Ljubljana returns to growth after two years

Ljubljana Airport records long awaited passenger growth

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport has seen its passenger numbers rise for the first time since May 2011. The airport has just recently made public its April 2013 results, recording a significant increase compared to the same month last year. In April, Jože Pučnik Airport welcomed 97.807 passengers, an increase of 5.1% compared to last year’s 93.078 passengers. Aiding Slovenia’s busiest airport in April was the Easter public holiday which last year fell during the month of May. However, it is the first sign of recovery for Ljubljana in over two years.

The airport’s growth is directly linked to Adria Airways which holds a 70% share of all flights from Ljubljana. Its network downsizing has hit passenger numbers hard, with both the airline and its main airport unable to recover up until now. Adria Airways, which does not make its passenger figures public, is also believed to be recovering and recording improved numbers. The airport’s management estimates it will end the year off with a 2% passenger increase. In the first four months of 2013, Ljubljana Airport has handled 309.650 passengers, a decrease of only 0.3% compared to the same period last year.

All signs point that Ljubljana Airport will continue to recover during the year with strong growth projected for September when the country hosts the European Basketball Championships, with travel expected to spike. Furthermore, it hopes that Wizz Air’s aggressive expansion throughout the region will include Ljubljana to which the low cost airline launched flights last year. Ljubljana Airport has been selected as one of fifteen government owned companies set to be privatised this year in order for the country to avoid an international bailout. However, time is running out to launch the privatisation process. Earlier this year Venice Airport expressed interest for its nearby rival.


  1. Anonymous09:31

    Finally some good news, well i hope it is becoming true. If some people in Slovenia would stop being so greedy we could do amazing as a country.

  2. JU520 BEGLAX09:54

    any News on the construction of the new terminal?
    will they start in 2013?

    1. Anonymous01:33

      Construction should start in September or October same time as Zagreb Airport new terminal, but since Ljubljana's new terminal is a lot smaller project construction should be completed by the end of 2015 at the latest.

      Its more of add-on terminal what they plan to build at Ljubljana airport, 30 000sqm add-on that is, with 4 extra air bridges. Once completed both Ljubljana terminals would allow for 5.5 million pax traffic.

      Also combined terminal will be 2nd or 3rd largest in Ex-Yugoslavia, largest being Zagreb with 70 000Sqm and 22000Sqm, Belgrade Airport with 2 terminals 45-46000 sqm and Ljubljana airport with both terminals around 45-46000sqm.

      Skopje, Pristina airports both will be around 40-42000sqm and Dubrovnik once totally expanded around 36500sqm, Split airport once its new terminal is completed around 2017/18 will be around 37000sqm (12000 current terminal and 25000sqm add on.

    2. Anonymous08:17

      But does Ljubljana really need a terminal the size of BEG when its passenger flow is incomparably smaller? Not to mention that if Adria goes belly up they will have a considerable drop in their income.

    3. Anonymous20:35

      Yes, they have Schengen part of the terminal, and Ljubljana is becoming very popular tourist destination for many weekend travelers, I thin inn 2012 Ljubljana had 500 000 visitors, and its only going to better, so yes Ljubljana will need a decent sized terminal to deal with incoming passenger numbers.

    4. Anonymous17:09

      Of course the answer is
      need for a new terminal.
      Numbers and real projections can confirm this.

      Interest in the terminal is because ...
      1) make money from the construction business: corruption bribes -bringing money in the pocket of corrupted parties involved-
      which is a practice accepted and normal by 95% plus company managers in Slovenia.

      HOw many pax will fly in and from Ljubljana Brnik airport
      The parties involved
      don't care
      as long as

      1. eu etc. money (subventions no need to return) ais coming in
      2. papers, documentations of costs/effects can be manipulated and made "fake" for "stupid" (still naive?) EU officials.

      Not the way to grow economy in a depressed country.

  3. Anonymous16:47

    No one cares to comment? :(

  4. Anonymous17:10

    Partnership with Venice airport would be a good thing, good story of success. I hope it will materialize.

  5. Anonymous19:45

    Finally some great news for LJU!

  6. Anonymous00:07

    Great news for LJU!!!!Hope they will make big progress in future and get more destination!!!!

    Is there anybody who knows where the f..k is Odysse airport? These days I see on beg.aero charter flight but cannot find where this place on earth is....if it's on earth ;-)

    1. Anonymous01:27

      Its Odessa on the Black Sea Ukraine

    2. Anonymous01:40

      Well there's a difference between Odessa and Odysse. Can't find the place either and it isn't listed on odessa.aero for any case.

    3. Anonymous08:15

      It is likely Odessa, Belgrade tends to misspell the names of their destinations from time to time.

    4. Anonymous08:52

      It is Mytilene Airport (MJT) at Greek island Lesbos, also known as ODYSSEAS ELYTIS Airport.

  7. Anonymous17:15

    And talking about the importance of arrivals
    at Ljubljana airport
    because of EURO basket teams and supporters???

    Please give us a break!

    The event is so short
    most (!) of the supporters will come by bus (Eastern Europe mostly)not by airplane.
    Not so many supporters from western Europe. Even from Italy that is so near interest is not big.

  8. Anonymous17:21

    Eu money for Maribor airport new terminal for what?
    So much money "thru the window".

    Ljubljana airport terminal project "throwing" money thru 10 windows.

    No strange
    if eu has more and more problems
    policies of subsides it's a total
    "crazy deal".
    As long as projects like this in Ljubljana
    are approved for financing no end of the tunnel my friends.


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