Zagreb numbers hit by Croatia strike

Industrial action impacts on Zagreb Airport’s performance

While Croatia’s coastal airports saw record passenger numbers in May, Zagreb Airport was most affected by the eight day Croatia Airlines strike which also impacted on operations over the May Day public holiday. Last month, Zagreb Airport handled 205.469 passengers, down 4.4% on last year’s 214.960 passengers. Since Croatia Airlines cancelled a significant number of services from the country’s capital, the volume of arriving and departing flights was also down by 5.6%, standing at 1.712. Despite the downturn in May, so far this year, Zagreb Airport has welcomed 833.640 travellers, an increase of 2.8% compared to the same period last year.

It is believed numbers will pick up in June in the run up to Croatia’s entry into the European Union. Furthermore, a strong summer tourist season is expected in the country which will further boost travel in July. As was reported recently, the construction of Zagreb Airport’s new terminal is scheduled to commence in September, following the summer rush. Zagreb Airport remains Croatia’s busiest airport, followed by Dubrovnik with 322.877 passengers and Split on 288.760. Zadar Airport has been the country’s star performer of 2013 thanks to Ryanair which has based an aircraft in the city. The airport has recorded passenger growth of just over 30% this year.

Within the former Yugoslavia, little has changed on the airport leader board. Belgrade Airport remains the busiest in the EX-YU region, followed by Zagreb and Pristina Airport in third place which, together with Skopje Airport, is recording strong growth this year. With 230.790 passengers handled in the first five months, Sarajevo Airport is also gearing up for a strong year with growth exceeding 14% so far.


  1. Nice news for all EX-YU airports.

  2. Anonymous09:04

    Its not just FR at ZAD making a difference. The Enter Air charters are bringing in lots of extra pax from Sweden

  3. Anonymous09:08

    Picture of Jat's newest Atr. Picture taken last night while the aircraft was being painted into Jat's livery.

    1. Anonymous11:20

      Another antique for Jat's flying scrapyard...

    2. Anonymous12:01

      Isnt that "new" plane that Jat gets from Alitalia that one that was oprated by Carpatair and crashed in Italy?
      That crash went famous worldwide because people from Alitalia painted the wreck over with white paint to fool
      the publicity...

      Unbelieveable that Jat really has to pay for a former wreck!
      I pity the future passengers.

    3. Anonymous12:09

      ATR72 of Carpatair registration :YR-ATS,
      operating for Alitalia crashed in Rome-Fiumicino
      on february2 -2013.

    4. Anonymous12:31

      No it’s not the same ATR that crashed. That one is still out of service. The Jat hate around here is unbelievable.

    5. Anonymous13:17

      Still a 19 year old relic, it's embarrassing that Jat can't even get a slightly new plane.

    6. Anonymous16:47

      15 years old you mean - that's a fair age for an airliner. Age doesn't matter in aviation but maintenance, costs and number of cycles.

    7. Anonymous07:42

      Erm... both Lufthansa and British Airways have some aircraft which are well over 20 years old. Like the Anonymous above me wrote, it's not the age that matters but the cycles and maintenance.

    8. Anonymous09:11

      they probably do have "some aircraft" over 20 years old...bur the average fleet age is not well above 20 years. Like Jat's flying scrapyard. BIG difference there..

  4. Anonymous10:44

    What is expected for Belgrade Airport numbers in June ? Somebody here predicted 258.000 passengers for Zagreb in June. Will there be any significant growth for Belgrade or not, insight information ?

    1. Anonymous12:31

      5% growth at BEG at the moment

    2. Anonymous14:15

      any source for this random number?

    3. Anonymous14:55

      Seems like Belgrade airport will see more than 350.000 pass. during June, the growth will surely be over 5%.

    4. Anonymous15:15

      With all of those cancelations?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Anonymous11:07

      What bothers me is that they started codesharing on the SJJ flight with Etihad and it has operated ONCE at the normal hour. Rest of the flights were cancelled and moved to the following morning

    2. Anonymous11:14

      Huh? What are you going on about? There are absolutely no cancellations today.

    3. Anonymous11:22

      Well yeah, the quote is correct, all these regular flights are really cancelled couple of days ago, i.e. not today. Absolute priority are charter flights and today JAT has to perform 6 of them. But there are no (regular) delays.

    4. Anonymous12:41

      @anonymous 11:14

      The flights have been cancelled in advance so they don't even show up on

    5. Yeah, the flights don´t show up on but on the Bosnian flight control as "cancelled".

      Sarajevo Int. Airport confirms, that instead of landing at 22:00, they expect the JAT landing at 06:15 (tomorrow).

      What is the reason for that?

      EY and JAT are code sharing to Sarajevo.
      Do they really expect, that the Bosnian people who are flying from Australia are going wo wait from approx. 12:00 till 05:30 on following day to depart to Sarajevo?

      That´s crazy!
      Best and cheapast flights are still via Istanbul and Singapore.

      In 2013 Sarajevo Int. Airport expects some 350.000 passengers on Sarajevo - Istanbul route.

    6. Anonymous17:12

      Hi Sarajevo!
      You're right nobody will take notice of these flights when they most of the time get cancelled.
      Well thats Jat.
      But if a takover happens it will improve with a new management.Those charters have priority for Jat because you can make the best money! you really expect 350.000 on Istanbul route?
      I doubt the profitability of these flights because of too much capacity.
      Maybe its a political decision to show their Bosnian "brothers" that they are cared for by sugar daddy Erdogan?
      That route probably gets the same subsidies as other domestic routes in inland Turkey.

    7. Anonymous22:25

      Please correct me if I didn't understand something, but JU330 to ZRH took off at 19:13 PM. A delay of 8 minutes. ???

  6. Anonymous12:09

    JAT cancelled today following flights: 3x Tivat, Zurich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Milan, Stuttgart, Podgorica, Vienna and Sarajevo.

    What is the REASON ?

    what's the reason this comment was removed?

    1. It was removed by the author, not by the administrator.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Sorry, I have some problems with my mac.

      The flights were cancelled in advance and they, as Anonyous 12:41 says, don´t even show upon

      Does somebody know the reason why those flights are cancelled???

    4. Anonymous15:48

      As far as i know Jat flies only opnce a day to SJJ.
      So they canceled an additional irregular flight.

    5. Anonymous00:03

      well, the morning flight to ZRH is usually cancelled because of poor loads. outside the holiday season there is just not enough demand for 2 daily JU plus up to 3 daily LX flights

  7. Anonymous14:30

    As a die-hard fan of Qatar Airways i nearly wet my pants when i read that they could cancel their Belgrade service in favour of Zagreb.
    I really dont want to let this happen!
    I even have a much more better idea now.
    Instead of
    they could make

    For pax from Zagreb it would not make any difference if they have a stopover in Budapest or Belgrade.
    And even without traffic rights between Zagreb and Belgrade the planes would have a healthy loadfactor as majority of pax from Zagreb are transfering in Doha.

    In this way Qatar Airways could compete very good against Etihad
    and turn their Belgrade service from mediocre to exciting!

    Have a nice day

    1. QR92115:13

      If Qatar Airways cancels Belgrade that'll have nothing to do with Zagreb but cause of the stiff competition in Belgrade where all the major 3 Gulf airlines are present at the moment + 2 Turkish airlines with their respective transfer options. One thing is for sure, with Etihad flying daily someone will have to opt-out or change the strategy. It means: either FZ lowers fares or they'll go; either QR increases frequency or becomes direct (their prices can't go any lower) or they'll have to opt-out or just keep a loss-making route at the moment. 3rd option: both of them waiting until they push TK out of the market as much as posdible. Pegasus is almost daily already so i'm sure TK's loads are taking a hit, from EY in the first place. However, the reason i think FZ is the weaker link in the chain is cause QR has been developping a whole new market and those are the packages for Far-East Asian tourists coming to visit Belgrade, for who frequency is not such a big deal. You can see plenty of Chinese/Japanese walking around Kalemegdan nowadays. It'll be stiff time ahead but let's wait and see. It'll all depend of their determination and vision for the future. With prospects of BEG becoming a regional hub, hardly QR will want to have that piece of the puzzle missing in their European network. So contrary to beliefs, the JU+EY developments might actually make BEG even more attractive to airlines.

    2. Etihad fanboy15:55

      You mentioned Pegasus..
      From today on they will fly every friday this summer to Belgrade three times daily with their 737-800.
      If that is not massive!

    3. @etihad

      3 times daily from SAW to BEG???

      What are you talking about ????

      PGS flies 6 times per week on the route AND THEY DO NOT HAVE 3 DAILY FLIGHTS EVERY FRIDAY!

      PGS flies on
      to BEG !

    4. Anonymous17:55

      FlyDubai has nothing to fear from either Ey nor QR.
      They concentrate on O&D and in this they will be even more succesful when they introduce their new business class.
      FZ has the monopoly on the Dubai route so why should they be cheap?
      This will change only if Air Arabia would also offer
      direct flights to Sharjah.
      Dubai and Sharjah are in fact one and the same city.
      I know it because i have been there already.
      Air Arabia really did a mistake in ignoring Belgrade.
      They were the first Arab airline flying to the Ex Yu .
      And look where they are now...

    5. Anonymous19:10

      Today in BEG we have 3x 738 from Pegasus:
      1x Istanbul 738
      2x Antalya 738

    6. QR92119:50

      I agree with you 100% but you have to take into consideration two facts:
      1 - Business people don't love airlines of the type "this day i fly/this i don't". These passengers must be offered maximum flexibility which is at least daily flights if you want to expect their loyalty. That's why EY can easily become the airline of choice and push-out FZ, besides other obvious reasons.
      2 - This will change IF Jat ever launches Dubai again.
      - Air Arabia would have been a much better choice for Belgrade, due to the connectivity network they offer. No idea why they tried some of the most desperate markets in Ex-Yu but avoided BEG. In any case, in Ukraine they fly to 4 cities already: ODS, KBP, HRK and DOK. Besides that they seem to mostly concentrate on "Muslim-brother states".

    7. Anonymous20:39

      Thank you for responding!
      About 2: I doubt Jat will ever fly Dubai again.
      In regard to "Muslim-brother states" you really touched
      a serious problem that so many airports in the Former Yugoslavia have:
      Politics is more important than economics.
      Why does OU not fly to Moscow and make good money on that route?
      Why do they fly to Pristina and waste money?
      OU is a business not a political organization!
      What connections does OU offer to Belgrade?
      Why can you fly from Sarajevo four times daily to Istanbul
      but have such lousy connections to the rest of the world?
      Why does Air Arabia and Kuwait Airways prefer
      "muslim only"destinations before those with the biggest possibility to make profit?
      How can Belgrade airport attract so many airlines from "muslim countries" without being muslim?

    8. QR92122:10

      Cause what rules on this world is:
      1 - Blood (race, genes, sex)
      2 - Religion
      3 - Money
      But only blood can supersede the rule of money, while money can eventualy temporarily supersede the rule of religion even if weaker.

    9. QR92122:14

      PS: I agree, i don't see JU starting DXB any soon. AUH yes, that's Etihad's plan by the way, once JU gets new a/c.

  8. Anonymous15:09

    Where have you read about QR cancelling their service to Belgrade ? thnx.

  9. Anonymous15:46

    Some Croatian mate "suggested" it some days ago here on the blog...

  10. Anonymous23:54

    Very nice picture, is this the observation deck of ZAG? Congratulations! Would be nice to have it in BEG aswell. Best wishes from Basel

  11. NOVOSTI SAZNAJU: U Jat sleće 50 miliona dolara
    T. SPALEVIĆ | 21. jun 2013. 21:29 | Komentara: 0

    Otkrivamo šta sadrži ponuda “Etihada”. Arapi spremni za kupovinu naše avio-kompanije. Razmišlja se i o nabavci aviona “bombardije”

    NACIONALNA avio-kompanija Ujedinjenih Arapskih Emirata spremna je za kupovinu 49 odsto “Jat ervejza”.

    O ponudi “Etihada”, koju stručnjaci iz avio-saobraćaja ocenjuju kao veoma korektnu, Vlada Srbije bi trebalo da se izjasni do sredine jula.

    Kako “Novosti” nezvanično saznaju, samo u ovoj godini “Etihad” će investirati u “Jat” između 40 i 50 miliona dolara. Do kraja godine sleću “erbas”, a razmišlja se i o nabavci aviona “bombardije”.

    Iako zvaničnih potvrda nema, tačnije, ni jedna ni druga strana u ovom “poslu” ne žele da se detalji iznose u javnost, spekuliše se da “Etihad” od 1. oktobra preuzima rukovođenje srpskom avio-kompanijom.

    Ceo tekst pročitajte u štampanom izdanju Večernjih novosti od 22.juna


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