Ljubljana Airport’s new terminal in doubt

Financial crisis hinders Ljubljana Airport’s plans

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is seeking government backing for its planned new terminal even if it gets privatised during the year. The airport is one of fifteen assets that the Slovenian government has earmarked for sale in order to raise one billion euros to avoid an international bailout. After postponing a shareholder vote on a planned 32.000 square metre new terminal, the airport’s management is pressing the government to make its position clear. At a general meeting of the airport’s shareholders this week, a scheduled vote on replacing the airport terminal was put off in light of reports that the airport could be privatised.

Some of the smaller shareholders in the airport are now “sceptical” about investing to build a new terminal, an airport spokesperson said. He added, “The management board is now likely to seek confirmation from the government that it will back the investment, even if the state will be selling its stake in the company”. Earlier this year, Ljubljana Airport signed a contract to co-fund a 73 million euro new terminal to be in use by January 2015. The airport management team has since said the project could be completed for less than sixty million euros.

European Union regional development funds were expected to provide about 15 million euros of the original project figure. However, it is thought the European funding would be at risk if the project was not completed by the end of 2015. The terminal building currently in use was built in 1973 but has been expanded several times. The most extensive upgrades were carried out in 2007. The airport’s management says a new terminal is necessary as the current one was originally built to handle some 500.000 passengers. In 2012 Ljubljana Airport welcomed almost 1.2 million passengers through its doors.


  1. Anonymous11:44

    I have a feeling some airport in Italy will buy LJU.

  2. Anonymous12:41


    1. Anonymous13:23

      What happened?

    2. Anonymous17:30


  3. Anonymous16:37

    Slovenia is under an economic meltdown. The last thing they need is a 70m+ euro expenditure to make a new airport.

    1. Anonymous23:56

      Agree 100%
      Can't understand EU founds for Ljubljana airport know

      I don't understand EU, Slovenia
      money for this?
      crazy EU

      hey folk over there

      start to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      and first
      stop criminals of all colors and in all positions (in SLovenia)
      that are rubbers taxpayers money
      Corruption is
      Slovenia style.

      No prison for big and middle criminals
      No stolen money back
      welcome to Ljubljana.
      the land with no rules

  4. Anonymous18:30

    Hi June 8, 2013 at 4:37 PM, I entirely agree with you. But it is a good way for those guys to put some money (millions of course) in their pockets. 2 million people in Slovenia do not need it for sure. The same is with Zagreb Airport. Actually they make new airport at Zagreb Airport. They might make four runways too

  5. Anonymous18:48

    Ukraine plans to organize flights from Belgrade to Kyiv

    The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has proposed that Ukrainian airlines organize flights from Belgrade to Kyiv, Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Kozak has said.


  6. Where is "Ljubana Airport?"

  7. Anonymous23:59

    project like this are proposedand
    there is a slight chance
    that a project like this can be approved

    EU please don't talk about crisis
    YOu are a joke.

  8. Anonymous19:51

    Beogradski časopis Euro Blic, u svom štampanom izdanju za Republiku Srpsku, od subote 08. juna 2013, izlistao je Mihić Davorina, direktora aerodroma Banjaluka, kao jednog od najnesposobnijih direktora u Republici Srpskoj navodeći da nije ugovorio niti jedan jedini posao za vrijeme svog mandata, nego samo obećavao i akumulirao ogromne gubitke. U istom listingu je i Zoran Injac. Injca terete za promašaje sa Adria Airwaysom. Za obojicu, časopois tvrdi da su na ta direktorska radna mjesta postavljeni zahvaljući rodbinskim vezama u SNSD političkoj stranci i Vladi Republike Srpske.

    Belgrade magazine Euro Blic, in its print edition for the Republic of Srpska, from Saturday, 08 June 2013, listed Mr Mihić Davorin, the acting director of Banjaluka Airport as one of worst directors in the Republic of Srpska stating that he hadn’t clinched any deal during his tenure, but only promising and accumulating huge losses. The magazine listed Zoran Injac as well. Injac was accused of failures with Adria Airways. For both, the magazine claims that both of them were set thanks to family connections in SNSD political party and the Government of the Republic of Srpska.

  9. Anonymous00:33

    Often, each of the passengers on flights from BNX to Emona had their own stewardess.
    They must have been feeling like kings when in their seats.
    It lasted for almost two years.

  10. Anonymous18:15

    Rodbinske, prijateljske, stranačke, političke,
    i sve druge veze, uništile su sve..
    Može svakako, samo ne onako kako bi trebalo.

    Slijepci nikako da naidju na pravu stazu.
    Najlakše je ići dobro utabanim.

    Bilo kuda, poltroni i korupcija svuda.


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