Jat and Air Berlin launch partnership

Jat Airways and Air Berlin to codeshare on numerous flights

As was first reported by EX-YU Aviation News in April, Jat Airways and Air Berlin have this week officially announced a new partnership agreement by offering their passengers selected destinations under shared flight numbers starting August 1. Under the agreement, Air Berlin will place its codes on Jat Airways’ flights between Belgrade and Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Stuttgart, thereby expanding the presence of Germany’s second largest airline in the Balkans. In return, Jat Airways will place its codes on several of Air Berlin’s domestic flights - between Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Nuremberg and Frankfurt. Furthermore, Jat will place its flight numbers on services from Berlin to Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Gothenburg. Air Berlin’s flight numbers on Jat Airways flights will range from AB5750 to AB5759 while Jat’s numbers on Air Berlin flights will range from JU8349 to JU8398.

Speaking of the new partnership, Air Berlin CEO Wolfgang Prock-Schauer said, “The codeshare with Jat Airways supports Air Berlin’s strategy of strengthening its network through targeted expansion of codeshares. By starting codeshare flights to Belgrade with Jat Airways, Air Berlin will further expand its presence in the growing market of South East Europe and offer new options to our passengers”. Jat CEO, Velibor Vukašinović added, “We are glad to announce that Jat Airways and Air Berlin will jointly market flights within their respective route networks. Air Berlin will thereby be introduced to the Serbian market for the first time. This step is also particularly important for Serbia and its vast ethnic community living in Germany and exemplifies that Serbia’s national airline is fully committed to providing prime connections for its passengers, while ensuring sound business operations and attempting to retake the position of regional leader”.

Both Jat and Air Berlin are continuing talks on codesharing on flights to the United States. Etihad Airways is the largest single share holder in Air Berlin, owning 29.1% of the airline. At the same time, the Emirati national carrier is to take over a 49% stake in Jat by the end of the month. Air Berlin is Germany’s second largest airline after Lufthansa and Europe’s seventh busiest carrier. Tickets for the abovementioned codeshare flights are on sale on both Jat’s and Air Berlin’s websites.


  1. Anonymous09:35

    Doubt Lufthansa will be too happy about this :D LH is one of the rare foreign airline that is seeing their numbers decline at BEG. I presume from all the indirect competition they have now, not as many people are transiting through Germany.

    1. Anonymous09:47

      Well, the Lufthansa situation might not be as black and white as it might seem. Their fall in passenger numbers could be attributed to the fact that they have been forced to downsize some of their Frankfurt operations due to the retarded curfew that was introduced some months ago.
      Lufthansa is building up more and more its hub in Munich due to better infrastructure and more opportunities for expansion. Not to mention that Munich has a considerably greater O&D demand than Frankfurt. Mind you, Lufthansa will eventually move its headquarters from Cologne to Munich.

      Frankfurt's future as a primary Lufthansa hub is hanging by a thread. This will get worse with the passing of time, especially once the new terminal opens in 2015.

      One good example is Lufthansa's flight to Ankara. They operate seasonal flights from Frankfurt while they have year-round flights from Munich, operated two times per day with A321s. The airline is considering introducing a third daily rotation.

      Like I said, Munich seems to be the future of Lufthansa's operations. The fall in passenger numbers is best attributed to this shift. Anyway, most of these passengers were most likely shifted from Lufthansa to Swiss and Austrian Airlines.

    2. Anonymous12:48

      It is to early to make any comparations between Frankfurt and Munich. Munich is opperating as a classical transit airport, with flights carefully choosen by the feeding possibilities from southern and eastern europe. Frankfurt on the other hand is also the Germany´s number one financial, trade and faire centre. It has far more destinations that Munich, and is also a traditional destination from company´s from all around the world.

    3. Anonymous14:43

      Frankfurt can not be exchanged for Munich due to capacity issues:
      FFM 2012: 57.5 Mio
      MUC 2012: 38.3 Mio.
      Expansion of MUC is politically impossible since the citizens of Munich decided almost exactly a year ago in a referendum to STOP the expansion of the airport with a third runway.
      So, where do u suggest these at least xtra 20 Mio passengers would land at an airport that can not be expanded and which would already almost implode due to excess landings and take offs??

    4. You are wrong!

      Munich is the richest city in Germany and one of the richest in the world.

      Munich is also the biggest econimical center of Germany and has the biggest fair in Central europe (Messe München) which was build on the area of the former Munich-Riem airport.

      Frankfurt is "just" the financial center of Germany!

      Not to forget: BMW, Allianz, Siemens, Munich RE, Linde, Knorr and MAN have their head offices in Munich with an revnue of more then 340 billon € in 2012!

      Munich was and will forever be the city with biggest economy of any German cites.

      The reason because Munich is not biggest airport in Germany: Munichs inhabitants are not interested in more runways and more noise around the airport - in June 2012 in a citizen decisive they voted against the third runway!
      Due to German lows, the Munich airport is not cappable to handle more aircrafts.

      Also, Munich Airport is one of the most expencive in the world.
      It is 10-25€ cheaper for Lufthansa to handle passengers via FRA then via MUC.

    5. Anonymous22:14

      Why are you writing the comment without having any clue on the issue. Biggest and most important fairs in Germany are in Frankfurt and Hannover. The airport Frankfurt is just 10 minutes outside the city and it also serves as a primary hub for Germany. The airport Munich was build like a 50 km out of the city, with the main aim to build a hub for the passangers from Eastern and Southern Europe. That is also the reason why Lufthansa is having more flights from BElgrade to Munich than to Frankfurt. Frankfurt flights serve Germans from Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Munich flights mostly serve the transit passangers from Eastern and Southern Europe. Munich is geopgraphically in an egde of Germany.

    6. Anonymous22:18

      And by the way.. the only reason why Lufthansa started building up the new hub in munich 10 years ago was the fact that the build of so called north runway in Frankfurt was blocked by the green party activists. The Munich will get its 3 runway because the Bavarian goverment has plan to overwote the referendum.

    7. Anonymous22:22

      Top15 Messestädte in Deutschland (nach Ausstellungsfläche)
      1. Hannover
      2. Frankfurt/Main
      3. Köln
      4. Düsseldorf
      5. München
      6. Berlin
      7. Nürnberg
      8. Essen
      9. Stuttgart
      10. Leipzig
      11. Hamburg
      12. Friedrichshafen
      13. Bad Salzuflen
      14. Dortmund
      15. Bremen

    8. Münchner Kindl23:43

      Sarajevo is right.
      I am from Munich...
      Ich selber bin aus München und weiss aus eigener Erfahrung,daß die Menschen hier sehr gut verdienen und deswegen auch die Preise höher sind als anderswo in Deutschland.Die Menschen reisen auch sehr viel mit dem Flieger und können es sich offensichtlich auch leisten!
      Und daß viele in der Umgebung des Flughafens den Bau der driten Start-und Landebahn ablehnen ist auch kein Geheimniss, wobei ich glaube daß diese wohl doch irgendwann gebaut wird.
      Es wird aber noch ein par Jahre dauern.
      Schönen Gruß an euch alle und an Ex Yu Aviation !

    9. JU520 BEGLAX06:19

      He Servus nach München, heute darf der Pep s erst Mal 'richtig' ran gegen die Hamburger... da liegt wirklich ganz viel Kohle drin im Münchner Mittelfeld :-)

    10. Anonymous14:10

      The only point I´m seeing here, is that people from Munich in their arrogant way think that they are the best. Most of them never actually sow Frankfurt or Hamburg or Berlin, not to speak about the Frankfurt or Hamburg airport. Regardless of that - the charts, statistics, route maps and so on - show somethnig else. Munich airport has been developed during last 10-15 literary as a catcher airport for companies and flights that could not get new slots at Frankfurt. Munich maybe rich and pretty as a tourist destination, but Frankfurt is in the middle of Germany. The Frankfurt airport is offerening like 5-6 time more shops, facilities, hotels, parking slots and so on and may be compared to Heathrow or Shiphol, wheres the MUC does not belong to that class of airports. Everybody who has visited both airports knows what I´m talking about.

    11. Münchner Kindl22:42

      Hallo BEGLAX!
      Der FC Bayern hat sein Geld schon vernünftig angelegt.
      Sehr sympathisch der Guardiola...
      Schade bloß,daß Gomez gegangen ist.
      Der war mein absoluter Lieblingsspieler!
      Wünsch dir noch einen schönen Abend.

  2. Anonymous09:38


    CEO of Air France announced that the airline is preparing itself for more destination cuts, especially in eastern Europe. I wonder what this might mean for their routes to Zagreb and Ljubljana. In my opinion, the best case scenario is that they replace these flights with HOP!.

  3. Anonymous09:57

    That A321 in the picture looks stunning! It has to be one of the best looking aircraft Airbus ever made, alongside the A330-200 and the A300-600!

  4. Anonymous10:32

    and what happened with Chicago ?

    1. Anonymous10:49

      Well, you can book flights to north America via Air Berlin's website. Maybe they are still waiting for FAA's approval for Jat's codeshare codes on north American flights.

      Yesterday when I checked some flights to New York, Air Berlin routed passengers via DUS. I think you can fly to NY for 1,000 dollars.

    2. $1000 to new york is super expensive.

    3. Anonymous13:44

      indeed it is. unless you have to fly like, now.

    4. Anonymous16:14

      $1000 is the normal price. Does your centrally controlled government tv not tell you just how much fuel and taxes cost. Please get on the real world. Just because your country is poor with 30% unemployment doesn't mean you pay less for flights.

    5. Anonymous02:53

      Just wow. $1,000 to NYC in discount Y from any medium sized airport in Europe IS actually super expensive - in fact, at times you could make your way to the US and back for as low as $400-$500 (yes, dollars), with respectable airlines, such as BA and LH. And mind you, that was from BUD, not their hubs at LHR or FRA. There is a myriad of offers right now from BEG to JFK in $700-800 price range.

      Sure, for fully flexible Y, $1,000 sounds about right. But you always should take as a benchmark the "discounted" tickets, without flexible options and ticketed well in advance.

      Oh, by the way, I don't appreciate your condescending tone, but I guess you never had an opportunity to learn what it means to have some class. And one more thing - Doot's country is anything but poor.

    6. "my country" is not Serbia. Serbia is poor.

      to the anonymous that responded to me: oh yes. I see you're right now

      To the last anonymous: yes. you're right %7-800 is normal. Seems they are kind of expensive at this particular moment, though.

    7. Just a few months ago, you could have BEG-SEA for $900

    8. Anonymous13:17

      Yes but the thing is that an airline can't make money by selling tickets for $900 between Belgrade and Seattle.
      The same way you can hardly fly to California from Belgrade for less than €1,000. The only reason why the fares are so low is because there is little demand from Belgrade.

    9. Anonymous13:49

      That's just crap. You can get tickets at those prices from virtually any large or medium sized airport in Europe. BEG actually tends to be more expensive than average when it comes to flights to the U.S.

      Real profit is in flexible C, Y and cargo, all of which usually come from businesses and not your average pax looking to have a holiday in America. Sure, there is no enough demand from BEG in this area, so that is why there are no direct flights from BEG. Filling up discount Y as transit pax is perfectly sound business call.

      And, I did actually fly to CA from the region for €450.

    10. Anonymous18:47

      Haha Belgrade is actually on average the cheapest option for flights to the USA due to demand and much indirect competition.

  5. Anonymous11:12

    aviokarta has always been the better 'blog'


    1. Anonymous11:44

      then what are you doing here? fuck off

    2. Anonymous17:07

      Aviokarta sucks. One in 30 of their articles are actually relevant to our region. They are just trying to be something they are not.

  6. Anonymous14:25

    @ last anonymous

    lol is this the only site you reading ? ^^

  7. Anonymous14:27

    Will Air Berlin restart the VIE-BEG connection? They had great offers e.g. for people travelling from Vienna via Belgrade to Sarajevo but not willing to pay Austrian 300€ for a 1h direct flight.

    1. MUC - VIE - SJJ - VIE - MUC
      Price: 167 €

      VIE - SJJ - VIE
      Price. 288 €


    2. Anonymous02:38

      Exactly. And why is Austrian doing that? Because they can! There is no competition on VIE-SJJ line and the competition can only come from FlyNiki/Air Berlin. I think it is extraordinary that Air Berlin is ignoring the almost completely monopolised B&H market while already in June wizz has had 6000 passengers on the Tuzla routes...

  8. Anonymous14:55

    ^You mean FlyNiki?!
    Well,early this year Air Berlin ordered its daughter FlyNiki to stop flying Belgrade.
    The problem with Air Berlin is that it always has been hostile to completely ignorant to Belgrade as a destination.
    I have the impression that Etihad had to force AB to collaborate with Jat.
    Jat and Air Berlin do not fit well together...

    1. Anonymous15:25

      FlyNiki is a story for itself. A tragicomical company with no transparent approach to the passangers. Regardless of FlyNiki I think that JAT and Air Belrin really share some common interests. The conncetion with Canada and USA via Duesseldorf and Berlin makses sense.

    2. Anonymous16:15

      Why do you think Jat and Air Berlin do not fit well together? I figure they should be an OK partnership. One is based in the north and the other in the south of Europe. And they do not have competitive routes, but can feed each others flights, code share etc.

      -- Smokiboy

    3. Anonymous18:14

      FlyNiki tragicomical?
      Have you ever flown them?
      They were one of the best!
      But before Air Berlin ruined them.

  9. Anonymous16:08

    "Ethiopian Airlines, one of Africa’s largest carriers, has opened its representative office covering the region of the former Yugoslavia in Belgrade. The office covers the markets of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia"


  10. Anonymous16:43

    Sve je to naizgled cool, ali se bojim da ce novi Jat biti samo feeder Air Berlina ka zapadu i Etihada ka istoku.
    Novi Jat sigurno nece nikada vise otvoriti bilo koju interkontinentalnu liniju (iako bi to mogao da ucini ukoliko napravi dobru regionalnu mrezu linija). Zasto puniti Air Berlinove letove kad bi sam Jat mogao zasigurno da ima profitabilne linije bar ka NYC i YYZ u slucaju da te letove feeduje sa putnicima iz regiona?
    Ne mislim da je dobro prebacivati se na dash8.
    Umesto toga, Jat bi mogao da uvede ATR42 i njime obavlja linije ka BUD, SOF, OTP, TIA, BNX, ZAG, LJU, OHD i nastavi linije ka SKP, TGD, TIV, SJJ, ATH, VIE plus primorje sa ATR72 uz mogucnost zamene kapaciteta sa A319 i ATR72.

    1. Anonymous17:14

      Као прво, добра је одлука да се пређе на Даш 8 зато што је он версатилнији. Атр може да се користи само на крајње регионалним линијама док Даш може да се шаље ка мало удаљенијим одредиштима.
      Друго, Јат неће постати пуњач Итихадових и Берлинових ваздухоплова зато што је сам Итихад рекао да планира да претвори Београд у право балканско чвориште. Сама структура флоте указује на то да ће Јат имати своју регионалну флоту која ће му омогућити преуређивање Београда у балканску раскрсницу. Притом, компанија која искључиво пуни летове других компанија нема потребу за 10 А319 већ би јој било довољно да има 4 или 5.

    2. Anonymous17:14

      Ja ne razumem tu logiku. Stvari treba da dodju svojim tokom od dole. Sasvim je bespredmetno porediti JAT-ovu mrezu od pre godina sa dansnjim mogucnostima udruzivanja. Pre godina JAT je "direktno" leteo za Melbrun i Sidnej, ali je taj avion sletao u Abu Dabi i Singapur ili Abu Dabi, Bankog i Singapur i ukupno je taj "direktan" let trajao duze nego sto sada traje varijanta sa presedanjem n u Abu Dabiju sa Etihadom. Ranije su direktni letovi imali znacajnu prednost u odnosu na one sa presedanjem, jer su putnici kod letova sa presedanjem morali da cekaju svoj prtljag svaki put i da ga opet predaju - a danas se autmatski na pocetnom aerodromu cekira prtrljag za krajnju destinaciju. Prema tome, interesi putnika i samim tim podsticaj kompanije da odgovri na te interese su potpuno drugaciji nego pre 25 godina. Isto tako se danas smatra da je za uspesno popunjavanje jedne interkontinetnalne linije neophodno da se uspotavi svakodnevni saobracaj - a to znaci dva sirokotrupna aviona po liniji, sto je za JAT potpuno nestvarno. JAT je nekada leteo za Sidnej jednom nedeljno za Njujork mozda dvaputa nedeljno, ali to u sadasnjim trzisnim prilikama nije dovoljno za plansku i porvsinski iscrpno iskoriscavnje trzista. Niko danas ne zeli da planira svoje putovanje prema danima kada leti avio-kompanija, nego se prvo planira putovanje, pa se bira aviokompanija koja nudi let isplaniranih dautuma. Etihad ako postane suvlasnik JAT-a sigurno nece imati isti odnos prema JAT-u kao Lufhtansa prema Kroaciji, koja je samo partner. Po geografskom rasporedu, najvise smisla ima da JAT vuce putnike iz potsaharske AFrike u Evropu, Etihad pubntike iz Azije, a Air Berlin puntike iz Amerike. U regionalnom smislu, Air Berlin bi mogao da puni JATo-ove letove u regionu, kao sto ce ih i Etihad puniti svojim putnicima sa istoka. Tako da mislim da je tvoj kometnar bio nepromisljen.

    3. Anonymous18:08

      Dont be afraid.
      Jat Airways will never be a feeder of Air Berlin.
      I know that EY wants Jat to feed ABs flights to North America but...

    4. Anonymous18:25

      I would never skip Lufthansa for Air Berlin thats for sure!!!
      Air Berlin can not compete with LH because its product is
      not good enough.
      It is on par with Germanwings - a hybrid of low cost,charter and god knows what else.
      In Germany Air Berlin is called a Flying "Gemischtwarenladen", from everything something but always of low quality.
      That company is a product of a merger of a lot of airlines.
      Belair from Switzerland and Niki are also part of the mixture.
      Dont know what Etihad had in mind by buying a share in them.
      At least is was never worth the money!
      To me it seems that buying 49% of Jat will have more chance of a success than any other investition they did before.

    5. Anonymous20:33

      ^^ I doubt that you have ever flown the Air Berlin. I flew quite of lots of time. They have very good planes with modern cabins, fair cattering (better than lufthansa for sure) and that complementary chocolate heart which is really a nice trick after the flight. They were always on time, and the service is overall far far better than Al Italia od Austrian for instance.

    6. Anonymous21:14

      I flew them only some times and when my company paid for.
      Its nice you liked them,you Serbs at least know to appreciate life more than us people in Western Europe.
      But AB has the problem that its product is so incosistent.
      They are actually a conglomerate of different airlines.
      You have long haul(former LTU),then its core business which is leisure/charter mixed up with regional lines...
      Sometimes you booked AB and you got Niki with totally different service level(better service actually).
      AB has too many hubs,too many aircraft types...
      in fact they are hemorrhaging money.
      They are/were always deep in the reds it is unbelievable!

      Lufthansa has a far better image by the customers
      and foreigners outside of Germany mostly never heard about AB.No surprise as their longhaul was/is mostly charter.

  11. Anonymous17:58

    Prijatelju, na istoj smo strani. Vise od svega bih zeleo da novi jat uspe i da postane vodeci avioprevoznik u regionu i sire, nego ne bih voleo da se ponove neki stari pokusaji privarizacije, revitalizacije ili kreiranja novih kompanija u pokusaju kao sto smo imali prilike da vidimo i proslosti. Nadam se da ce se jat "preporoditi" bas kao sto su se Sejseli preporodili dolaskom EY

    1. Anonymous01:17

      Nema sumnje da ce Jat postati regionalni lider, pogotovo zbog svega sto se desava sa avioprevoznicima iz regiona :)

  12. Anonymous05:12

    A must read about Air Berlin/Etihad :


  13. JU520 BEGLAX06:32

    In deed an interesting one. Merci für de Tipp

  14. Anonymous11:06

    Finally, there will be One World option. Competition is always welcome. Several steps to make this code share agreement a success :

    1. Price competitively (almost promotional)
    2. Coordinate schedules to ensure good connections with short layover and , needless to say, only 1 stop (DUS or TXL)
    3. Integrate these flights into AA awards program

    I think that for majority of travelers from US, the most important aspect will be the price (particularly families). Add good connection and a decent meal and you have a winner. The importance of in-flight entertainment is diminishing with tablets and all other gadgets.

    I don't see the relevance of product inconsistencies for North America flights. Once JAT gets new planes, the overall experience can only improve.



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