of the bad political situation) BUT the ONE ATR72 they have IS AN OK JET!!!

      When Croatia Airlines can fly with their Q400 from Zagreb to Copenhagen, Bruxelles, ... why shouldn´t B&H fly on SJJ-ZRH route?

    11. And because B&H Airlines doesn´t have many to buy / lease new aircrafts, it doens´t mean that the service is bad or that their aircraft is unsafety !

    12. Anonymous16:16

      1. Good for you.

      2. "hey don´t want some EXTRA MONEY for flying on their ATR72 as croatian crew do".

      That is very bad english, but I see what you mean now. However, we don't know what the B&H crew wants. A silent crew who never raise their voices are not necessarily a happy crew. B&H Airlines is on life support and can barely keep one turboprop flying. It's not like the crew are in a position where they can negotiate and go on strike.

      3. Yeah, the ATR-72 is a great plane if you want to experience what it's like to be inside a tumbler drier. Also, B&H Airlines ATR must be at least 15 years old...

      4. The Q400 is a much better plane when it comes to passenger comfort (and a lot of other things as well). However, I still wouldn't fly it from Zagreb to Copenhagen.

      If you're happy with flying the ATR-72 every week, then go ahead. B&H Airlines need all the support they can get, but there is a reason that B&H Airlines can't make any money, and everything can't be blamed on a "bad political situation".

      I don't know what kind of plans the Bosnian government has, but they have to do something pretty soon, before everything turns Wizz.

  6. Anonymous12:44

    I thought runway excursion should be considered as a pretty serious incident (Jat in IST)?

  7. OT:

    OU flies on June the 18th with an Fokker 100 to Bruxelles.
    Does anybody know from which airline the plane is "leased" ?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Anonymous16:51

    Fokker 100 was "leased" from croatian charter company TradeAir also known as Sun Adria.

  10. Anonymous17:23

    OT: Germania starts 2 weekly flights between SKP and SXF from december. Nice addition to SKP's network which is getting really good.

  11. Anonymous22:34

    Izgleda da je neko pobrkao pojmove, nije JAT mazao vrata puterom da bi ih zatvorio vec Croacia , ovde je i bilo objavljeno...da se bar t astvar razjasni..

  12. Anonymous10:09

    Svaka cast BH AIRLINES !!! SAFETY je posebna stavka u sigurnosti letova i tu je BHA besprekoran. Niko nije spominjao kvalitet usluge, tacnost, udobnost, starost aviona NEGO safety tj. sigurnost letenja. Jeste da su za to zasluzne silne inspekcije po raznim aerodromima ali i neko zlo za puno dobrog. Long live rock'n roll and BH Airlines.

  13. Anonymous13:39

    BHA ima 2 ATR72, a ne jedan. To sto je jedan u kvaru, ne znaci da ne postoji.


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