Croatia Airlines announces fresh suspensions

Croatia Airlines continues network downsizing

Following news it will cancel its Dubrovnik - Frankfurt service this winter, Croatia Airlines has announced fresh suspensions which will come into effect from October 27. The Croatian national carrier will suspend flights from Zagreb to London Gatwick and from Dubrovnik to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. The suspensions are being carried out as part of the airline’s restructuring program in an attempt to return to profitability. The Paris suspension from Dubrovnik will prove as a fresh disappointed for local authorities who were unhappy with news the Frankfurt service would not be maintained during the winter. Following the suspension of the two weekly Paris service, Croatia Airlines will continue to operate direct flights from Dubrovnik to Rome, Zagreb and Zurich.

Croatia Airlines will no longer serve London Gatwick Airport. The airline suspended the service earlier this summer and the flights won’t be making a comeback during the winter either. Flights to Heathrow will continue to operate as normal. Several weeks ago it was announced the carrier is considering selling its lucrative slots at Heathrow next summer and relocating to Gatwick as a cost cutting measure. In February the airline reported its London route was struggling to make a profit, warning that flights to Heathrow would be under review for the 2014 summer season. On the other hand, the airline will boost services to Brussels, from daily flights last winter to ten times per week during the 2013/14 winter season. All of the flights will be operated by the Bombarider Dash 8 aircraft.

So far this year Croatia Airlines has suspended flights from Dubrovnik and Zagreb to Istanbul, as well as its Zagreb - Podgorica and London Gatwick service. Frequencies have been reduced on flights to Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome and Pristina. In addition, planned new services from Pula and Zadar to Paris and Hamburg were cancelled this summer.


  1. Anonymous09:06

    No biggie, Transavia can take over the DBV-CDG route.

  2. Anonymous09:45

    Let's just make one thing clear - if some line sounds "cool" it doesn't mean it brings profit... If Charles De Gaulle doesn't bring profit it should be terminated immediately! London also!

    There are a lot of low cost carriers that fly to London and Paris, and if 'cause of them you can't make profit than cancel the line.

    Same story with Dubrovnik. Nnlike Zadar and Ryanair, Dubrovnik subvention's are really realy low! And if Croatia Airlines is generatin losses on that line, and 'cause of EU rules, you can't expect state to cover losses than one solution - cancel the line.
    Dubrovnik is threatening that they will find another airlines, ok... But which airline, in their right mind, will fly lines that generate losses?!?!?

    1. Anonymous09:53

      Well, I think the main problem here is that the route is loss-making due to OU's cost structure and not because of low demand. Naturally I might be wrong but I am sure that if another airline, most likely a lowcost one, would step in it would be all ok.
      I still think that DBV is not the kind of airport for Ryanair. I see it more as an easyJet or Germanwings airport.

  3. Anonymous09:56

    Not even easyJet is interested in flying to DBV in autumn and winter.

    1. Anonymous10:01

      Well that's because the market is very seasonal there.

    2. Anonymous10:15

      Not sure why the airport is complaining they need to realise DBV is seasonal and should be thankful for what they have in winter, including a BA link to LGW

  4. Hi

    but I strongly believe that DUBROVNIK should have certain lines also during winter. Exactly due to high seasonality of traffic at DBV, Croatia Airlines, as national air carrier, should promote off peak travel to the city. And since DBV is far away to be reached by bus or car, air connections in winter are vital. Though not profitable now, might become so.

    But without those connections in winter,,,anyway I think its sad and I understand profit issue, but someone should consider strategic point of view of Dubrovnik and the role it plays in Croatian tourism.

    Good luck to Croatia Airlines

    1. Anonymous11:31

      I strongly agree. Fantastic comment Panadria!

    2. Anonymous11:58

      It seems that you two have never visited Dubrovnik or Adria sea coast in winter. Dubrovnik is not a kind of a "city" where you can have a pleasent 2 days brake regardless of weather. Don´t forget that the "city" has 50 000 inhabitants. Beside few local manifestations there is no genuin cultural life out of the summer.

    3. @ Panadria,

      For the first 15 years of Croatia Airlines, one of it's main aims was the promotion of Croatia, now that has been replaced by self preservation. For the time being at least.

    4. Anonymous23:59

      Exatly, time has been not working for the airliners who still try to play with the national card. There are open sky agreements and you can be a regional leader or something like that, but to be a "national carrier" and nothing more, it´s a modell from the 20th century.

  5. Purger11:32

    Just wait one month and you will be surprise about new announcements. If Croatia Airlines is down there is someone else with private capital to step in. I am part of the team. He does not want to be competition of Croatia but instead to work on routes Croatia does not want or can not operate.

    1. Anonymous11:54

      Ja isto mislim da je ovo prica za Todorica :). Prvo ce doci do pada prometa, saobracaja itd., pretice gasenje, a onda ce ili Croatiju kupiti Todoric ili ce drzava zajedno sa njim osnovati novu kompaniju. Samo plasim se da to nije malo preveliki zalogaj za njega. Jedino sto mi ne bi nikako bilo po volji je da se buduci JAT i Etihad uvlace u celu tu hrvatsku pricu, jer mislim da u regionu treba da imamo konkurente, a ne da se opet prave kompanije koje ce raditi "po kljucu".

    2. Anonymous12:05

      Sorry but can you write this in Croatian, sorry having hard time digesting what you're trying to say.

      If you're referring to Sun Adria, yes we know that,and Easyjet is looking at Dubrovnik - Paris slot as well as Dubrovnik - London slot. They'll be making announcement for 2014 in mid or late October.

      Also Virgin holidays is introducing new routes from 2014 with Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik becoming more prominent routes for 2014. Zagreb has proven to be quite successful in 2012 and they've started new campaign with Zagreb city brakes, and their sales is up by 8% 2012 figure.

      2014 they plan to introduce more flights with BA and OU as a result of encouraging numbers and positive feedback and are talking to BA and EasyJet for more direct links from Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester.

      2014 will be very exciting year for Croatian Tourism as well as all Croatian airports, all major airports will see record growth numbers in 2014.

    3. Purger16:21

      It is not Todoric I am speaking about.

    4. Anonymous18:36

      Wait.. are you saying that someone wants to buy OU or that there is someone who wants to launch a new airline in Croatia?

    5. Purger21:53

      Not to buy!

      Wait for several weeks.

    6. Anonymous21:58

      I don't know if I should wait for something positive or negative.

  6. Anonymous11:53

    I mean isn't this old news, I mean it was announced few months ago, also Split - Rome is under review, Zagreb - Istanbul was also suspended.

    It was expected for few routes to be sacked and its not surprising some less profitable routes had to be canned.

    Only thing I was expecting was that OU would sell some of its Heathrow slots, i guess they won't do that now.

    I guess Gatwick slots should bring some money, not as valuable as Heathrow slots but still good little earner for airline.

  7. Sorry for OT! Does anyone know whose Fokker 100 JAT is operating today on its flight to Zurich (JU332)?

    1. Anonymous13:02

      Fokker leased from Trade Air.Registration 9A-BTD.

  8. Hi!

    Well I come originally from Adria coast and have spent numerous winters in the region. And I remember PAN AM flying to Dubrovnik, so my only question is why shut down DBV-FRA in winter! Congress tourism, individual travel, I mean this route could channel it all during off season periods.

    But anyway, I agree with PURGER and keep my fingers crossed that goreign capital steps in and takes over this or any other routes. I dont want to sound biased, but if one is talking about tourism in Croatia, than first things come first => Dubrovnik and than all other cities, places, regions etc.

    If one day Croatia will discontinue LHR, AMS and get Embraers, than hopefully these smaller jets could enable reopening of this route. If only yesterday Lufthansa sent A320 on route MUC-DBV and Iberia A321 on MAD-DBV route, why not fly at least FRA in winter! I just dont get it.


  9. Off topic

    Tonight JAT flight JU 740 BEG - PUY departure 21.45 aircraft FOKKER 100? However, plane does not return to BEG at all! Well at least not the following day!

    Anyone knows more about this?

    1. Anonymous13:03

      Sun Adria maybe?

    2. Anonymous23:48

      Today Also ZRH-BEG BTC, and PULA BTE. So both Sunadria!!

    3. Vlada NS00:28

      JU741 PUY-BEG has been completed at 16:15. The plane arrived from Pula as JU741, completed JAT services to/from Milan (JU416/417) and returned to Pula as JU740 at 22:45

  10. With services like this being axed by OU, than getting some Embraer's does not seem to be that bad after all, even if they do replace some A319s or 20s.

    Brussels and the Scandinavian routes currently operated by the Q400 would seem to be a perfect fit for the Embraer jets as well as Dubrovnik to Paris and Frankfurt service.

    1. Anonymous22:02

      I don't think OU will go for Embrear, offer for 2 E195 Jets by Lufthansa is bit ott considering that aircraft in question in Croatia at least no one is certified to fly. That being said, OU is trying to cut the costs, and getting 2 E195 would only add it, no I don't see that happening and OU only cut one aircraft actually not even that, they're leasing one A320 longer term but aircraft will return by 2015 or just after 2015, OU needs every aircraft it has for whne it comes out of current crisis they'll need to support Croatian tourism which is set to grow as Europe comes out of the recession.

  11. Anonymous18:07


    Would any transfer passengers transit through Belgrade from Banja Luka when coming from Banja Luka because their flights arrive at night and it requires a night stay in Belgrade... do they have a hotel next to the airport? How will this attract transit passengers!? Wish they timed it better.

    1. Anonymous18:12

      there are the Aeroflot flights to Moscow code shared by JU which leave at 00:50 and from Banja Luka the flights arrive at 23:15, which allows for a perfect transit time for Moscow, however for the morning departures from BEG for example, Rome, is at 6:20. That is 7 hours, then you have more departures from 8 oclock onwards.

      However, Jat is still adjusting times with the help of Etihad and new flights and frequencies will probably be introduced so from Banja Luka it will be possible to stay awake the night for passengers willing to.

    2. Anonymous18:19

      forgot to mention Dusseldorf at 6:05.... and possible others

    3. Anonymous18:35

      Some flights to Banja Luka depart in the morning while some others at night. With most European destinations going double daily it will be possible to connect from Banja Luka to the rest of Jat's network.

    4. Anonymous19:54

      Where did you get this info from? Here on exyu it says that every day the flights will be operated at the same time.

    5. Anonymous20:07

      No, they will not.

      This is from Ex-Yu:

      Jat Airways has applied for a license to launch flights from Belgrade to Banja Luka starting October 27. The carrier will launch daily services from the Serbian capital with flights departing at 21.00 CET every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and departing Banja Luka at 22.30. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Jat will operate a morning service between the two cities.

    6. Anonymous20:47

      oh ok my apologies.

    7. Anonymous20:48

      No need to apologize, there are no such things as stupid questions, only stupid answers. :)

    8. Anonymous20:51

      you're right :)

    9. Purger22:04

      That is stupid. Why not overnight in Banja Luka? Perfect for passengers who want to come to Belgrade in morning and be back same day, and even better for passengers to transit in Belgrade. They think that passengers will stay in Belgrade for 8-10 hours waiting for connection. And they need 2,5 hours by car.

      So someone will start to travel to Belgrade at 21:00 (to be in airport at 21:30) and to connect at 6:00, or 8:00 from Belgrade, and they have to start travel by car at 2:30 for same flight (to be in Belgrade at 5:00), or at 4:30 to connect to one at 8:00.

      Stupid, stupid, stupid!

    10. Anonymous22:16

      Unless the morning flight departs Belgrade at 09:00, then it will be back in Belgrade by 11:30 which means that passengers will be able to connect onto the second wave of departures which will most likely depart from noon onwards.

      Not too stupid if you think of a possible scenario. I am sure that Etihad knows what they are doing. Don't forget that this is not Jat's work.

    11. You have the timetable here

    12. Purger01:15

      Let's wait and see.

      I presume that Etihad will have flights to BEG at 8:30 - 12.00 and back 13:00 - 20:30, so those flights to come in BEG from BNX at 12:10 is ideal for that connection to AUH. If Jat flight will be something like BEG 00:45 - 08:30 AUH 16:30 - 20:00 BEG than evening flight also have sense. But that means Jat should have 2 flights per day from all exYU destinations just for their connections to AUH, and other destinations will be adjusted to those flights to AUH.

      For sure it will be interesting to see time-table on my birthday (27th October).

    13. Anonymous08:36

      Well Skopje, Tivat, Podgorica and Sarajevo will most likely be double daily and the rest of the cities will be perfectly timed, not only for the AUH flights but for the entire network out of BEG.

  12. Anonymous20:24

    For those who can understand :D :D :D

    1. Anonymous22:17

      I kakve to ima veze sa zračnim prometom? Članak je OK, naravno pretjeran po masu osnova (pitam se koliko bi zemalja dozvolilo swinganje na javnoj plaži), naravno da autor piše senzacionalistički (tko čita razumne i racionalne tekstove)... Naravno da ima masu istine, ali naravno i da se debelo pretjeruje u masu toga (ispada ako imaš love onda možeš gazit koga hoćeš, a zašto je onda Žužić u zatvoru, dopredsjednik vlade Čačić, zašto se digla tolika prašina oko Horvatinčića... da tajkuni mogu baš sve...). Ma daj...

  13. Anonymous01:04

    According to its website Pristina Airport has direct flights to Antalya with Norwegian Air Shuttle...
    Is Pristina something of a secondary hub for Norwegian?

    1. Anonymous08:14

      LOL I think you need to research what a secondary hub means. :D

  14. Anonymous16:23

    I have a preliminary data for Zagreb airport, based on departures only, I presume total number for month is based on departures and arrivals.

    Today so far Zagreb handled 4172 passengers and its an average day for Zagreb airport, normally Wednesday through Saturday are busy for Zagreb airport, it slows down on Sunday to 5500 pax for the entire day, Monday and Tuesday do slightly better with 7000-7500 pax, with rest of the week doing quite well.

    Based on departures only Zagreb handled 128724 departures and this fir for first 29 days of this month, does not include 2 renaming days, if you add these than number of departures should be around 140k mark.

    Assuming number of arrivals is approximately the same as number of departures, or there abouts, Zagreb airport in July has/is manged to handle record high 280-285000 pax for the entire month of July.

    BTW reason why they haven't updated figure for Zagreb airport for July, the guys who does it, is on a holiday, should be back in early July.

  15. Anonymous20:26

    What about Amsterdam they have their best Station Manager there I fly many times via Amsterdam and I can only say if all Croatia Airlines have the same quality as Amsterdam they will survive

  16. Anonymous10:19

    I agree. That is the best stationmanager I have ever seen.
    All stations of OU should have the quality that he has!
    He is excellent!


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