Montenegro Airlines to Baku

Soon in Baku

The Montenegrin national carrier will launch flights from Podgorica to the Azeri capital Baku this summer, linking the two cities for the first time. Montenegro Airlines will operate scheduled charters between the two capitals starting from July 18 every Tuesday until September 3. The airline has said if the service proves popular it will be boosted by another weekly flight. The announcement comes after Montenegro Airlines recently revealed it would operate flights to the Armenian capital Yerevan from July 18. “The comprehensive network we have offered to passengers this summer indicates our support to the development of tourism in Montenegro, as has been the case all these years”, the airline said in a statement.

The service from Podgorica to Baku is being organised by the Azeri tour operator “Millenium” and the locally based “R-Tours Montenegro”. The national carrier hopes to attract high end Azeri tourists looking to spend their holidays in Montenegro this summer. Last year, Turkish Airlines noted a sizable number of Azeri tourists transiting through Istanbul onwards to Podgorica. However, it is not the first time Baku has been linked with the former Yugoslavia as its national carrier AZAL operates seasonal summer flights to Split since last year.

Meanwhile, following last week’s appointment of Montenegro Airlines’ new CEO, Daliborka Pejović, the government has named the carrier’s Board of Directors. The four member team includes a historian who is also the advisor on national politics to the Montenegrin President, a politologist who is also the Deputy Mayor of the town of Bijelo Polje, a former ambassador and head of the Montenegrin Tennis Association and last, but not least, a road traffic inspector. Together with the CEO, the Board of Director makes all the decisions relating to the airline’s business and operations.


  1. Anonymous09:40

    The last paragraph is possibly the best in the history of this blog :D

    1. Anonymous10:21


    2. Anonymous10:22

      +2 =)

      It seems the Azeris are on a shopping spree. See Wizz Budapest - Baku.

  2. Anonymous16:57

    There we have it:
    Russians and others from the former Soviet Union who seek a replacement for Croatia and find it in Montenegro.
    You only have to look the airlines and destinations at TGD and TIV.

  3. Anonymous19:45

    Don't be ridiculous... Replacment for Croatia in Montenegro's 2km long beaches? Ha ha ha.


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