Etihad tipped to announce Jat plans on Monday

Etihad and Jat CEOs to hold joint press conference

Etihad Airways is expected to shed more light on its plans for Serbia’s national carrier, Jat Airways, on Monday June 17. EX-YU Aviation News can reveal that the two airlines are set to hold a joint press conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade on Monday starting at 13.00 CEST. Speaking at the conference will be Etihad Airways CEO James Hogan as well as his Jat counterpart Velibor Vukašinović. While the agenda of the conference is unknown the airline could announce the 49% takeover of the Serbian carrier. Last week, an Etihad delegation held talks with Jat’s subsidiaries and service providers as well as the Serbian government to agree on the terms and conditions of the planned takeover.

Etihad’s CEO, James Hogan, is set to arrive in Belgrade this Saturday on his airline’s inaugural service from Abu Dhabi to Belgrade along with a high ranking delegation from Etihad, which will spend the weekend in the Serbian capital. Jat Airways has now placed its own flight numbers on the Abu Dhabi - Belgrade - Abu Dhabi service (JU8080/8081), which is to operate on a daily basis. Furthermore, from next Monday, Jat will begin selling Etihad tickets at its offices and via its website to the more than dozen routes it will code share on to China, Vietnam, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kuwait and Malaysia.

According to Serbian media reports, Etihad is likely to takeover Jat by July 1 but will officially start running the airline on September 1, following the end of the peak summer season. Due to a lack of aircraft, Jat’s summer is unlikely to be a success with a decrease in both passenger numbers and an increase in losses anticipated. In order to avoid being linked with the negative trends, Etihad would take control of the airline from September.


  1. Anonymous10:07

    No comments? Okay.

  2. JU520 BEGLAX12:00

    let's keep fingers crossed! I think u are on a good way. Hajmo...

  3. Anonymous12:00

    Etihad do not wish to be associated with the negative trends? What utter rubbish. It would improve their reputation thousandfold if they took over and started implementing the fleet changes immediately and bringing JAT back from the brink. It makes me wonder whether the airline has more ulterior motives for this takeover...

  4. Anonymous12:45

    This is only a part of a much bigger game, the strong political connection to the UAE, the land deals in Vojvodina. JAT Airways is juts a piece of that puzzle of a much bigger story that will unfold.

    1. Anonymous13:09

      No matter that is true or not, the fact is that only the foreign investment can bring Jat up and make it serious company, with proper and educated management.

    2. Anonymous17:25

      I dont know which bigger game there is but if the deal is for Serbia to become part of the United Arab Emirates then i fully support that idea!
      Serbia could become the Emirate of Belgrade...
      Long live our Emir Sheikh Tomislav and thanks to our government for selling Jat Airways to such a fine groom
      that is Etihad.

  5. Nikola13:45

    what? only 7 comments? where are those on duty haters?

    1. Anonymous14:11

      Why even bothering asking that? You sound like a good troll as they were....

    2. Nikola07:59

      oh no, I was just being sarcastic :-) I didn't troll :-) I was just surprised that noone stareted to troll, and it was 2 PM

  6. Anonymous14:26

    Today the first security control was removed in Belgrade! THANK GOD FOR THAT!!!!

    1. Anonymous15:12

      Which one is the first security control? The one before the passport check?

    2. Anonymous17:51


    3. Anonymous18:43

      I would have proffered the other one to be eliminated so that gate areas are more open and people can more freely (very important if a plane is late and people are thirsty/hungry/have to use a bathroom)... Also, centralized checkpoint is more efficient as people from the same flight can move in parallel.

    4. Anonymous19:34

      @anon 6:43

      Of course. That's the way it works on most airports around the globe.

  7. Anonymous14:33

    I think they will probably sign MoU and Serbian media's takeover plans wont happen.

    1. Anonymous17:31

      I fear you're right but at least Belgrade will see daily and direct flights with them, which already is sensational good news.

  8. Anonymous14:59

    Desperate much?

  9. Anonymous15:53

    When are the two Adria A-319 aircraft expected to be integrated into the JAT fleet?

    1. Anonymous16:06


    2. Anonymous16:45

      It’s already been reported here that the leasing agency AerCap is waiting to get guarantees from the government that the lease will be paid on Jat’s behalf. As has always been the case with the government it couldn’t give a toss about Jat so I don’t expect to see them.

    3. Anonymous18:28

      Both A319s are in full operation for Adria this summer and not be lease anywhere.

    4. Anonymous23:02

      JATOVANJE again, and again, and again, and again...

  10. Anonymous20:50

    Etihad mubarek olsun to all Jatovci

  11. Jat to lease two B737-400... way too funny :)))


    1. Nikola08:01

      slepci. što ne iznajme 738, a ne 734???

    2. Anonymous08:50

      Зато што су јатови пилоти већ обучени за Б734.

      У сваком случају добро је што су схватили да им је потребно нешто веће од релативно малог Б733.
      Б734 се враћа у флоту први пут од 2009. године.

    3. Purger09:01

      U "Jatu", međutim, tvrde da odluka još nije doneta.

      First 6 A320, A319, ATR 72 in March
      Type rating starts at April
      Than all those in May
      Than no ATR 72 on market - what is most stupid lie ever
      Than no A320 but just A319 from Adria
      Than no A319 from Adria
      Now 2 737-400 from July - if so


      So, no A32, no A319, no type rating, no ATR 72, but maybe 737-400 from July. JATOVANJE again. I am happy that Etihad will come, that is huge thing for Jat and Serbia, but I am sorry that I will not dying of laughter any more on those brilliant moves of Jat management.

  12. Anonymous14:11

    Etihad, plz save Jat from these bastards:


    Thank God someone noticed his lies and published the news!


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