Adria begins assets sale

Adria selling flight school, hangar, office building, simulator and more

Adria Airways is selling its assets in further attempts to cut costs and return to profitability. The Slovenian carrier is selling off its maintenance hangar at Ljubljana Airport, its apron, workshops, flight academy, simulator and office building. The tender deadline for the submission of offers for the abovementioned property has been set for August 30. Originally, the tender call was to be closed yesterday but has been extended by over a month. The winning bids will be selected based on the quoted price. The greater the offer, the greater the chance of selection.

Out of the assets being sold, the apron is the largest. It covers an area of 2.773 square meters. It is followed by the hangar which takes up an area of 2.357 square metres. Adria has three hangars at Ljubljana Airport, the latest being built in 2007. Ljubljana Airport has become a regional Bombardier service facility and maintenance for various customers is carried out at the hangars. The office building being sold at Slovenia’s busiest airport is 1.132 square meters while the workshops stretch over an area of 1.668 square metres. Furthermore, the Slovenian carrier is selling its 100% stake in the Adria Airways Flight School as well as its flight simulator for flight navigation and procedure training.

Adria introduced radical cost cutting measures two years ago, and so far they have been working. While the airline is still recording losses, they have gone down significantly. This year passenger numbers have also begun to pick up. In a recent tweet, Adria Airways CEO Mark Anžur said, “Adria’s performance is improving month by month”. Through the sale of its assets, Adria is hoping to solve its liquidity problems. The tender, which began on July 10, gave only nine days for potential investors to send in their bids and the tender call was only published on the airline’s website. As a result, the tender has been extended.


  1. Anonymous11:16

    I wonder if at the end governmental, or semi-governmental bodies will "buy" the assets on paper to help Adria. That's what happened in Poland with different parts of the LOT group. Sipping from one state-owned bucket into another to make the EU happy.

  2. Anonymous12:33

    Their national company's facing bankruptcy but the government wants to invest into the airport.
    Does the government expect 5 million pax throughout next year?

    1. Anonymous22:32

      No, butt hat doesn't mean airport shouldn't expand, its not like Belgrade will handle 5 million next year, yet they expanded and modernized their terminal. don't be a sourpuss!

    2. Anonymous08:41

      Here we go again. The main difference is that Belgrade is not faced with the possibility of Jat's bankruptcy. In other words it is more likely that Belgrade will reach its passenger capacity than Ljubljana, simply because Adria is currently being investigated by the European Commission.
      Plus, Belgrade handled over 3 million passengers last year which means that during certain times of the day it gets really busy, so expansion was very much needed.

  3. Anonymous12:46

    tender open only 9 days???
    published only on Adria's webside???
    published in the dead summer season ???

    For the Adria system (and not only) based on
    - clientelism,
    - corruption money that is assumed as essencial part of the business deal
    ... arrival of a real partner (not from ex Yu area or strange "tropical island connection") is seen as a dead treat
    that must not come true.

    They will buy themselves with Slovenia tax payers public money (indirectly).
    EU anti-corruption agency WATCH!
    See the name of the buyer. It's just a fake name. The real buyer-owner it's hiding at the back. Typical mafia style so called "prestanome" .
    Figurehead, straw partner!
    An apparently respectable person, group, or business used as a cover for secret or illegal activities.

  4. Adria's unofficial statistics for June 2013 compared to June 2012

    Total flights 1830 -7% | sch 1550 -5% | ch 280 -18%

    Total pax 109050 +7% | sch 87600 +6,5% | ch 21450 +8,5%

    Pax per flight total 59 +14,5% | sch 56 +12,7% | ch 77 +32,5% (note many charters are flown with CRJ2 from outstation to outstation and that means 2 empty flights - that is why pax per flight seems low)

    This June there are 2 CRJ2 less than last year and 7% less block hours flown.

    Compared to 2011 when there was no flight cuts yet, there is still 10% less pax but on 23% less flights operated (25% less block hours).

  5. Anonymous20:39

    I wonder if Banjaluka Airport's going to announce its bankruptcy too, and be sold off to the end of this year.

  6. Anonymous22:35

    Dear Ex-yu admin,

    Love your blog, but cant write any comments from my Ipad.

    1. Thnaks. I will look into it.

    2. Anonymous21:02

      Try with Google app not with Safari. It works for me when i am using it.

  7. Anonymous08:59

    I am a witness the blogger erased half of the posts. Now it looks like a body consisting of its parts up to the waist. (The waist's not included)


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