Jat and Etihad in final takeover talks

Etihad visits Jat and its subsidiaries

Etihad Airways will today begin final takeover talks with Jat Airways as it looks to acquire a 49% stake in the airline. A three member delegation from the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates will arrive in Belgrade today where they will meet with the acting CEO of Jat Velibor Vukašinović. Furthermore, Etihad will hold talks with officials at Jat Tehnika, Jat Catering and SU-PORT (Jat’s ground handling division). In addition, talks will be held with Jat’s fuel provider NIS (The Petroleum Industry of Serbia). From June 15, Jat will begin selling Etihad Airways tickets to cities where the Serbian carrier will place its flight numbers. Tickets will also be available for purchase on Jat’s website.

According to the Serbian daily “Politika”, Etihad will take over the airline on July 1. However, it will officially begin running the carrier from September 1, following the end of the peak summer season. Due to a lack of aircraft, Jat’s summer is unlikely to be a success with a decrease in both passenger numbers and an increase in losses anticipated. In order to avoid being associated with negative trends, Etihad would take control of the airline from September. Etihad is to name its own CEO for Jat while the President of the airline will be named by the Serbian government, which will continue to hold a majority 51% stake. Mr. Vukašinović notes that talks with Etihad are progressing and are “excellent”.

Meanwhile, Jat’s fleet situation is improving after another Boeing 737 joined the fleet over the weekend following regular technical checks. The airline now has one Boeing 737-200, six Boeing 737-300s and two ATR 72s operating in its fleet with another ATR72 and B737-300 to join in two weeks. “We want to end the previous management’s practice of cancelling and delaying flights”, Mr. Vukašinović said to the “Tanjug” newsagency yesterday. He added, “Talks for the lease of two Airbus A319s from Adria Airways are in their final stages and we plan to lease a ATR72 soon”.


  1. Anonymous09:20

    We hear the same bullshit every few days! In the end jat will have no new owner, no new aircraft, no leased Adria aircraft! Jat management are incompetant and so is the political parties who employ them!

    1. Anonymous09:27

      Business acquisitions do not happen overnight. It takes time for it to happen so this is more or less normal. I am glad we are hearing more and more about this. For example, it was never reported about today's arrival of the Etihad delegation. So I don't know what you are complaining about.

    2. Anonymous09:28

      Since you know it all, why don't you join a political party and share your competence with them and help both them and Serbia. God, bitter armchair experts are the worst.

    3. Anonymous13:14

      Ex-Yu - The Politika article says Etihad taking over from July the 1st and officially from 1st of September, there is no 15th of July.

    4. Typo. It's fixed now. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous09:26

    This is great news and it makes total sense for Etihad to wait for the summer season to pass- which will most likely be a mess of epic proportions.

    Does anyone know which 733 entered the service now and which one is scheduled to enter in two weeks from now?

    1. Anonymous09:46

      AON made a test flight yesterday and in two weeks time ANV will arrive.

    2. Anonymous09:59

      Thanks. But wasn't YU-AON scavenged for spare parts?

    3. Anonymous10:55


      obviously not...

    4. Anonymous12:19

      Any news about YU-ANI and YU-ANF?

    5. Anonymous15:32

      I think that we'll never see them again...

  3. Anonymous09:38

    Lets just hope that this is not Etihad starting to distance themselves from any deal.

  4. Anonymous09:41

    I am not beliving that Adria will lease its planes to Jat.

    1. Anonymous13:16

      Even if it doesn't, is Adria the only plane-lessor in the world, or a plane-lessor at all?

    2. Anonymous17:25

      The reason Jat with with Adria is that it waited too long for anyone else.

      Adria was it's last hope for relief this year.

  5. Anonymous09:59

    Samo sam cekao da viidim kako ce ljubomorni, zavidni poceti da komentarisu :) Gledajte i uzivajte ♥long life JAT

    1. Anonymous10:00


    2. Anonymous10:53

      I'd be curious if you could identify anything that one could possibly be jealous about regarding Jat.

      Just one thing is fine.

    3. Anonymous10:55

      The fact that its future is secured through this 49% stake take over by Etihad. You are welcome.

    4. Anonymous11:04

      What fact? it is speculation by blog.

    5. Anonymous11:14

      No it is not. This was also reported by Politika which is the most credible and respected newspaper in Serbia.

    6. Anonymous11:20

      Hey, that's great and I'll definitely be flying BEG-AUH. (if it happens, and I hope it does)

      But, that's something to envy?

      allright then. You identify with strange things, I'll say.

    7. Anonymous11:47

      BEG-AUH flights have been already on sale for quite some time, so I don't see what is there not to happen.

  6. Anonymous12:47

    Here is another interesting article from TangoSix. He portrays the situation really well. I am really happy that it was announced that Jat might be hiring more pilots for its Atr aircraft.


    I will not even comment on the hateful article posted on aviokarta.net

    1. Anonymous15:31

      Excuse me!!! Hateful, i rather say alarming. I work for one tour operator, and we recieved invitation for that tommorow meeting with Jat's new CEO because they couldn't handle all charter flights for this summer season. We have a huge problems because of that, and a lot od our potential passengers gave up cause they wont risk to pay holiday and to "fly" with Jat.This meeting is organised by JUTA and all operators will be there. Just look at Jat's timetable. They could not fly all planned flights and noone could expect that charter flights will be ok.

    2. Anonymous15:49

      I was referring to the tone with which the article was written, not the actual state. Plus, aviokarta is well known for its anti-Jat stance.
      Then again, the tour operator you work for is plain stupid if they went and signed a deal with Jat for the summer season, after what we witnessed what happened last summer. So it's not Jat who is a fool, it's rather you.

    3. Anonymous16:03

      The goverment limited number of foreign carriers (reciprocity) This is not a matter of choice in Serbia. The problem is much deeper. Oh, yes, and about tone and anti-Jat stance, unfortunattely i only can recognize Jat as anti-Jat subject. There could not be a problem one that writes about it but one that makes it.

  7. Anonymous15:38

    1. Just few days ago this blog was quote same Politika and their well informed source who said that deal is on, and it will be presented to Serbian government, Airbus contract will be finalized by Etihad for Jat, there will be 600 people leaving Jat etc, etc. Now, we learn it is not on, they are still negotiating and screening. So, several days ago it was typical Jatovanje.

    2. In March Commission told us:
    - 6 planes from end of March, 2 A320, 2 A319, 2 ATR 72

    In April same Commission told us:
    - no A320, ATR 72 will come first, A319 will be leased from Adria, type rating will start in end of April

    In May Commission start to make excuses:
    - no A320, no free ATR 72 (what is so not true), problems with Adria A319 leasing concerning state guarantee,

    In June Jat make eve more excuses, and situation in 3rd JUNE is:
    - no A320
    - no ATR 72, but now again one will come - WHAN? In September, and what fore than?
    - Type rating did not start in April, not even in May, and as we can see, not even in June

    So, that is all typical bullshit, typical Jatovanje.

    And I am not writing this because I am against Serbia or Jat, but I am against dilettantes from Jat management, and people who believe in fairytales.

    1. Anonymous16:24

      The Adria stuff isn't important, it's about the Etihad deal and that's being arranged on government level.

    2. Anonymous01:23

      ...and that Etihad deal is the one which was presented to Government last week as Politika "informed" us, but now they are again in screening to make the deal? Are there several deals, one already presented, and some totally different to be presented in near future, or this story is just another Jatovanje?

      Fairytales again, again and again.

  8. Anonymous17:22

    Yeah yeah it's not important having planes, carrying passengers to their final destinatin on time.. Then what is important?!? Important is that something will be important at some important time - so called Etihad. All this JAT fairytails are going beyond science fiction.
    It's a heavy shame for Serbia it can't help its national airline leasing some planes. Even Bosnia managed to bring BH Airlines on feet..Not to mention Bulgaria has several charter airlines bringing dozens of foreign tourists. And again money is not the problem- the problem is the widespread dissinterest and boli me ***ac mentality towards everything that is from social business interest.

  9. OT: For all Hayter !!!

    TAV Macedonia reports 27% increase in the number of passengers in May

    According to the statistical data by the operator of the Macedonian Airports, TAV Macedonia, the number of transported passengers who traveled via both Macedonian airports increased by 27% compared to last year. 87.992 passengers in total flew via Skopje Airport, whereas the number of passengers via Ohrid Airport amounted to 8.337, making 96.329 passengers in total.
    In the first five months of 2013, there was an increase of 16.4% compared to the previous year, with 365.358 passengers in total. The number of flights (i.e. movements) increased as well. 4564 movements have been recorded since January, which is an increase of 6.9% compared to the same period in 2012, whereas the increase of May is much more significant. i.e. 19.8% more movements compared to the same month last year.
    The increase is a result of the introduction of new routes by the low-cost carrier Wizz Air, the increase of the frequencies of some of the regular carriers, but also due to the elections which were held in Macedonia.
    The most popular destination from Skopje Airport in May and in the previous months since January was Istanbul, followed by Vienna, Zurich, London and Ljubljana. Most of the passengers chose the low-cost carrier Wizz Air, followed by Turkish Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Adria Airways and Pegasus Airlines.






  10. I can't but wonder what is going on with JAT. On the one hand, there are more aircraft returning to operations, and on the other flights are rescheduled and cancelled daily. On Friday the flight to Brussels for 5 June was cancelled and today the same flight for 10 June. Zurich flights were rescheduled and from an informal conversation I had, more irregularities are expected.

  11. Anonymous22:02

    Hi all,
    I just had my flight at 0800 Thursday morning from Belgrade to Tivat moved to 0730 on Friday morning. I had previously booked a return trip from Vienna to Tivat. Therefore I have booked myself a ticket on Montenegro Airlines 0935 flight instead. So, I am going to ring Jat in the morning and enquire about a refund for this MA flight. Has anyone had experiences like this and did you get a refund.

    Any advice would be appreicated.

    1. Anonymous11:08

      If your flights are not on a single ticket, you're out of luck. You will get nothing from Jat (nor would for that matter any other company help you).

  12. Anonymous10:40

    For a successful and profitable operation JAT should unify its fleet to Boeing aircraft for which it has all the necessary proficient cockpit,maintenance and cabin crews as well as all the necessary tooling and spare parts.The Airbus adventure and mixed fleet shall dramatically increase costs and impose a safety hasard.The A 320 and A 319 aircraft have proven to be disastrous for Adria Aairways,due to very high ownership and other costs.

  13. Anonymous12:24

    Nothing will happen out of this all thats for sure!
    Fleet shortage is a problem that has a solution:
    temporary discontinue service on routes that are unprofitable
    like IST,BRU,TXL and Scandinavia for example.
    But no Jat cancels flights here and there that in the end every flight is a candidate for cancelation-no reliability at all.That Etihad story is only invented by the government to distract from the fact that Jat is following the path of Malev already this year.

  14. Anonymous12:27

    Those three guys are also the first officials of EY that actually
    take a look after the mess Jat Airways is!
    Every news about screenings and talks with the Serbian government
    are in fact lies and actually have never happened.

    1. Anonymous12:55

      So, what are you saying is that no one from EY came to Jat, nor top management from AB as well. Well - you are completely wrong!
      A lot of contacts were established during the last few months, with daily basis telephone and mail contacts, EY having access to JU financial database, a lot of questionnaire were filled by Jat employees which were sent from EY.


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