Belavia to Belgrade from September

Soon in Belgrade

The national carrier of Belarus, Belavia, will launch services from Minsk to Belgrade starting September 19. Flights will run twice per week, every Monday and Thursday onboard the fifty seat Bombardier CRJ200. The service will operate with a stop in Budapest. The Belarusian carrier has requested fifth freedom rights on the Budapest - Belgrade - Budapest sector. However, so far the airline has not been granted such rights. Tickets are already on sale but only on between Minsk and Belgrade and vice versa (though they are not yet available on the airline’s website). Flight details for the Minsk - Belgrade service can be found here while further information for the Budapest - Belgrade sector can be found here.

Belavia first announced plans to launch services to Belgrade in November last year after the two countries agreed on a bilateral air agreement. Several years ago it was planned for the airline to launch winter charters from Minsk to Niš Constantine the Great Airport, however, the airline and hoteliers at the nearby mountain resort of Kopaonik failed to reach an agreement. Thus, the flights never went ahead. Several airlines from the former Soviet Union have operated flights to Belgrade in the past few years. They include airBaltic from Riga, Aerosvit from Kiev and Uzbekistan Airlines which operated flights from Tashkent to New York via the Serbian capital.

The Belarusian national carrier offers an extensive network to Russia and will hope to attract transit passengers from Belgrade. The Belgrade - Moscow route is one of the busiest operating out of the Serbian capital with 28 weekly flights planned over the peak summer months. In May alone Aeroflot and Jat carried a combined total of 21.953 passengers between the two cities. Belavia has previously said it is especially hoping on attracting passenger from Belgrade to Saint Petersburg. Belavia becomes the third new scheduled airline to launch flights to Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport this summer season following easyJet and Etihad Airways.


  1. Anonymous10:12

    Happy July y'all.

    Actually, July started really well for Belgrade airport. :)

    00:01 Adria, Ljubljana, CRJ 200.
    00:18 Oslo Torp, Wizz Air, A320
    01:00 Moscow, Aeroflot, A320
    01:18, London Heathrow, Jat Airways, B737-300
    01:30 Antalya, Freebird, A320
    03:06 Mallorca, Jat, B733
    03:08 Mallorca, Jat, B733
    03:55 Tel Aviv via Larnaca, Jat, B733
    05:41 Moscow, Jat, B733

    And we will welcome five A321s today. :)

    08:55 Zurich, Swiss
    09:10 Antalya, Atlasjet
    13:00 Frankfurt, Lufthansa
    13:10 Moscow, Aeroflot
    17:40 Rome, Alitalia

  2. JU520 BEGLAX10:12

    today 5 A321 in Belgrade. 1 Charter plus LX, LH, AZ and SU

    Belavia to BEG: how are the Business Relations between the 2 countries? much Business related traffic to be expected? How are the ties in General. much cultural or also Diaspora of belorussians working and living in BEG?

    What can we expect from this flight.

    and btw good morning Croatia, welcome in a new Environment :-)

    1. Anonymous10:19

      There are some business ties so this route is far from being a purely political one.
      With this plane having 50 seats I can see it working out in the end.

      Belavia has said that they plan on offering connections so I am sure that they will attract some people heading to the CIS, especially to LED.

  3. Anonymous10:32

    I am confident Belavia will get the freedom to carry passengers between Budapest and Belgrade.
    Budapest airport has been more than desperate to attract carriers which would take over ex-Malev routes. They are even providing subsidies.

  4. Anonymous14:13

    I'm sure there are many passengers that want to fly between Belgrade and Budapest so if they get fifth freedom for those flights it can be highly profitable route, especially since they will operate with 50seaters.

    I fly many times between Zagreb and Far East with Qatar Airways with stop in Budapest (and Doha) and there are always some passengers disembarking in Budapest, sometimes 15, sometimes up to 50.

  5. Anonymous16:59

    Na stranici Zagreb Airport Wikipedia the free encyclopedia među airlines and destinations je danas stavljen Emirates i Dubai?????? Jel to neka zabuna ili ovi na Plesu nesto vise znaju???

    1. Anonymous17:42

      Neko hoce da bude funny! :-) Anyone can add something to wiki.

  6. Anonymous19:17

    A fast rail link between the two capitals on the Danube (and onwards to the Aegean coast) would reap major economic benefits for Hungary, Serbia, FYR Macedonia and Greece. The distances aren't huge.

  7. Anonymous00:33

    Why is the rudder of Jat YU-ALT still painted in Alitalia colors?
    yesterday I came from BEG, I saw the old airbridge from A1 laying next to Changchangi Airlines, very bad image for both :(
    Best wishes from Basel

    1. Anonymous01:23

      Because repainting the rudder would have requested the aircraft to spend much more time in the hanger and Jat’s aim was to get it into service asap.

  8. From Dec 1st Swiss is introducing GVA-BEG route twice a week!

    1. Anonymous08:18

      Actually flights start from December 19.

      Twice per week, operated by A320s and a return flight is €178 with all taxes. Not bad at all.

  9. JU520 BEGLAX07:13

    Woooah terrific news. BEG-GVA avec LX


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